Pink and Black Monogrammed journal with Seed Paper

Every year I give my kid’s elementary teachers an end of the year gift. Most years, I make a heavy duty quilted tote bag, but there is always that teacher that my daughter had and now my son has, or teacher that I don’t think would want a tote bag so I do something else.

My son has 2 teachers. One fits the first two categories of a) my daughter already had her as a teacher and b) she wouldn’t be interested in a tote bag. This teacher loves to journal, so when my daughter had her, I bought her some journals and made a drawstring bag to put them in. This year, since I now can do basic book-binding, so I got an early start and made her a journal.

I wanted the paper to be special–have a nice feel–so I ordered some “light weight printer safe seed paper” from “flowerseedpaper” on Etsy. The cool thing about this paper is that you can use it then in stead of throwing it away, you can plant it and it should grow flowers!

Mr. Lynx helped me create a collage ruled lined paper template and I ran them through the printer to get lined journaling paper. Most of the time it ran through the printer ok. I alternated between one sheet at a time, to maybe 5 at a time. Sometimes I had to run it with regular printer paper too for the printer to recognize there is paper in the machine. I didn’t have any problems with paper jams or anything.

His teacher’s first name starts with an M, so I brought out my Cricut for the huge project of cutting out a letter M! hah!

Her favorite colors are black and pink, so I got into my cardstock to destash some! I have 4 signatures. Each signature is black cardstock, hot pink, and light pink cardstock and the lined seed paper glued on with a total of 10 pages to write on for a total of 40 jouranling pages. I added a hot pink square to the front page of each signature. I will add some sort of art, but haven’t decided what yet.

I really like this Wikihow Coptic Bind Tutorial to help me start my book binding journey. I have used it with each of the maybe 3-4 books I have bound since I started learning last year.

The binding!

Now, to check this off my to-do list and hang onto it until the end of the school year!


You are well ahead of the game this year! But I am sure the project too a lot of time…very well thought out and your binding looks wonderful!

I am sure your child will be so proud to be able to give it at the end of the year…just remember where you stash it…ha ha

And, how cool is that paper? I have received seed bombs before that I threw into my meadow but paper? wow…that is really special…


Very cool! I’d hate to ruin that beautiful book by tearing out pages to plant them! :scream: LOL


I have a whole bunch of scraps from trimming the paper to fit I can plant!


That’s really cool, and how great that you are able to makeover them something even if the “normal” gift doesn’t work out


What a great journal!


Beautiful journals.
I bet you come up with some great ideas for the signatures.

I’ve never heard of seed paper before. What a clever concept. I need to buy some for upcoming birthday cards.


The seed paper is such a cool touch! And such thoughtful details to personalize it for her. :slight_smile: The coptic binding looks great! I love coptic stitch because it lets the journal lay open flat and I think it looks really nice. :slight_smile: :sparkling_heart::black_heart::sparkling_heart::black_heart:


What a great idea to add the seed paper! If you can, I’d love to see it after you add the extra embellishments!

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I’m considering making envelopes and adding that instead of art. :slight_smile:


@AIMR My kids actually get very shy about giving gifts and he’s just very boy and doesn’t really care. I, however, am excited for her to get it! I really had no idea that seed paper really had seeds. ha!

@imera Thank you! Yes, there is the occasional teacher who gets my “off-brand” gift instead of bags. Although, most teachers who have received the bags love them and use them all the time. And, one teacher actually asks me occasionally to make bags for her kid’s teacher.

@kittykill Thank you!

@Silky_Bee Yes, that seed paper is great! If you use it for birthday cards, I’d love to see how they turn out! A card, and then a flower? The gift that keeps on giving!

@bluebird Thank you! Yes, the coptic binding is really cool. This is the best binding I have done so far. Some day I’ll have to explore some of the fancier designs. Right now, I just need to get more practice with this.

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What a wonderful journal! Such a thoughtful gift.
You mentioned possible art for those blank pink/black signature divider pages… how about some art or a note from your son on one?

I really like the embossing you did on my journal. Well, whatever you do, I’m sure it’ll be beautiful!

This journal looks so good! It’s a fab gift!

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Oh, pretty, cool and functional and all self made!! How awesome! :orange_heart:

What a great gift! (I am a teacher, kindergarden and I LOVE handmade gifts!!)

This ROCKS!! :metal:t3:

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If this wasn’t yours, i was going to tag you - SEED PAPER!!!

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Seed paper - that’s a new one to me. What a cool concept. Great job on the binding!

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