Santa’s Sack R2 Gallery

Post your Santa’s Sack goodies here!

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I received the most amazing package from @jeanneleigh!

The santa sack is a backpack!!! It even has adorable Christmas ribbon holding the strings. Adorable and so useful to tote around gifts!

The medium item was this gorgeous project bag. It has a drawstring top!

An ATC trio with the most gorgeous quotes and designs. SOOOO pretty!

Adorable little robot charms!

The card and some great acrylic snowflakes!

An absolutely adorable Ted Lasso magnet that I immediately put on the fridge:

The extras - a pair of socks and some sparkly washi tape!

Thank you so much! I love everything so very much! What a wonderful package!


Nice start to the gallery! Love the functional backpack bag!


This was my first exchange so I was a little unsure about what to include. I’m so glad you liked everything!


Even after I’ve done more than 200 swaps between here and the old site, I still get a bit of swap anxiety and feel like I need to step up my game. You more than delivered and went above and beyond, for sure! :wink:


Everything is gorgeous! What a great first swap. I hope you post some of these in their own threads!

Are the little robots shrink plastic with colored pencil?


Thank you! They are shrink plastic, but I used acrylic paint pens on them. Worked great!


That’s a brilliant package @jeanneleigh! So many nice things! The bags are gorgeous, and the little robots are too cute :smile:


@jeanneleigh you made a great swap package. I’m in love with those ATCs and the bags, and the robots and the Washi tape and I have a sock fetish. Dang. I guess I should have joined this swap. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wow! What a wonderful start!


I also want to say that the ATCs are so beautiful. :purple_heart: Everything was great, but the ATCs really struck me.


@jeanneleigh - Your package was wonderful! I love that you make the “sack” a usable backpack. That will come in handy when going to craft shows! And that project bag is adorable. The drawstring top is icing on the cake. The colors and fabric are so bright and cheery. Those ATC are beautiful. All those tiny details are done so well, and the shading on the jewels is spot on. The robots are adorable. And the extras are fun. You really knocked it out of the part for your first swap! Hope we see you in more!

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Thanks so much for all the kind words and compliments!!

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I received from @Lynx ! I love everything!

I got:

These cool paintings

An Elsa doll for my daughter (she’s obsessed with Frozen(, bookmarks, and a painted paper chain.

These matching mom and daughter bracelets (my favorite!)

Another painting, an LOL surprise toy, and I wanted to show off the bag,

back view of the bag


How sweet to have things for your daughter as well! I love the bookmarks and the snowmen paintings!


@momiemae I am so glad you like it!

@aimr I think the bokmarks are my favorite!


What a nice collection! The bracelets are perfect, the bookmarks are lovely (and useful!), the paintings are great. I love the Grinch sack!!


That’s a fun package @Lynx. Your bracelets are wonderful. I have one and love it. That bag is precious and the writing on it is great too.


@lynx That bag is adorable!


I received my package from @gozer today and I am just floored! So many awesome goodies!

Here is all the glory together. :grin:

There’s two dragon plushie cubes! They are so adorable, I love them. I will use them as baby shower decorations and then put them in the nursery. :purple_heart:

Cute cute squishy blocks. I love the different fabrics!

2 sets of mat hing bibs and burp cloths!

A purple dragon that Gozer got in the STS Swap I Believe. It’s adorable and the box has funny stickers. (Like caution dragon inside lol)

Reindeer notebook. :blush:

Peg dolls for my son! I can’t explain to anyone exactly how excited he was to get these. He was jumping up and down, giggling, smiling…it was adorable. :purple_heart: Also, these peg dolls are super impressive. My son let me keep the octopus because I love it lol

Thank you @gozer