Retro Holiday Apron

I made Butterick 5474 for a friend who recently-ish realized a long dream of having a Mid-century Modern home with a pool!

When I spotted this fun print I HAD to buy some to make something for her. An apron was my inclination - partly because she made one for me as a gift the first time we met IRL after developing a friendship on the old site.

I’m pretty tickled with how close I got with pattern matching the pockets!


I’m also tickled with how Santa’s little tighty-whitey-clad bum ended up peeking above the bib on one of the neck straps. I made the bias tape with another great vintage style print and hand finished it (on the back).

This is View A. I wouldn’t say that this is the best-written pattern I’ve used, but I think that an intermediate sewist who is comfortable with store bought patterns wouldn’t struggle. I’m hoping to make a couple more of the views from this pattern.


It’s BEAUTIFUL! I’m jealous. It just looks so perfect. I bet she’ll look adorable in it.

Such great fabric!! Your pattern matching skills are impressive, it matches up perfectly. What a delightful gift!

I love it! The pattern, the fabric and the perfect matching bias tape. And Santa’s bum of course!!

Thanks so much, everyone!

The apron is super cute. I love the fabric. It sounds perfect for her. I am super impressed with those pockets! It’s not easy to get everything to line up that smoothly. And don’t you just love it when things work out, like the Santa bum? I get a kick out of how fabric falls sometimes. :laughing:


That pattern is amazing and I’m totally jealous!
Santa’s bum is definitely the cherry on top!

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Absolutely AMAZING. Your pattern matching of the pockets is PERFECT! :heart: :santa: :palm_tree: :tropical_drink:


I love everything about this! You have some serious pattern-matching skills. The fabrics are awesome, too.

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This came out so perfect. The care with which you chose where to place the fabric designs (noticing the placement of the bottom center “shuffleboard” sign that is like a little “finished” punctuation mark) and the choice of fabric for the bias… you are a true class act of gifting. :slight_smile:

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ha ha ha I love the little details that you were tickled with…those are the special things that make sewing a joy!

I have that pattern and I like it a lot, although, I think it is rather challenging with the bias tape…you did a fantastic job with it…putting together the two fabrics…the pockets…lovely…


Wow, this looks so great!! Awesome fabric choices, and you are amazing with the fussy cutting! Holy moly!


Very cool!

Thanks so much everyone! I so appreciate all the pocket love - so much that I will refrain from pointing out the oopsies. :upside_down_face:

That was entirely a happy accident, but I was pleased when I saw it!

I think that the bias tape would have been many times more difficult if I had attached it as instructed. It certainly took longer, but was much easier to hand finish it after sewing the flange to the front by machine.


That is the perfect piece for that fabric… love it! :heart:

This is great! I love the style so much and all the little extras. That fabric is fantastic. What a great gift!

Oh my goodness! This is darling.

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Thanks so much, friends!

Superior work and I love the fabric! Lucky pal of yours :blossom::heart:

Congrats! Your Retro Holiday Apron is one of this week’s featured projects. You are awesome!