Dangerously Pink multi-pocket travel pouch, gigantic with photos!

I’m finished with my version of the bionic/sew together/quilter’s organizer/uber travel bag in super obnoxious shiny bright pink! It turned out pretty cute, I must say. The gingham is a bit seersuckerish with some sheen and the binding is that slippy, shiny satin kind, it’s all they had at the fabric store in an appropriate shade and a bit of a pain to work with but I like the end result so it was worth it.

There are lots of versions of these online but they are all long and short where I wanted taller to fit a paperback book, pouches for toiletries, etc as I’m sending this as a grab-and-go travel kit for an adventurous friend.

It fits a LOT of stuff so I decided to make some accessories to go inside.
Here is a cute zip pouch with a girlie face, a tissue holder…

Sunglasses holder …

… sewn with an open-wide style zipper

Folding wallet for, erm, lady things. And a tri-folding jewelry holder.

The vintage flower button might be my favourite part of all of this!

There is so much room in this thing, I have a couple more items planned, a clear plastic pouch for toothbrush and paste, and a sewing kit, of course!

ETA clear plastic toiletries zip up complete. I’m hoping to find a pink toothbrush, paste & floss before sending this out tomorrow.

Let’s talk construction. This is put together like an accordion wallet but rather than the side parts being seamed all the way around, the botton edge is left raw and finished with bias binding. This gives the benefit of the space between the zippered pouches being an additional pocket without a gap at the bottom edge.

In most versions the bias binding is left sort of sticking up around the zipper but I preferred it stitched flat to the bag which gives a different look that I quite like here. I used some wash away wonder tape to help position the bias next to the zipper since at this point it becomes very awkward to sew and prone to wiggling.

I made the sides of this bag a bit different than most of the patterns out there so did not need the zipper to go the entire length of the bias tape but I did decide to extend the tape like this which is an interesting finish.

The resulting “handles” are convenient and a neat detail.

Have you guessed who this is for? Here’s a hint, if you know the back story you are probably having a chuckle right now. If not, stay tuned, I’ll be sending this off to the unsuspecting recipient in the next week or so!

ETA @curiousfae received this in the mail today & she totally got the joke! Did you guess @gozer? I’m pretty sure you did :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Epic work! Love the color and structure.


Thoughtful gift!

Beautiful construction, and you definitely know how to make the most out of every bit of fabric!

I love the way you made the zipper a part of the “handle”…very clever!

So much fun in the added details in both the sunglasses case and the little zippered pouch! What kind of batting did you use to quilt?


WOW! This is super impressive! I love all of the details and the matching accessories.

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I have a big roll of felt batting, it’s fused on with webbing. Where needed, there’s also a layer of interfacing added to the fabric. Next time I will get fusable felt & save myself some trouble!


STOPPPPPP IT! I love everything about this. The style, the pink…swoon!


This is so cool! A real labor of love.

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Everything is so neatly done. Your sewing skills are on point! I love the hot pink fabric. Worth the extra effort. I think I may have an idea who it is for, but I will have to wait and see!


AWESOME and totally epic bag some lucky person is getting!!!

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This is unbelievably gorgeous. :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


That’s kinda epic

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Thanks everybody! I really enjoy figuring out a pattern and always learn lots for the next time. I have plans for something similar, show ya when it’s done :wink:

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This is gorgeous! Well done. :heartpulse:

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Hm…I know a pink-loving friend who likes to be dangerous on roller skates…not sure it’s the same as your recipient, but it seems plausible! :laughing:

Aaaand, of course it’s amazing! Packed with awesome.


Amazing :clap: :clap:

I love the modifications you made to the ‘original’, especially the way you’ve sewn the bias binding down next to the zipper and the internal pockets. I love all of the extra bits and pieces you’ve made too!

What an awesome gift :two_hearts:

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This is amazing and such a thoughtful gift. I love the join of the zipper to form a handle. How clever!

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Whoa. Just… WHOA. The construction details on this are really, truly, amazing! In both design and execution. And the material choices are so thoughtfully cohesive. I really can’t wait to see the next things you make spawned from this project!


Pink is the best color ever! I love this. :hearts:

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This looks so difficult to make! I don’t think I could wrap my head around it.
And all the extras you made! That’s a bag that keeps on giving. Awesome!


Congratulations! This has been selected as one of this week’s featured projects!