Quiltalong - 2024

Ok… I’m in! I’ve missed Craftster but never quite got active on LettuceCraft.

My 2024 goals:
Finish binding on charity quilt.
Finish charity quilt tops in process (i have 4 of them)
Have fun :slight_smile:


Welcome, @EclecticDreamer! I’m so glad you’re joining us. Good luck on completing your charity quilts this year. I hope you’ll share progress pics as you work on them!


I’ve been planning a Halloween table runner in my head for a while but now I’m finally ready to cut I’m not so sure anymore.

The middle fabric is the main fabric and I’ve got plenty of it. I found the sashing fabrics in stash and the colours match, but I’ve only got a little bit of both. Only enough for either the “inner” or the “outer” sashing. But now I’m putting it together, isn’t this too busy? I’ve also got plain black in stash, any other fabric would have to be bought.

Halloween idea:

For reference, I was planning to make it similar to this one, except for this one all the sashing is the same fabric:

I thought I had posted this one a couple of years ago, but it looks like I didn’t.


Does it look less busy if you swap the white and the orange? So, orange in between the black squares and white surrounding everything.

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Or surround the inner squares with a black border, then orange sides, and black binding. It’ll give the eye somewhere to rest.

Love that fabric


I think this is much better.

The cream is just not right anywhere:

I also love that main fabric and I’m also sort of thinking, why am I bothering with piecing at all? I’ve got lots of that fabric.

I’m cutting fabric for another Halloween project now and I’ll have scraps. Maybe some of those will match. I’m doing this one in Halloween fabrics: Horizon Lines - Digital PDF Quilt Pattern — Taren Studios

I like the black, maybe consider also putting it between the main fabric and the secondary one.

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I was going to suggest the black relpacing the cream. It gives that dark and warm Halloween vibe.


The cat quilt strikes again- does anyone have a solution for fixing this binding which doesn’t involve seam ripping it.


Patch it? I add ribbon & bits of fabric to cover quilt tears & holes, but I like that scrappy look.
This quilt injury is why bias cut binding is used. It is much more durable over time.


My littlest cat loves to chew on the edges of everything from boxes to blankets. I am constantly repairing crochet and quilted things!

I would just take a pleasing piece of fabric and go right over the top of this. It can be the same fabric or not.


-I mvanrh11 , submit my Cat Quilt for my goal list entry .

I am proud to report the Cat Quilt has finally been gifted!

Sadly I didn’t get any final photos, but I did do a quilt drop video! Here is a little gif I made of the quilt drop!

Untitled design(1)

I did take a picture of the cats, before it was quilted and bound

I have also finished my scrappy Quilt: This is the photo I got of it today

I live in Australia where we have big things (like the big banana, big prawn big pineapple ect) and well we found a Big red sofa near a friends house so of course we needed to get a quilt picture there!


Beautiful quilts in beautiful settings!

The cat quilt is amazing!