Suitcase to Coffee Table Conversion - D&F 2020 Q1 Contest Entry

Finally done with this refurbishment project, which I started in the fall last year. I got as far as cutting out the lid fabric and glueing it on before temporarily giving up. XD I turned one of my vintage suitcases into a coffee table with fabric, gold leaf, lace ribbon, hot glue and lots of mod podge. The fabric on the lid is from nouveau_bohemian on spoonflower (pattern is no longer available because I bought it several years ago!) and the interior fabric is vintage fabric that I inherited from my grandma. The gold leaf and scalloped gold edging on the lid I’ve had for years as well. XD Sometimes I buy things without knowing how they’ll be used.

This suitcase has a big tear in the bottom and no wheels, making it unappealing for its original use - especially when compared to the modern luggage sets we have. The suitcase also smelled like age and mold, and we wanted to use it for storing blankets and pillow cases - so I ripped out the interior and gave it a good scrub and airing before relining the inside. I am not fond of sewing, so I just covered the raw edges with lace ribbon as edge binding.

The suitcase also sits pretty low to the ground, so I bought a set of claw feet, painted them gold, sealed them with furniture wax, glued them on, then secured them in place with 2 inch screws.

I also put the original tag back in because it seemed kind of fun. XD

Here’s the original case:

Here’s the piece in progress:


Really beautifully done refurbishment. Love it!

Very elegant-- I like the feet, especially. :slight_smile:

This is so cool. The fabrics you chose work really well with it, and the tag is such a great touch.

Holy crow this is amazing! That fabric is gorgeous - all around awesome!

This is incredible! Well done!!

O.M.G. that is spectacular. Wow.

Love that the old suitcase has new life giving you storage space! The fabrics are suited to each other…the top fabric is like a built in story!

Great conversion…

It is beautiful!
You did an amazing upcycle.

That is the perfect fabric for this project! And so disappointing it’s gone - I was already prepped to go pick some up! grr!

I love this rusty clay color. and the legs are sweet! I’m glad you ripped out all the old - I collect the train cases, and sometimes, it’s atrocious! I appreciate how you trimmed it!


:shamrock: :metal: :four_leaf_clover:

Oh wow! This is beautiful!

I love everything about this. So, do you use it as a coffee table like and put drinks and stuff on it? I would be so afraid it would get spills on it! I love how you lined up the fabric to have the fox and bunny centered, that is a nice touch, too.

There’s a similar design called Gwen’s Garden, but I think it doesn’t have the fox and rabbit. :frowning:

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Yep, it’s a coffee table. I used benjamin moore stays clear in semi gloss on top to keep it relatively water resistant, but I want to go over it with leather protectant - the spray you use to keep your boots safe from rain and snow. I need to make some coasters too. XD I was thinking resin ones with dried flowers.

Wonderful transformation!

Such a cool project! I love the extra storage as well.

Nice! Love the paw feet!

WOW! You’ve really packed this suitcase with charm!

This is super beautiful! I love all the colors and patterns. You did an amazing job!

:star2: :star2: :star2:Congratulations @appledainty on winning the D&F 2020 Q1 Contest!!! :star2: :star2: :star2:
Thank you for sharing such an amazing project with the community :heart:

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