Crochet nest basket


I had some nylon rope my stash and had inherited an orphaned skein of brown bouclé yarn. If i’m honest i dont love crocheting with this yarn type because it is so hard to see the stitches, but for this project it worked perfectly- a basket for my one year-old’s musical eggs.

The basket is double sided for stability (i crocheted it until i ran out of the rope and then folded it down to make it 4” tall by 8” wide ish)

It came out just as i pictured it!
Thanks for looking!


How cool!

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That is not an easy thing to make! You’ve done a great job! Agree that the yarn is perfect for it.

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I imagine that yarn wasn’t fun, but it’s perfect for the little nest! It looks great!


I love the inclusion of progress photos! I never would have guessed the structure was made with bright nylon rope. It turned out really great!

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I love that you were able to use the yarn even though you don’t like using it :smiley: Great job, and such a cute thing for the eggs :smiley:

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Thank you!