Steampunk wedding dress

Hi you crafty bunch!

This is the 3rd in my ‘series’ of posts showing the stuff I made for my Wedding!

1st Post - My felt bouquet, guest brooches and hairslides

2nd Post - Steampunk top hat for hubby

So, as I’ve mentioned before, we had 2 ceremonies, the legal ceremony with just immediate family (which I also made a dress for, I’ll post piccies of that next!), and then what we call our actual wedding the next day which was a Steampunk themed ceremony which was a big surprise to our guests, who thought it was my 40th birthday party :wink:

And now we have my Steampunk wedding dress, or technically my wedding skirt and corset!

For the corset, I started off with the Simplicity 1345 corset pattern, buuuuuut I’m a [UK] 40J and patterns are defo not aimed for my kind of bust size! I’m not particularly familiar with how to do bust adjustments, because 4 years ago (whilst making the dress) I hadn’t really made many clothes, so I just winged it and made lots of muslins making adjustments as I went.

I do wish I’d added some straps to it, because I did stil l have to wear a bra and you can see it even though I wore that lovely sparkly wrap (not made by me, but I :heartpulse: it) to try and disguise it. I did use spiral bones, with contrast edging and seams, a dangly crochet trim, and lace up eyelet back.

Skirt was pretty basic, a long circle skirt with elastic waist, and I used some hook and eyes to make the pick ups as I figured I might want to wear it in the future and have the choice to have it up or down! The petticoat I did buy, but I hand trimmed the tiers with sequins for extra sparkle! The fabric incidentally is a two tone purple taffeta from Abakhan Fabrics.

And finally the obligatory wedding day smoochy shot! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hope you like it!! :sunglasses:
Loops xx


I :heart: this!!! You did a great job. You guys look so happy which makes the dress look even more amazing! Congrats!!! :peacock:

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This is so fun and it came out so nice! I did a ton of DIY for my wedding (almost 9 yo now :flushed:) and learned so many new skills doing it. I loved reading through your other two posts too. Awesome job!!!

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I got stuck on 40. You do not look 40, so congrats on that too! Ha!
Love the dress. I think the bra straps looks like part of the outfit and I LOVE the color. It’s so pretty. You both look amazing and like you are a lot of fun!


The dress - top/skirt - is awesome!
Well done on managing to size the pattern to fit you.
The straps look part of the top, but I see what you mean about the back. You could always add in a modesty panel, to cover the gap. If you don’t have any of the original fabric left, plain black would work well.

I love how you pulled everything together and am amazed at how much you made yourself. So much time and effort but well worth every drop of sweat!

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Oh my goodness! Look at that beautiful dress, bride and groom! It reminds me of Disney’s Haunted Mansion. I love it!


WOW! What a spectacular finale to your trip of posts. The dress is incredible! Hard to believe you hadn’t sewn many clothes before. Love the purple, love the crochet trim, love the wrap (although I agree that the straps looked fine without it).

What amazing wedding photos! The two of you look splendid!

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You so personalized your wedding…you can tell that you enjoyed it and made it enjoyable for all of your guests! Your husband looks dapper in his outfit as well…I am sure he is proud that his new bride sews and makes things!


I love the incredibly deep, vibrant colors! :heartbeat:


Beautiful colors! You did an amazing job, too!!


Fabulous!! Amazing work - and it looks like you had a super happy day too! :smiley:

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@gozer Awwww thanks :wink: That’s exactly the comment I was hoping for, t he he :rofl: :partying_face:

@kittykill Oh excellent! We had in fact originally liked the idea of a Halloween themed wedding, but I knew my bestie had spoken about wanting to do that which is why we went with Steampunk in the end, I’m glad to know it still had a Halloweeny feeling to it tho!!

@Imnatari Fantastic, I do love a diy wedding, makes it so personal and memorable!!

@GMPNQ I should totally have added a modesty panel, I didn’t think of it at the time tho! In fact for my bestie’s wedding the following year I did a lot of work on her wedding dress to personalise it for her (a purple underskirt, replaced the sash, and lots of fit stuff) and added a modesty panel to hers :wink:

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This dress is awesome!! I hope the wedding was good.

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Wow, great job! That fabric is gorgeous in the sun. :heart_eyes:

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Love love love! You look amazing! The dress is gorgeous!

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WOW! Awesome!!!

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Oh. Wow.
This is so spectacular.

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Uh, WOW. First of all, I think it’s great how you DIYed your wedding. Second, I think it’s fabulous how you did the legal and then the fun ceremonies! And this dress, wowzers! Good thinking with the hooks and eyes and I applaud your patience on the many muslins for your corset. You look beautiful and your husband’s hat is pretty cool, too.