Everyday Holidays Craftalong Spring 2024 (April through June)

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Welcome to the Everyday Holidays Craftalong for Spring 2024!

Runs April 1st through June 30th

Thank you for your patience with my disappearance for the month of March. I hope to create an Everyday Holidays craftalong modeled after the Nerd Games, more or less, going forward. So it’ll be one “games” round for every 3 months going forward.

I hope you join me in finding inspiration to craft, celebrate, and learn something new each day.

What is the Everyday Holidays Craftalong?

The Everyday Holidays craftalong is a place to be inspired to create anything you want, using "everyday holidays’ for inspiration.

How to Join

Simply create any craft inspired by any holiday listed and post pictures in this craftalong. You are encouraged to also post on the main forum and/or in other craftalongs. Please post using the header below:

Holiday Inspiration: [write the name of the holiday that inspired your craft]
Project Name: [Title your project anyway you would like]
Project Link: [If you posted on the main forum, feel free to enter the link here]
Project Description: [Tell us anything about your project, like how it’s related to the holiday inspiration, and/or how you made it.]
Project Photos: [Post photos of your craft below, so we can cheer you on!]

Please note that you do not have to create/post your craft on the actual day of any holiday. As long as the holiday happens within the 3-month period, you can post it.

The Points

I’m keeping things simple for now. You get 1 point for each project you post here and 1 point of reach comment you make on someone else’s project. You don’t have to make individual posts to get points. Each project and comment counts as a point even if it’s posted all together.

I may at some point adapt the point system of the nerd games, but I think we’ll need to grow our participant base first. Let me know your thoughts; I’m open to ideas!

The Rules

There are very few rules in this craftalong.

  • All Lettuce Craft Community Guidelines apply.
  • You can post any project based on any holiday listed for the 3-month period any time during that period. Projects do not have to be posted on the day of the holiday.
  • “Everyday Holidays” can seem like an overwhelming concept, because there are so many of them. The point is to inspire you to create, celebrate, and learn something new each day. Please don’t feel like you need to create something for every holiday. Create based on what speaks to you.
  • Projects created for any other craftalong or contest can be double-posted here, please just make sure to connect it to one of the holidays for the 3-month period.
  • Please contact me anytime with questions, concerns, or suggestions.
  • I’m very new to hosting a craftalong, so I would appreciate any suggestions or a heads up if anything I’m doing here doesn’t work within Lettuce Craft.

Happy celebrating, learning, and creating!


Participant Tracking

For now, we’re not going to have teams. As we gather more participants, this may change. I’ll keep track of participants here. As soon as you’ve posted your first project, you’re entered as a participant, and you’ll be listed here, along with your points, so you can see them in real time. Comments also give you points, but you must post a project before being listed as a participant. Your comment points will be added from your first comment once you’ve posted a project.

Participant List & Points Tracking

Participant: @LindyBlues Points: 1

Please post your projects using the following header:

Holiday Inspiration: [write the name of the holiday that inspired your craft]
Project Name: [Title your project any way you would like]
Project Link: [If you posted on the main forum, feel free to enter the link here]
Project Photos: [Post photos of your craft below, so we can cheer you on!]

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:gift: Prizes :gift:

I’ll be crafting a few things to send to the winner of the games.
Because I’m in Canada and shipping can be quite costly, the prize items will be paper-based.
I’ll post a picture once I’m finished creating them. Please stay tuned.

:tada: April Holidays :tada:

:calendar: April Monthly Celebrations and Observations

  • Afternoon Tea Month

  • Alcohol Awareness Month

  • Autism awareness month

  • Canine Fitness Month

  • Cannabis Awareness Month

  • TAR Syndrome Awareness Month

  • Brunch Month

  • English Language Month

  • Esophageal Cancer Awareness Month

  • Limb Loss and Limb Difference Awareness Month

  • Month of Hope

  • Financial Literacy Month

  • Internship Awareness Month

  • Distracted Driving Awareness Month

  • Child Abuse Awareness Month

  • Donate Life Awareness Month

  • Landscape Architecture Month

  • Fair Housing Month

  • Month of the Military Child

  • International Guitar Month

  • Lawn and Garden Month

  • Couple Appreciation Month

  • Decorating Month

  • Fresh Celery Month

  • Garden Month

  • Humour Month

  • Jazz Appreciation Month

  • Soft Pretzel Month

  • Soy Foods Month

  • Straw Hat Month

  • Parkinson’s Awareness Month

  • Poetry Month

  • Pecan Month

  • Volunteer Month

  • Welding Month

  • Occupational Therapy Month

  • Records and Information Management Month

  • Scottish-American Heritage Month

  • Sexual Assault Awareness Month

  • Stress Awareness Month

  • Safe Digging Month

:spiral_calendar: April Weekly Celebrations and Observatinos

Week of April 7th: Integrated Respiratory Care Week

Week of April 3-9: Library Week

April 11-15: Work Zone Awareness Week

7 Days starting April 17: Pet ID Week

First Week in April: International Pooper Scooper Week

First Full Week in April:

  • Public Health Week
  • Window Safety Week
  • Oral, Head, and Neck Cancer Awareness Week

Second full week in April: Student Employment Week

Third Week in April: Neurodiagnostic Week
Third full week in April: Coin Week

Last Week in April:

  • Infant Immunization Week
  • Every Kid Healthy Week
  • Preservation Week (photos, documents, etc)

Last Full Week in April:

  • Administrative Professionals Week
  • Princess Week
  • Sky Awareness Week
  • Medical Laboratory Professionals Week

Last weekend in April: Gathering of Nations (Pow Wow)

:calendar: April Daily Celebrations and Observations

1 April Fool’s Day

One Cent Day (US)

Sourdough Bread Day
2 World Autism Acceptance Day

International Children’s Book Day

Ferret Day

Peanut Butter and Jelly Day

Reconciliation Day

3 Chocolate Mousse Day

Film Score Day

Find a Rainbow Day

Tweed Day

World Party Day
4 International Day for Landmine Awareness

World Rat Day

Jeep 4x4 Day

Chicken Cordon Bleu Day

Hug a Newsperson Day

School Librarian Day

Vitamin C Day

Walk Around Things Day
5 Gold Star Spouses Day

Caramel Day

Deep Dish Pizza Day

Flash Drive Day

Go for Broke Day

Nebraska Day

Raisin and Spice Bar Day

Read a Road Map Day
6 International Day of Sport for Development and Peace

Bohring-Opitz Syndrome Awareness Day

Carbonara Day

World Table Tennis Day

Caramel Popcorn Day

Sorry Charlie Day (think differently about rejection)

Student-Athlete Day

Tartan Day

Teflon Day

New Beer’s Eve
7 World Health Day

International Day of Reflection on the 1994 Genocide in Rwanda

International Beaver Day

Beer Day

Coffee Cake Day

Girl Me Too Day

No Housework Day
8 International Romani Day

All is Ours Day

Empanada Day
9 International ASMR Day

Cherish an Antique Day

Chinese Almond Cookie Day

Former Prisoners of War Recognition Day

Name Yourself Day

Unicorn Day

Winston Churchill Day (US)
10 International Safety Pin Day

Encourage a Young Writer Day

Cinnamon Crescent Day

Farm Animals Day

Siblings Day
11 World Parkinson’s Day

Barber Shop Quartet Day

Cheese Fondue Day

Eight Track Tape Day

Pet Day

Submarine Day
12 International Day of Street Children

International Day for Human Space Flight

Big Wind Day (fastest wind ever recorded)

Colorado Day

for Twelves Day

Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day

Licorice Day

Only Child Day
13 World Sarcoidosis Awareness Day

Borinqueneers Day (Puerto Rican Regiment of the Volunteer Infantry)

Make Lunch Count Day

Peach Cobbler Day

Scrabble Day

Thomas Jefferson Day (US)

14 International Laverbread Day (Wales)

International Moment of Laughter Day

World Chagas Disease Day

Look Up at the Sky Day

Dolphin Day

Ex-Spouse Day

Gardening Day

Pan American Day

Pecan Day

Reach as High as You Can Day
15 World Art Day

Laundry Day

Rubber Eraser Day

Take a Wild Guess Day

Tax Day

Titanic Remembrance Day

Purple Up! Day (children of military members)

16 World Circus Day

World Voice Day

Bean Counter Day (Day of the Accountant)

Eggs Benedict Day

Healthcare Decisions Day

Orchid Day

Wear Your Pyjamas to Work DAy

17 International Bat Appreciation Day

World Hemophilia Day

Bat Appreciation Day

Cheeseball Day

Crawfish Day

Ellis Island Family History Day

Haiku Poetry Day
18 International Day of Monuments and Sites

International Amateur Radio Day

Animal Crackers Day

Columnists’ Day

Lineman Appreciation Day
19 Amaretto Day

Garlic Day

Hanging Out Day

North Dakota Day

Oklahoma City Bombing Commemoration Day
20 Chinese Language Day

Volunteer Recognition Day

Cheddar Fries Day

Lima Bean Respect Day

Look Alike Day

Pineapple Upside Down Cake Day
21 British National Tea Day

Chocolate Covered Cashews DAy

Kindergarten Day
22 International Mother Earth Day

International Girls in Information Communication Technology Day

Earth Day

Girl Scout Leaders’ Day

Jelly Bean Day
23 English Language Day

Spanish Language Day

World Book and Copyright Day

World Book Night

World Laboratory Day

International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day

Cherry Cheesecake Day

Lost Dogs Awareness Day

Picnic Day

Take a Chance DAy

Talk Like Shakespeare Day
24 Fashion Revolution Day (safe conditions for fashion factory workers)

Pigs in a Blanket Day
25 World Penguin Day

Parental Alienation Awareness Day

World Malaria Day


Hug a Plumber Day

Telephone Day

Zucchini Bread Day
26 World Intellectual Property Day

International Chernobyl Remembrance Day

Audubon Day

Dissertation Day

Help a Horse Day

Kids and Pets Day

Pretzel Day

Richter Scale Day

South Dakota Day
27 World Tapir Day

Babe Ruth Day

Devil Dog Day (dessert)

Prime Rib Day

Tell a Story Day
28 World Day for Safety and Health at Work

Global Pay It Forward Day

Blueberry Pie Day

BraveHearts Day (pediatric cancer)

Great Poetry Reading Day

Superhero Day

Workers’ Memorial Day
29 International Dance Day

World Wish Day (Make-a-Wish foundation)

Peace Rose Day

Shrimp Scampi DAy

Zipper Day
30 International Jazz Day

World Tai Chi Day

International Sculpture Day

Adopt a Shelter Pet Day

Bubble Tea Day

Bugs Bunny Day

Hairstylist Appreciation Day

Honesty Day

Military Brats Day

Oatmeal Cookie Day

Prepareathon! Day

Raisin Day

Sarcoidosis Day
First Tuesday Sexual Assault Awareness Month Day of Action
First Wednesday Walking Day

Childhelp Day of Hope (end child abuse and neglect)
First Thursday Burrito Day

Alcohol Screening Day (Thursday of first full week in April)
First Saturday Play Outside Day

Love Our Children Day

Handmade Day

Pillow Fight Day
First Sunday Geologists Day
Third Wednesday Banana Day
Third Friday Clean Out Your Medicine Cabinet Day
Third Saturday Auctioneers Day
Third Thursday of each quarter Get to Know Your Customers Day

Links coming; please stay tuned :slight_smile:


Information & Ideas for April Holidays & Observations

Please note:

I compiled these links many years ago for a different site. As such, some links may be outdated or broken. If you find any such links, please let me know, and I’ll remove them.

Other than some occasional links to my own blogs, which I’ll make an effort to identify, I’m not associated with any links, companies, blogs, etc. I’m just offering them here because I think they’re useful for learning about the given holiday or observation.

I don’t have links for every single holiday, but I’ll try to add more as the years go by.

April 2nd

:child: :book: International Children’s Book Day

:books: Resources

Page about International Children’s Book Day on the
International Board on Books for Young People’s website

Please note this links to one of my blogs: Young Children’s Book Reviews

:bulb: Ideas

  • Write a children’s story
  • Create illustrations for a children’s story
  • Recreate a favourite children’s book illustration in your own style
  • Read a children’s book and create different voices for each character
  • Act out a children’s book
  • Create a script to make a play based on a favourite children’s book
  • Make a puppet based on a favourite children’s book character

April 3rd

:balloon: World Party Day

:books: Resources

World Party Day: History, 5 facts and ways to celebrate

World Party Day Entry on National Day Calendar

:bulb: Ideas

  • Make generic, reusable party decorations for any party
  • Create a crowd-pleasing recipe for your next potluck
  • Try out a new recipe to be ready for your next party
  • Make paper gift bags for favours for any party
  • Put on some music and create a new dance—You’ll get exercise and use your creativity at the same time!

April 4th

:rock: Geologist Day

:books: Resources

What is Geology and What does a Geologist do?, article from geology.com

Introduction to Geology from Khan Academy

Geology Lesson for Kids: Definition and Facts from Study.com

Newfoundland & Labrador’s page on Geology and Fossils. Did you know that Newfoundland, in Canada, has contributed greatly to the understanding of plate tectonics, a major breakthrough in Geology?

List of Top Geologists, Paleontologists and Geographers

:bulb: Ideas

  • Paint some rocks
  • Create a rock out of paper maché
  • Create a painting representing the rock cycle

April 5

:map: Read a Road Map Day

:books: Resources

How to Read Road Maps, article form Howtodothings.com

Here’s a whole bunch of worksheets for teaching kids how to read various maps. Probably useful for adults, too!

Reading a map may be hard… but folding it is even harder. Here’s how to do it if you got a flat one. And here’s how to re-fold a map that came to you already folded. For this second video, you may want to lower your volume and start watching at 3:12.

This post is currently being updated, please stay tuned

:bulb: Ideas

  • Create a map of your favourite place
  • Create a map for a fantasy story
  • Create a map modelled after a favourite book

April 6th

:book: Library Workers Day

:books: Resources

National Library Workers Day page on American Library Association Website

Types of Library Jobs, article on American Library Association website

This article from Book Riot explains the different jobs that make a library run

:bulb: Ideas

  • Visit your local library and take out some craft books. Then, create something inspired by one of those books :heart:
  • Make a recipe based on a cookbook you borrowed from your library
  • Make a thank you card for one of your library workers

April 7th

:house: No Housework Day

:books: Resources

No Housework Day entry on Days of the Year website

:bulb: Ideas

  • Take the time you would have spent doing housework and work on any craft instead :wink:
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Reserved for May Holidays

Reserved for Information & Ideas for May Holidays

Reserved for June Holidays

Reserved for Information & Ideas for June Holidays

Holiday Inspiration: Chocolate Mousse Day
Project Name: Tofu Chocolate Mousse
Project Link:
Project Photos:

Happy Chocolate Mousse Day!

I made tofu chocolate mousse with my 9-year-old tonight. I only had extra-firm tofu, so the texture is grainy, but it still tastes good. I recommend making it with silken tofu if you try it out. Having said that, I don’t have a recipe, because I always eyeball this. But it took a whole block of tofu, probably about 2/3 of a cup of maple syrup, 3 tablespoons cocoa powder, and probably about 1/3 cup chocolate soy milk. I usually use plain soy milk for this, but I happened to have chocolate-flavoured one, so why not :blush:

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For this craftalong, you’re also welcome to simply post about how you’re celebrating things, even if they don’t involve a craft. Those posts and replies don’t count for points, but will make this thread more lively :heart:.

Also, please feel free to post about birthdays, anniversaries, and other events not mentioned here.

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Holiday Inspiration: Garden Month
Project Name: Flower Envelopes
Project Link: Envelopes from cool book pages
Project Description:

It’s still not past last frost here, so true gardening is not yet possible outdoors. In the meantime, here are some flower/garden-inspired envelopes:

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Those are gorgeous! I hope to participate more in this thread next month when my life calms down a bit.

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