Ongoing ATC gallery & discussion for 2021

From @thanate for my Squirrel Nutkin theme:

The knothole is embroidered, and the bark is (I think) some other kind of fabric. It’s so textural. I love it!


The bark is paper! I was thinking I would do a bunch of different fabric layers, but then there was a piece of packing paper sitting around that just looked better than any of my fabric options. It’s hand-stitched on, tho. (and I was sad to discover that all my owl-staring-at-you embroidery patterns were of horned/“eared” owls, which is why Mr Brown’s head is partially obscured by the tree bark…)

The bag was ingenious !

Hi all, I’m barging in to see if I can send any of you ATCs that were made by people you probably don’t know (and who I don’t really know either, for the most part). I’m going to do a big move in December or January and I’d like to thin out my collection. I already stalked the wishlists and picked out several for some of you if interested. And I will update my destash list in the Use it or Lose it thread over the weekend, since I have other things to unload on anyone. :grinning:


I FINALLY made it over to my PO Box today after not being able to stop by for like, a week and a half, and I had HAPPY MAIL!!

This wonderful ATC from @curiousfae was waiting for me (and I was able to send out the one I made for her). Imagine my surprise when I got home and opened it to find we had used the exact same medium! Watercolor and ink! (I had completely forgotten she had claimed me for my watercolor theme haha)

Anyway, here is the lovely ATC she sent - I love how much depth the water has, and the cute little boats are just perfect!


From @thanate
For my ‘something unique to your area’ theme

So interesting and super helpful. It has me wondering why it is that we don’t have that here in Michigan?! I love little detail of the ‘lost’ flyer too. Clever!

Thank you!


We have 4 more days until December. Are people excited for another round of this swap, or should we pause to send holiday cards instead? (I’m leaning towards pausing until January, but we actually have a lot of people signed up this month & I don’t want to break anybody’s momentum…)

  • Yay! I want to make all the ATCs!!! I wanna do it now!!!
  • I might claim once or twice…
  • Nah, time for a break.

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I do know a certain someone ahem @geekybookworm will be old enough to officially swap atcs mid-Dec…


I received a super sparkly galaxy Bowie space oddity song lyric collage from @curiousfae, thanks! :slight_smile: :sparkles:


I kinda went cuckoo with the glittery gel pen. A little goes a long way. Lol.

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A “Christmas cards but they’re Tarot Cards” from @curiousfae here, & it’s Krampus!

(this is actually the first ATC my husband has stolen/claimed. :laughing:)


I think we are taking a break for December, as we only have one “yay” vote. Here’s hoping we all have a restful and inspiring holiday & are ready to jump back in in January.

Clearly anyone who needs a quick ATC fix in the interim should make a birthday card for @GeekyBookworm! :wink:


From @Lynx2Lancer
Fantastic washi tape!

From @ellephabetsoup
Beautiful watercolor blood moon nebula inspired by the 2021 lunar eclipse

Thanks gals! Nice additions to my collection.


Fabulous Fungal Kingdom from @Reinikka


@curiousfae LOVE the krampus card! great job!

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:worried: Dang! I was looking forward to ATC swap but it’s okay. I’ll make ATCs anyway.


Sorry-- we’ll be back in January, and with luck the mail won’t be flooded with everyone’s holiday cards so they’ll get there a little more quickly.

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:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Yay!

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I just love my sweet birds in winter hats from @bluebird!

Thank you!


You’re welcome! I’m so glad you enjoyed it! How could I pass up an opportunity for cute birdies? :blush: