Show us your Art Journal pages

Show us your Art Journal pages! One page/spread at a time!

They don’t have to be pretty in a traditional way. Anything goes.

If the writing on your page is too personal, but you want to share your art, feel free to cover the text.


Okay, well, I’ll start then.

Materials I used: torn book pages, blue and green ecoline (ink), black and white acrylic paint, black stamping ink, black fine liner, white paint pen.

After I made this page, I decided to make some cards in the same style.
I posted them on their own: Series of Art Cards


I love the blue-green color palette and the artsy swirls you did. Very pretty.

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I am just starting an art journal, so I only have a few pages so far! Newbie.


@LuckyXIIICreations, your pages are beautiful!
I love the circles and all those pretty colors against the black background of the first one.
The second one is like a rainbow of warm colors, covered in stars, with a great quote. And I love what you did with that bottom right corner.
The third one has an fascinating background and wonderful hearts. Also those circles on the ribbon in the middle look like pretty buttons.
Thank you for sharing!

PS: I only started my Art Journal this year, so I’m pretty much a newbie myself.

This doodle drawing suits Valentine’s Day:

I have to ad that I have been showing my most pretty Art Journal pages.
Most of them aren’t that neat or pretty!
In fact, when I started my Art Journal I decided that it should not be pretty or neat (but hey, that’s a difficult task for perfectionist me…).


Pijn = Pain
Acrylic paint and ink pen.



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I really love the colors and movement.

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I just did this zen page. I thought about coloring the squares but am leaving it as is for now.


I like the black and white geometrical design.
Are those happy planner discs on your book? I’ve never seen them in pastel.

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Yes, I’m using a Happy Planner as my art journal since I can add in different pages easily. It’s the classic size and those are expander disks.


@LuckyXIIICreations, I like your zen page very much!

Another doodle drawing with fine liners:


And a third doodle drawing with fine liners:


I love this thread so much. SO MUCH.

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At first glance I thought it said “pun”.

But pain really makes sense. You really got your feelings across in this page. Great work.

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Thank you very much, @sweets4ever and @geekgirl!

@sweets4ever, I wish more art journalers would join this thread. It wasn’t meant to be an (almost) one woman show.

This is my second attempt at art journaling. But I have a lot of art supplies and journaling ephemera. For these, I just found inspiration around me and threw down what I thought went together.


@topazann1, I love those pages!
The sun flower, with its sentiment.
And the different background patterns of both pages.
The trees sentiment is wonderful too.
And both pages look great!

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