Gender-Flipped Han & Leia Halloween Costumes - Fashion 2020 Q4 Contest Entry

For my very first couple’s costume ever (well, with a breathing person–using my life-size medical skeleton as a cosplay partner doesn’t quite count!), I dressed myself and my fiancé as a casual flipped-gender version of Han Solo and Princess Leia for a socially-distant Day-After-Halloween party.

Here is Hana Solo and Prince Lee. :wink:

I used a mix of self-made, purchased/thrifted/altered items. The skirt and belts I made myself, and BOY was there a lot of ironing and folding and pressing and melting! :laughing: I did the Corellian blood stripes down the sides of the skirt by first sandwiching a red grosgrain ribbon between two strips of the blue skirt fabric, then chopping it into 3.5" lengths, and sewing those all end to end, then folding down the edges and sewing the strip over the side seams. We thrifted his whites, and the blasters I purchased. Since they were children’s toys, though, you get a lot of white and orange plastic and raised warnings about them not being recyclable! I did a lot of sanding and painting to make them a nice, shiny space-black. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Detail Shots of the Me-Made Pieces/Accessories:

We had a lovely time! And yes, communicated a lot in Star Wars quotes. :smiley:


This is fantastic!

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Thank you so much! It was terribly entertaining to do. :grin:

It’s so good that you really should use it next year too, so folks can appreciate the details in person!

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I love the gender-bending twist you gave these. Brava!

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These are the best!!! Love every detail. You guys rocked it!

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That looks like so much fun! :laughing:

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I love this! (I know)


HAHAHAHA…best comment award.


this is so much fun!

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This is fabulous!

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