Scrappy heart mini quilts

I started by drawing a heart and color divisions on a piece of muslin. I made sure it bled through to the back so I could see the shape when I was done.

Then I laid bits from my magic Tiny Scrap Bin. The more the merrier. I placed a sheet of dissolvable fabric over the top and machine stitched around about, over and out, and then stitched some more. When I wash the dissolvable fabric off, I make sure to rub a dub so the raw edges fray.

After it is dry, I place a dark color over the top and stitch the heart shape from the back. Then I cut out the inside of the heart from the top layer. Then add batting, a back and quilt as usual. They were about 8 inches square. Oh, I forgot that I added beads for sparkle.




That looks like an amazing way to use up scraps and turns out a beautiful mini quilt in the end. Great job!

I will love these always and forever.

These look awesome!

thinking to myself that I can never get rid of even tiny scraps now


Love these! I need to get my hands on some of that dissolvable fabric.

These are fantastic, what a great idea!!

Gorgeous! :green_heart:
And then the cut-out heart bits go back in the scrap bin, right? :grin:

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What a wonderful way to use scraps, colourful and lovely, who wouldn’t love those?

One of my favourite scrappy projects of all time. They are wonderful.

I absolutely LOVE these. So joyful and bright. Well done.

Lovely! I want one!

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I love all the texture!

Your scrappy heart mini quilts are gorgeous!
I love how you put them together :slight_smile:


Mixed media valentine swap? :wink:


"Mixed media valentine swap? "…love ot.

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Oh yah, the first one happened in 2017 :smiley:

I love the contrast of the dark background with the bright colors in the heart- so pretty!

I feel like these would be right up your alley, too, @AIMR

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Your deep fuchsia one is [arms up] GLORRRIIIOOOUUUSSSSSS!!!

I woulda snagged that little guy as fast as socially possible.



Aww, they’re so happy and fun! I love them all, and the beads are a nice touch. You can never have too much sparkle. :slight_smile: