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Have you seen any posts with beautiful teeny tiny handmade pottery lately? If you have, it is highly likely that it was made by @Mountains_and_Clouds who has an affinity with all things pint sized. Our featured member here on the D & F Boards, she has made a name for herself with gorgeous stoneware, creative ceramic experiments, and sharing her expertise in this challenging craft.

“Thumbprint” Mugs/Cups

Teeny Tiny Porcelain Vases

First two eggs of 2020

Carved Creature Sake Cups

Miniature Pottery Studio

What is the earliest craft project you remember making?

I remember cutting shapes out of construction paper and pasting them (yes, with that minty paste!!) into designs and scenes with my mom on snowy days around three (?) years old. :slight_smile:

Where do you find inspiration for your craft projects?

I like nature, and I like tiny things. I feel like I’ve been spending a lot of time on different techniques lately, and losing sense of the “art” part, though, so it’s good to have a reminder that there is inspiration everywhere. I often look down outside and find tiny little flowers on “weeds” in the sidewalk and want to make something to celebrate them.

How did you get started learning to make pottery?

I was lucky enough to take a pottery class my senior year of high school, because I was super done with academic classes. I learned a few basics that year, but I think I mostly did handbuilt things (like funky teapots and weird sculptures, if I remember correctly).

A few summers ago, I found an intro pottery class for adults and I haven’t turned back since.

Five crafting tools you can’t live without?

  1. Razor blades!
  2. Bone folder! Bone folder! Bone folder! (I seriously use it for EVERYTHING)
  3. I could probably live without it, but I use a self-healing mat a lot when cutting.
  4. Pencils
  5. A good pencil sharpener!!

Favorite project that you have posted in the Decorative and Functional Crafts Category?

I think my current favorite is this trio of TEA BOWLS, because they’re a little chunky, and different from so many things I’ve been making lately. They’re simple and functional.

Favorite project that someone else has posted in the Decorative and Functional Crafts Category?

Oh gosh, there are so, so many beautiful and amazing things, so this is really hard… but I do really love this CACTUS PINCUSHION by @Bajita, because it is super adorable, and very useful, too!

What is one random fact that few people know about you?
Some people might know this, but I’m a musician (performer as well as elementary teacher) in real life. :two_hearts::notes:

What is your crafting kryptonite?
SEWING! OMG. I know it just takes time and practice, but I find sewing just so incredibly frustrating! I love ogling all the beautiful things people have sewn here, though! (which always restarts the process of me thinking I’ll learn and then giving up after many mishaps!)

Who is your crafty crush?
Again, there are so so many amazing creators here. I’ll have to say I love, LOVE @jemimah’s beautiful watercolors. And I was lucky enough to snatch one up in the Craft Stars garage sale! (It’s now on my wall!) Woohoo!!!


I just love her work! Seriously crushing over here.

So glad to see this feature piece on @Mountains_and_Clouds .
Her pottery pieces are awesome!

Well deserved feature from a super talented pottery maker.

What a fantastic feature!! You make such wonderful things @Mountains_and_Clouds!! And I’m super-honoured to be your crafty crush :sparkling_heart: :rainbow:

These are all such amazing pieces!

Congratulations @Mountains_and_Clouds! It was so fun waking up to read about your path to creativity!


Amazing feature of an awesome crafter! Congrats!! :slight_smile:

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What a wonderful interview!

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Yay, @Mountains_and_Clouds, congrats on the feature!
I love all of your work!
My face lights up every time your creations appear on my screen.

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What a wonderful interview, with an even more wonderful Lettuce Crafter! Thank you @sheepBlue for doing it, and thank you @Mountains_and_Clouds for sharing your stunning work with us. :smiley:

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(So sorry, I just realized I had a note waiting down here that I guess I hadn’t posted yet— I’m still tickled every time LC saves a draft!)
Awww, thank you all! I feel incredibly honored and and excited for the feature. :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts: