Quiltalong - 2023

I was looking for photos of some zipper monster pouches I had made years ago when I came across these. The Solar System quilt was made for my GS and was a toss game on one side and tic-tac-toe on the other. The very first quilt I had ever made.
X Quilt Space1
X Quilt Tic Tac

The Circle of Hope quilt was for a swap, and if one of you has this, let me know, I have forgotten the details…it was 2015 for goodness sakes. What made me, a moderately skilled sewer, but novice quilt maker choose this, I don’t know. And it’s one reason I hate curves. :smiley: I almost kept this one.
Circle of Hope quilt 2
Circle of Hope quilt 3
I had forgotten about these two quilts, both lap sized.


Goodness, that reminds me of something I saw today. An einstein shape has finally been discovered. It’s a polygon that fits together with itself to fill a plane, but never creates a repeating pattern. Seeing it gave me the weird desire to turn it into a quilt.


It would be interesting if each piece was cut exactly the same from one patterned one directional fabric. The orientation would change to create a pattern that would be different, but enough to make it noticeable? And, I guess the only way to turn it into a quilt would be to cut all the outer pieces, leaving only the interior section the pattern…

Doesn’t it make you wonder what practical applications this information could be used for? Is it only for art, decoration, wallpaper, etc? And, tiles? :grin:


I do wonder what types of applications would benefit from a lack of repeating patterns. It seems like there should be some structural advantage to never developing any predictable fault lines in a surface. Things that make you go ‘hmm.’ Either way, they look like t-shirts.


I suppose the pattern could be used for sidewalks, etc. just for that reason…no stress or predictable join lines…it would make a very wicked jigsaw puzzle… :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh, hey there.

All you craftalong-ers check out the Peek Behind The Curtains Challenge! You don’t need to make something new to join in, you just have to (finally) share the things you’ve made already! WHAT!?

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Yes! I saw this too, but fb did its refresh thing and I lost it. There must definitely be engineering applications as well as design.


I, tendstowardschaos, offer the Happy Little Scraps Quilt as my large personal finish for the second quarter.


Our first quarter flew by and now that it’s over, that means a prize drawing! Congratulations to our winner, she must be hot because she was on fire this quarter!

Way to go @marionberries! :fire::hot_face::fire:


Congratulations @marionberries! You did so much this quarter!!!

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Woohoo @marionberries!!

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Thanks everyone. I’ve had fun and fun showing things off to a very appreciative crowd!


New month - new prompt, new BOM.
New quarter - new challenge, new goal lists (or old goal lists if your goals remain the same).

April Prompt
Sewing your fabric/design on top of a larger piece of fabric. So many different designs can be achieved with the use of applique and this is the month to showcase that technique! Whether hand stitched, machine stitched, or even just fused, quilt something lovely using applique.


Log Cabin - suggested my @Magpie
Log Cabin Video Tutorial
Log Cabin - Paper Piecing Templates
Log Cabin Block - A Brief History

Quarter 2 Challenge
(April 1 - June 30)
Art Quilt:
Art quilts are created using a quilting method that is led by the art, not by the pattern (like patchwork quilting). An art quilt is a quilt to be looked upon rather than snuggled under. Art quilts can be ‘broadly classified’ under the following categories:
Abstract, Improvisational, Collage, Landscape, Nature, and Portraits
The challenge for this quarter is to create your own art quilt. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just give it a try and enjoy the process!

Mr. X Stitch explains art quilts - pretty much all of the information above was gleaned from this post.
How to design a simple art quilt

Goal List:
Last of all, please share your second quarter goals with us. You can earn an entry into the prize drawing for every goal you share and complete this quarter!


I marionberries submit my Q2 goals:

Finish the scrappy baby quilt and donate
Complete the scrappy Sunrise Tree art quilt in progress
Eat fewer M&Ms as I perfect my quilting skills (see below)
Complete the scrappy scrap lap quilt and donate

And a log cabin block for April, yay! I do art blocks all the time. I posted a few some weeks ago. I find them liberating and downright fun. My only issue is that I need a theme, a purpose to create them. I need a deadline! I’m not the kind of artist who just creates, that’s why I love LC craftalongs and swaps, gives me reasons to hole up in the crafting cave.



I’m trying 4 at a time flying geese, cutting out all the pieces takes forever, ugh.

1 hour later… still cutting!


It will be so worth it when you can fly through and put them together without having to stop and cut more fabric!


Wellll, I meant to do laundry, but then I sat down at the computer…and designed a quilt instead.

Awhile ago, I fell in love with this quilt design when I saw it hanging in the background of a YouTube video. I spent a lot of time sourcing information on the quilt in the past and discovered it was made with a Jacob’s Ladder block. Today, I stumbled upon some screenshots I had taken from the video and decided to see if I could recreate the quilt using the Electric Quilt 8 software. I don’t know the software very well, so it took me awhile, but I figured it out! I imported the fabric that I want to use and now, I have a picture of what I want to make. I have a layer cake that I think will be enough fabric, but I really should do the math to verify. I would love to actually get started on this one day soon, but with all the other projects I want to do as well as the ones I really need to finish, I know it will be awhile before I ever get to it.



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Art quilting…


Wow! She was doing TM stuff way before TM! Perhaps she was an inspiration to TM!

Art pieces for sure! (I swear the title said Defy the Gods…)