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I guess Iโ€™m first!

It was so exciting to swap with @Abbeeroad for the first time! (I hope we get to more!)

She combined my themes of cats and space for this adorable mini pocket letter!

The back:

Some goodies:

(The big piece is an extra larger letter.) I love I can re-use the masterboard, and it has birds on it!

And, this really adorable watercolor planets โ€œbunting.โ€ (Or whatever youโ€™d like to call it.)

Iโ€™m gonna find a spot to hang it in my new (1st!) classroom

Thanks, Abbee!


Yay! Iโ€™m glad you like it!! The bunting replaced some other non-space related ephemera I had gathered. I hope itโ€™s a suitable substitute!


Oh my goodness @Abbeeroad that cat is utterly adorable! I love that you kept it in the line art form. It works perfectly with the composition. The entire package is purr-fection!


Itโ€™s perfect!

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โ€œMeowter Spaceโ€ had me laughing. I havenโ€™t heard that before, itโ€™s cute!

Also, @Abbeeroad, how did you create the planets? Did you create a general watercolor, then cut it out? Or did you watercolor directly on the shape? Itโ€™s so cool, my friend would also love it in her school library!


Meowter Space is stolen from the internet. :sweat_smile: The cat image is also heavily inspired (almost exactly) from an image I found online.

For the planets, I painted and layered circle shapes first and then cut them out. I know the scale is not right. My Saturn in particular was swapped with Neptune when the circle Iโ€™d planned for Saturn didnโ€™t fit inside the ring. :woman_facepalming:


My friend wanted me to make styrofoam ball planets, but thatโ€™s sooo much shaving, so I thought this was a good idea.

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@Abbeeroad I think you sent that mini pocket letter to the wrong address lol. I have a small collection of cats in space ATCs. this would have fit right in! I love that solar system bunting.


Hahaโ€ฆthatโ€™s awesome! I feel like I could have guessed that about you, though. Space cats seems so fitting! :laughing:

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And I received from @Lynx today!!

Itโ€™s sooo cool!!

I love the colors!! The neons are supposed to work under a black light - way cool! The quote is also perfect!!

Hereโ€™s the back:

And all the goodies tucked inside!

The cut out flowers are from her own photography!! Beautiful!

Thank you so much, Laura! Itโ€™s so awesome we finally swapped. Til next time! :wink:


Iโ€™m so glad you like it! Iโ€™ve watched your art style for so long, I felt pretty confident youโ€™d like the backgrounds. The quote was on your Pinterest, and is perfect for my life right now, too.



love the space kitty, too cute. the plants are way cool too.

got mine from Lynx2Lancer - love them, creepy cats very cool - thank you so much
top pic - the fronts
middle pic - the backs
and the goodies at the bottom - thank you so much :slight_smile:


I received my pocket letter from @bluebird! She decided to go with my misheard song lyrics theme.

I love it!

Here it is with my goodies.

I love all the stickers and washi tape!


Iโ€™m so happy you loved it! I had a lot of fun illustrating them for you! :blush:

If anyone is curious about the songs, here are the titles:
eurythmics - sweet dreams (are made of this)
bob dylan - blowinโ€™ in the wind
pet shop boys - west end girls

And I also received from @GeekyBookworm! She went with my limited color palette theme (blacks/grey/white plus one additional color) and she made these wonderful parrots for me! I love them! :heart_eyes:

And here are the goodies she included along with the letter!

Thank you so much for everything! :blush:


I love that yellow bird @GeekyBookworm . they are all neat, but that one is my favorite.

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@Abbeeroad that background is fantastic.

@Lynx great composition with the colors, quotes and plants

@bluebird great job as always! They look great. Even the ants are cute :rofl:
And my sweet dreams ARE made of cheese.

@GeekyBookworm great job on the limited palette and still making the birds standout as focal points!


Eeeek! Everything in this gallery is so wonderful! :heart_eyes:

I received from @geekgirl and finally have free time to share pictures! She went with my colorful and inspirational themes, which came just in time to keep me from doubting the ATCs Iโ€™m making for her! :heart:

They read: โ€œFeed your soulโ€, โ€œMake your own joyโ€, and โ€œAccept yourselfโ€ and are also full of shimmery silver :star_struck:

And the back with the goodies!

Thank you @geekgirl :kissing_heart:


Everything is so great!

I love the creepy cats in fall from @Lynx.

The misheard lyrics cracked me up! So well illustrated @bluebird.

The monochromatic parrots by @GeekyBookworm are fantastic!

@geekgirlโ€™s ATCs are so her style and full of color! Love them!!