Pincushion and Needleminder Swap-Gallery

Post your goodies here!

Pincushion swap


I’m so excited to see what everyone has made!


Yay! We have a gallery! Looking forward to seeing everyone’s creations!


Yay! I get to kick off the gallery. @bethntim sent me not one but TWO needle books! I was hoping for a needle book, and boy did she deliver! I love them both!

The first one is a beautiful sky blue, with a machine-embroidered design of a bird holding scissors, along with roses and a message that reads, “CREATE”.

The outside feels like a stiffened felt, which should help protect me from poking myself!

The inside pages are all soft, and have plenty of space for lots of needles.

Right now, most of my needles are in a jumble in a plastic box, so this needle book is really going to help me organize things so I can easily find an embroidery needle vs a leather working needle vs a beading needle. Yay!

The other needle book was labeled, “Open if you dare!” But when I opened it, I fell in love!
She’d sent along the stained first-attempt needle book, and I’m so, so glad she did!!!

This colorful cross-stitch cat is amazing, and captured my heart.

The stitches are so, so tiny! I wasn’t even sure at first, that it was even cross-stitch.

There is a gorgeous batik fabric inside.

And best of all, on the back is the Lettuce Craft logo and the year and name of the swap.

The stains are barely noticeable, and just give the book a rosy glow. :relaxed:

Thank you SO much, Beth! I’ll treasure these forever, and will be reminded that SOME good things did happen in 2020.


So glad you like them! It was so much fun making them for you!


Awesome needle books!! Love the batik fabric lining and the addition of the LC logo to the back of the crossed stitch one!


I have just received a biscornu from @storerboughtcreation!! I love it.

Not sure what the best angle for a picture is for a biscornu, so I just took a bunch of pictures to show it off!



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I can’t believe it arrived so quickly! I hope this is within the style you like. I had a lot of fun making this. :blush:


WHOA! This is the coolest! I find it hard to photograph them too :slight_smile:
The stitching is impeccable!!!


That is so pretty! Love the colors and the design.


I received the most wonderful, amazing, and perfect pincushion from @endymion!
She took my love of dogs, Halloween, and day of the dead and crafted this perfectly splendid lil pin cushion. Fun fact: she said the pattern is from turn of the century which is totally cool!
And the sweet pup looks like my sweet pup, Chase!

how adorably cute is this?!?

And the fabric is doggies too!
My sweet girl


Oh Man!!! I love it!!! :star_struck:


I’m so glad you like it! I didn’t have a pattern, but it was inspired by a pincushion from the turn of the century.

I did take a peek at your fur babies and made sure the little doggie was at least a little like one of them. (But do be careful and don’t let them chew on it, because there is a small bag of pennies inside the ball to keep everything sitting upright. Don’t want anybody choking!)

I had made the little ball and started on the pup. Then I saw online, a fat quarter that had Day-of-the-Dead dogs. I fell in love with the print, especially knowing you like Halloween. So had to wait for it to arrive to re-do the ball.

Hope you use it and enjoy it! I’ve been getting a lot of use out of the needlebooks you sent me.


That puppy is the cutest! Which one you ask? And to that I say, all of the puppies! :heart:


I received a gorgeous needlebook from @Abbeeroad! She sent before the swap deadline had even hit, and she did a perfect job! Look at the sweet little bunny!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :rabbit2: I adore rabbits, and he’s even white, like mine was. I love how the design is simple linework but so flawlessly executed! Every detail shows clearly, and he’s precious. She also sent me a lovely handmade card which is on my desk right now!

And here’s a look at everything inside (and a sense of scale with my hand there)! All the pages have wonderful felt, plus pretty little cotton patches for extra cheer. She even included the pockets at the front at back covers that I was hoping for, to store my foldable thread scissors and needle-threader and needle minder. :cherry_blossom:

Thank you so much, Abbie! I am overjoyed with it. You did a wonderful job, and I so enjoyed being your partner again. Can’t wait for yours to arrive! :grin:


That is so lovely @EriChanHime and great work @Abbeeroad I bet that was hard to part with!


This quilted book is so precious! I love that you got the pockets that you hoped for, too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yay! I’m so glad you like it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I do love this needle book, and the sweet little rabbit on the front.