Ostara Swap Gallery (former Witch/Wicca/Pagan) - S/O 03/03/2020

Gallery for the Ostara Swap!

started on Disc; gallery on Lettuce

We have our first sender, so we need a gallery!

Edel = shipped and arrived
MightyMitochondria = shipped and arrived
Ludi = shipped and arrived
thanate = shipped and arrived
Wildblue (emilywilde) = shipped and arrived
Wulf - shipped late with communication and arrived
Nou - IRL and posted
Magpie - IRL and posted

Nou <> Magpie
Wildblue <> thanate
Ludi <> Wulf
Edel <> MightyMitochondria



@Wildblue (emilywilde)

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Present and anticipating all the good stuffs!


Yay! :egg::rabbit2:

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All here. And looking forward to seeing the wonderful things


Present :smile_cat: and crafting.

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I’m here with needle and thread!:thread:

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Me too! Excited! :rabbit:

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I received from @Edel! She, as always, made the most lovely and thoughtful things!

First, stamped ATC’s. They’re so pretty!

Next, she made these gorgeous hare cards. They are so beautiful. I am a little obsessed with wild hares, so I can’t stop gazing at them. I have lots of notes to write in the near future and I’m excited to use these.


She also painted this moon gazing hare. It is just so gorgeous. The colors and textures are beautiful. The only question is where to hang it. It needs a home where I can admire it every day.

And there is more! Edel made this really unique amulet pouch. The body of the pouch is fabric and the flap is suede. I adore the crow and can hardly wait to use it.

Edel also sent a delicious candy bar that I shamelessly ate immediately, as well as these candies. The pop candy package is the coolest. I’m saving the wrapper for a future crafty endeavor.

Thank you for everything! :heart:


The hare cards are stunning, @Edel. Did you draw them? I couldn’t bare to use them. I love the torn paper edges.

What a wonderful package!

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Holy cannoli, what a package! I made ONE tiny little item, just one thing. LOL, you were righteously spoiled, what a great collection of beautiful items. The painting is so lovely and those cards, yas! I would be tempted to send one to myself just so I could keep it, haha.

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@JoyfulClover no I didn’t draw the hares. I printed them as B+W images and then coloured them with watercolour pencils.

I did do the painting. I got kinda carried away with the hare theme. :slight_smile:

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I dearly love them, Edel! Thank you for replying!

And it was fun seeing the hare moongazing. I felt like it was the cousin to my burrowing badgers!

I got pretty things from @Wildblue! (more words shortly when not on my phone which won’t show me image previews…)

Pretty wrappings & awesome painted card, plus a little roll of flowery washi tape:

forest creature dottee, with extra awesome fat quarter wrapping

Snek! :green_heart: (tho apparently I couldn’t take this picture without getting my finger in at the bottom, phoey)

And a woven spring hoop with anther snake (I said I liked snakes better than rabbits, & she took me at my word!) and some flowers based on things that bloom here in spring… I’m thinking these are a spring beauty and maybe a golden ragwort. :green_heart: :snake::green_heart:

Everything (with better colors)

And a close-up of this guy, who looks a little anxious from this angle. Maybe it has climate anxiety? Me, too, buddy…

Thanks so much, @Wildblue! :grin: Now I just need to figure out where to put the new hoop.


Every little bit of that is super cool. I really adore the snake, so totally wonderful!


I love the snake hoop best of all!


Thanate, I’m so glad it arrived safely. And you’re absolutely right about the flowers (spring beauty and golden ragwort). It was all so fun to make, and I think the dottee’s face probably took on my own expression (which was something like, “am I doing this right??!!”) ok, I’m going to edit and upload thanate’s excellent package that I received today too.

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Oh my goodness, thanate spoiled me :blush: there was so much awesomeness in this box, and I could tell it was going to be amazing right away:

There were so many things, but this lil guy was right near the top. It’s so pretty, this image is perfect for me. Maybe I’ll try to make it into a journal cover.

Almost an entire group shot, and some close ups. I’m in love with this hare stamp, which I’m excited to use soon in my bullet journal. I adore the feathers and embroidered goddess doll, and the candles are so cool! The balm is really good, too! My hands are starting to get cracked they’re so dry.

Tea! :purple_heart:

So Thanate also sent some plants to propagate, for a little succulent garden. I hope I’m doing this right. Most of them just sit dry until they take root, and a few of them looked like they were ready to go in the pots. Oh, and purple lichen! :seedling::seedling::seedling:image|375x500

Thanks so much Thanate! I was so excited to see this today, and every little thing is awesome. I hope you are feeling better too!


What kind of black paper did you draw your mushroom on? The dotee face is truly magical! The colors, and expression!? Wonderful! Plus the extra needle felting! Super cool! I hope he gets his own thread$

Speaking of…that woven hoop is one of the most interesting and fun I’ve seen! It looks like he is lying in a bed of leaves! Great use of fabric strips! And you painted the hoop! He should get a thread, too!

:four_leaf_clover: :metal: :shamrock:

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How did you ever pack and ship those shell candles? And you sent plants!! And seeds! You sent growy things! I love them!

The feathers are destined for something great. Theyre basically the beginning of a stumpwork piece, or a needle felted object! Absolutely love!

:shamrock: :metal: :four_leaf_clover: