My final wedding post!

Hi you crafty bunch!

This is the final post showing the stuff I made for my Wedding!

1st Post - My felt bouquet, guest brooches and hairslides

2nd Post - Steampunk top hat for hubby

3rd Post - My Steampunk Wedding dress

I’ve put this in the Fashion category as I’m starting with the dress I made for our Legal Ceremony which was just and our immediate family (with the surprise Steampunk party ceremony the following day).

I made a corset top to the dress (the same way I made the corset top for my Steampunk oufit) with a shorter circle skirt and sash with a lace trim, and on this dress I did add straps (tho they still didn’t quite cover my bra straps!).

Also my shoes I did ‘upcycle’ to match. I bought them from a second-hand shop, added a purple faux leather strap and a cute Victorian looking black diamante buckle. Unfortunately I didn’t take any closer piccies of them tho!

And yes, he is squatting down in this photo, because he’s a 6ft 7 monster and he feels like he needs to always crouch next to “normal” sized people, rofl. Also my shoes hurt, so I changed into flip flops after the ceremony (and cocktails ahem).

Next up is my little fascinator hairpiece! I ended up wearing it clipped onto my dress for the legal ceremony as it kept sliding off my hair tho, but I did wear it the next day for the Steampunk party.

Here it is, along with the bracelet and earrings I also made for the big day[s]. I used buckram for the base, the same fabric as my Steampunk wedding dress, peacock feathers and a lovely brooch that I got at a second-hand market, and cleaned up and replaced the gems on.

Next up is a bunch of bottles that I decorated with puffy paint and spray painted with copper spray paint, and we used them for decoration at the Steampunk party for Sunflowers (my fave flowers) and candles! My in-laws own a scrap metal company, and managed to get some copper pipes and such to make some more candle holders for the tables :smiley:

Chocolate gears and cogs, [badly] sprayed with edible metallic spray. And black lace candle votives, I had to use fake candles in them though, as in the “testing phase” of these (lol) I tried a normal candle and the lace melted!!

I did also make 4 varieties of tarts instead of having a wedding cake (and my renowned cheese straws!), treacle, salted caramel, chocolate and lemon and had them on a tiered display (decorated by my Mum, and with 2 little fimo Steampunk bride and groom dragons that my friend made). Buuuuuut I didn’t think to get a picture, so this is the only one I have that has them in, just about, on the left hand side!!

Next up! I took a blank letter holder drawer thing I think I got on ebay, painted and decoupaged it, and added a little Steampunky octopus. I used it on the day to hold a bunch of movie/tv/music postcards and pens so that people could write us little messages (like a Wedding guest book)!

And finally (I think!). I put together little “hangover kits” for our guests to take away with them for the next morning :wink: Coffee sachet, plasters, ibuprofen, energy boost sachet, a mint, a fresh wipe, and ‘hair of the dog’ (lemon schnapps in the pink ones, rum in the blue ones) :smiling_imp:

Oh and I also made a little purple wedding garter as is tradition, but you’re not seeing that :wink:

And I think that’s all of it!!!

If you made it to the end, well done, and I hope you like it all!! :sunglasses:
Loops xx


Awww! So wonderful! Look at how fab you two are!

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Aww, very pretty dress and congratulations to you both! :slight_smile: :blue_heart:

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Love that you were able to use your lovely bouquet for both ceremonies!!!

So many interesting things you crafted…love those bottles!

I would say that you have two outfits that are much more wearable again than the “traditional” bridal gowns…I finally threw mine into the giveaway box after 43 years…maybe someone can use the fabric and lace!

Lovely post…

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Everything looks great. Congratulations!

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Oh, wow. You real did a great job for both days. I love the ‘hangover kits’, lovely to have something useful rather than the sugared almonds that are quite common over here.

I can’t decide which bit is my favourite but I think it might be something you didn’t make. It’s hard to see them, but love the steampunk dragons!

@AIMR I ended up giving mine to a local theatre company.

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The saddest thing for me was my mother’s furs…no one wanted them except the theater companies…I couldn’t even sell them…once long a go, nice furs were quite pricey…I know my mother loved hers since my father saved and saved for it…but, times change…

Thanks for sharing all your DIY wedding projects with us! I love everything, especially the bottle on the right that looks like patchwork metal.

Fabulous! Congrats again to both of you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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You look amazing!
And so does everything else you made for your wedding. Perfect.

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