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Gallery for all our goodies!


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gozer → Kwality570
Bunny1kenobi → Poetrylover828
Magpie → Dfabbric
JoyfulClover → Storerboughtcreation
ArtsyCandice → Chameleonhound


I got my package from @poetrylover828 !! Yay!

First up, the cutest little jackalope on canvas that I can paint….

Also some awesome handmade stickers!

I really love these ATCs she sent! She said she’s never made ATCs before so I’m quite tickled to be the first person she sent them to! I’m thinking she should consider the ongoing ATC swap!

The jackalope card is metallic!!

Here are the backs:

And it all came in this delightful handmade card!

Thank you so much, @poetrylover828!


I’m so happy everything made it and that you like it all! I had so much fun doing some ATCs. I shared my progress with some other friends and one wants to swap some art projects with me for some. So lots of fun will come from trying ATCs!


@poetrylover828 Your art is fantastic! Handmade stickers are the bee’s knees. I think you did an amazing job on the ATCs and especially love the metallic touch. I agree with Bunny1kenobi that you should join the ATC swap! You would have fun over there. :green_heart:


Those ATCs are so perfect for Bunny! Nicely done, I especially like that black & red creature, very ooky.

I thought about handmade stickers too, how did you do it?


I had actually bought a hand crank sticker machine at Joann’s years ago and pulled it out to use. Fingers crossed it actually works as stickers XD


Ah thank you! I might look into it after my move this summer.


@poetrylover828 What a fabulous package! Your art is phenomenal! Those ATCs are stunning.

And speaking of cool art and amazing packages, check out the goodies I just received today from @gozer:

Bigfoot is an avid harvester of belly button lint. Did you know that? He saves it up to use as a firestarter in his fireplace each winter.

He’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Gah. He’s already hanging on my craft room walls, but the lighting in there is always horrible for photos, so you’ll just have to imagine him in his new forever home.’
Another item on my favorites list was Loch Ness. I actually just started a new job this week and needed a smaller wallet to store my access card in so it could be read through the wallet without having to take it out and she didn’t even know. How amazing is this?

It’s already filled to the brim and ready for some money spendin’ action!

And this adorable little nessie potholder. He’s happily enjoying a nice refreshing swim in the loch. I was still telling him how cute he was when I threw him into the washing machine for another quick swim (hubby is insanely allergic to cats and gozer is a proud cat mama so I wanted to be safe). But don’t worry, he loves the water!

She also included these brilliant stickers:

Thank you, thank you, thank you for an amazing package! I sure hope that the one that I’m making for you ends up even 1/3 as awesome. :slight_smile:


@gozer what an awesome package! Everything is perfect! Awesome wallet! Adorable AND functional- my favorite combination! Your little Bigfoot is hysterical and so cute! The potholder is really prettily stitched and I love the fabric! And where on earth did you find the stickers? The crypto friends ones are particularly adorable!

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Etsy. The store name is at the bottom of the sticker sheet.

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I got my package today! There has been road work around my block so it took an extra day or two to make it. But definitely worth the wait!

First up is the whole package all wrapped up! And it’s a piece of fabric I can add to stash so that’s always fun!

This is the box my smaller items were in and I included the note because I didn’t think to take it off for the picture XD

Then this gorgeous piece of Wendigo art! I love it and need a frame for it now!

This cute little mothman pin! I can’t bring myself to put pins on jackets or bags because I don’t want to lose them. So now I really need to figure out a fun way to display them. Because this little guy needs a home other than my pin box.

These next two are a set of coasters and my personal favorite of the bunch. Something about Wendigos. But look at this awesome set! And they are felt backed so as not to scratch up tables!

Finally the outside of the card along with a sticker from a local bar that was very on theme.

I loved getting everything!! Can’t wait to move and use the coasters a ton!


Those coasters are bananas. How did you make them @Bunny1kenobi ? They look so cool!

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Whoa! That Wendigo piece is super cool and so are those coasters. @Bunny1kenobi what an amazing package!!!


Thanks, guys! And I’m so glad you liked everything, @poetrylover828!

The coasters were a challenge. I got some acrylic discs on Amazon- 4 inches in diameter I believe. They had a film on either side of the disc. Which was initially annoying but later on, quite handy. I traced the pictures with waterproof pens and added my own embellishments to them. I used a circle cutter to cut them to the size I wanted, then peeled the film off of one side each of two pieces of acrylic and applied E6000 liberally to one of them and placed the paper circle image side up on the other. I sandwiched the image between the two plastic pieces and smooshed that glue all around, all over the picture, until the entire paper surface had glue on it. There’s no way to avoid bubbles, I discovered, so I decided to just embrace them and make as many bubbles around the edge of the coasters as I could. I did this by peeling the glued pieces apart and turning them a bit, then setting them gently back together ( no more smooshing) and leaving them to set. For some of them, the “pull apart and turn” step was repeated a few times. I did try to avoid bubbles on the picture itself though. Eventually the paper became translucent. At that point, I peeled the film off the outsides of the pieces, glued them to the felt with E600 (just around the edges) and trimmed the excess felt off. Voila! Sounds so simple but I burned through several incarnations of them before the process satisfied me. Poor Nessie never did come out quite right and after several attempts I was forced to pick my favorite Nessie and send her (him?) along.


Well they turned out great!! I thought they were super cool!


:blossom: This super-cool Gallery is one of this week’s Featured Projects! Congratulations! :cherry_blossom:


Wow, this gallery is amazing so far!! Not that I expected anything less from a crew like this!


Also, I love the Mothman pin!


The belly button lint! Oh my word, I can’t even :laughing:

That mothman pin is really great too. Loving the whole gallery so far, wowzers!