Lettuce Craft Stitchalong 2023

tiny stuff does seem to get more participation, but I would feel intimidated by a daily prompt, even if I know I can ignore it. Maybe try it for a month or two?

I did exactly one craft project in Nov, and made it spread sloppily across three craftalongs. Terribly efficient.


Not that I’m playing (Always lurking though lol) but I loved that stitch bingo thing a few of you did a year or so ago. That could be a thing to do maybe.


Fabulous idea!


Thank you @steiconi for pointing out this thread :slight_smile:

This is the project I just finished last night! Just need to press it and decide on a nice frame for it.


Beautiful work!

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Wow, this is fantastic!!


Ooo it looks time-consuming to put all those little outlines in there!

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Welcome!! What an inspiring piece!! I love it!


It’s rare that I’m stitching something that fits into the current theme, so I’m chalking this up to a seasonal miracle.

He has his own thread right over here. A lot of what I’ve worked on this year didn’t have a lot of backstitch, and I was temporarily resentful of the fact that this pattern did until I saw how cool it makes the hedge look.


The backstitching really does give more definition to the hedge! I love how you really got a great likeness of Homer!!

@Abbeeroad – I am going to try something a bit different in the “alongs” that I will host next year.
I think everyone’s creativity is often quite spontaneous and erratic…so I thought I would list a bunch of themes that can be completed anytime. Whatever is done in the month for any of the themes would qualify for any drawing or prize. Just have to get people DOING! ha




That’s a great idea!!


@wittychild - I LOVE IT!

@AIMR - I like this idea too. I meant to get a poll up for next year but time is running away from me. Maybe after holiday hecticness.


:sewing_needle: :thread: :sewing_needle: :thread: Announcement Time :sewing_needle: :thread: :sewing_needle: :thread:

Don’t worry, you still have a day to stitch for December (Artist’s Choice!), I just wanted to take some time to see how everyone is feeling about the Stitchalong for next year.

  • I’m in for next year!
  • Let’s take a break
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Any changes you’d like to see?
  • Keep everything the same as this year!
  • Keep the monthly winners only (winners choose theme)
  • Keep quarterly winners only (will need donated prizes)
  • No monthly/quarterly winners (themes will be provided at the start of the year and you mix/match what works for you)
  • Another idea (discuss your thoughts in the thread!)
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Thoughts on these ideas? (vote = yes)
  • Daily stitching
  • Stitch bingo
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I did vote, but I don’t have super strong opinions, I’m flexible. I’m also really happy to donate some prizes.

I like the idea of having some themes, but mix/match whatever works for you. Maybe any posted projects (non-theme projects and completed longer projects) could all be entered in a quarterly prize draw, if we keep doing prizes.

I know I haven’t been stitching something every month, but I do really appreciate the encouragement and inspiration. I’ve been doing a lot more painting lately, so the stitching hasn’t had so much attention, but I still really enjoy it.


:sewing_needle: :thread: Announcement Time :thread: :sewing_needle:

First of all, a big thank you to those who participated in the stitchalong this year - whether through posting your stitches, offering encouragement, donating prizes, or just popping in from time to time!

I also have TWO winners to announce this month - Our monthly winner AND our quarterly winner.

We had two awesome stitch entries in December by @Roguestorm and @wittychild. And our winner is…

@wittychild!! Congratulations!

For our quarterly drawing, we actually had a pretty good sized pool of participants! @Immaculata, @AIMR, @steiconi, @Dooney, @wittychild, and @Roguestorm all had qualifying entries! And with a fun twist to close out 2023, our quarterly drawing winner is…

Also @wittychild!!! Woohoo!! You have won a surprise donation from @Abbeeroad!! Congratulations and thank you all for your participation and support. See you in the 2024 thread (which I will be working on next!).


The 2024 Stitchalong is up!

I didn’t find the polls particularly helpful except to say that folks are interested in the stitchalong continuing. I made things a little easier on myself by using a random theme generator, which we will use for each month. This will offer multiple themes to choose from, which will hopefully help increase creativity, but also gives us something to look forward to each month. :crossed_fingers: I also kept the quarterly drawings for now, but am adding the requirement that there need to be at least 5 unique qualifying stitches from 5 different stitchers in order for the drawing to take place.

I’m also hoping to do a daily stitching/BINGO event in February since that was something that at least some of us seemed interested in.

Let’s see how things go! If it’s a failure, we can always go back to how things are now for 2025 (or switch it up halfway through 2024).

Hope to see you in 2024!


I think we can be pretty flexible in here…adapt and re-evaluate as needed…good call!

Congrats, @wittychild !

Hey, I’m also up for a prize donation…maybe some nice handmade pouches to hold stitching supplies or projects? What would everyone like for prizes? Suggestions!


Wow… thank you! How exciting!


I love little padded pouches to corral alll my supplies for a projects, whether stitching or crochet. Stops scissors and needles and hooks getting stuck in things in the project bag.