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Masterboard Swap Thread

Hereโ€™s our Beautiful Gallery!

:arrow_right: = sending to
:package: = Sent
:gift: = Received
:mailbox_with_no_mail: = Late with communication
:hole: = Contact me ASAP
:sparkling_heart: = Done with swap

:sparkling_heart: @Reinikka :gift: roler & :gift: kayrun
:sparkling_heart: @thanate :gift: loves2experiment & :gift: Ewulotta
:sparkling_heart: @Smmarrt :gift: photojenn & :gift: Renstar
:sparkling_heart: @loves2experiment :gift: thanate
:sparkling_heart: @geekgirl :gift: Renstar & :gift: Lynx2Lancer
:sparkling_heart: @photojenn :gift: megwell & :gift: Smmarrt
:sparkling_heart: @megwell :gift: photojenn
:sparkling_heart: @Renstar :gift: geekgirl & :gift: Smmarrt
:sparkling_heart: @kayrun :gift: Reinikka
:sparkling_heart: @Ewulotta :gift: thanate
:sparkling_heart: @Lynx :gift: geekgirl
:sparkling_heart: @roler :gift: Reinikka

:tada: Everyone Sent and Everything has been Received! :tada:


I received masterboard loveliness from @geekgirl today!

Seriously, so pretty! Your paint colors are always so vibrant!

And crafted atcs,

Itโ€™s nice to be reminded to be myself!

Thank you, geekgirl. Itโ€™s a pleasure to swap with you again!


wow, it all looks wonderful!
Iโ€™m gathering more creative ideas :slight_smile:

They look cool. I need to get some vibrant colours in my stash!


Just opened up a great package from @megwell! I love the bright colors and the purples throughout! I donโ€™t know if Iโ€™ll be able to cut into them :grimacing:

For the extra she picked up on my love of heart shapes and made the cutest little hearts!

Thanks Megan!!


I especially like the one on the right!

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I received a wonderful set from @roler (her first ones!) I love the textures and layers :heart_eyes:

Along with this fun โ€œPostal Fairyโ€ ATC :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I love these! Thanks @roler :kissing_heart:


Really great first masterboards, @roler!

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Iโ€™m so glad/relieved you like them!

If it helps, the book page one has things like โ€œcut me upโ€ written into the background (courtesy of our old friend Alisa Burkeโ€™s technique).

That one is probably my favorite masterboard Iโ€™ve made so far. Luckily, it came from a larger base piece that I was able to keep some of for myself, or I might not have sent it out.

Amazing work as always, @geekgirl! @roler, I never would have guessed those were your first boards. And the wings on that fairy are :star_struck:.


I love that!

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Me too. Love those colors @megwell
Great job on your first MCs @roler

I received from @Lynx2Lancer
Love the dry wall tape piece throughout. Great colors.

And these awesome envelopes.

Thanks Lynx2Lancer!


These envelopes are my new paper-crafting obsession. I am trying to use up my current paint to make room for new paint, which means Iโ€™m starting to get a limited color palette. Iโ€™m glad you like it all!


[files away awesome idea]

I love the sort of wheely bits on those envelope prints. Is that from the tape thing you mentioned?

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Thank you, and yes, it is! (At least, I think I remember taking apart a tape dispenser once to get that.)

Where did you get those little envelopes? Because I may need more :rofl:


I made them! I used cardstock and my envelope punch board! But, Iโ€™m obsessed and think I may need to buy rolls of Kraft paper which would probably be more cost effective.


Theyโ€™re so cool! I canโ€™t tell how big they are from the pictures.

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They are about 2 3/4โ€ x 4โ€

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Yea, they are the perfect size for atcs!


Totally forgot to check the swap gallery and it has exploded with gorgeous and colorful masterboards!!! Nicely done @megwell, @geekgirl, @Lynx And @roler!