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Share the sunshine and post all those colorful goodies here!



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I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone made! While I am sad that I could not participate, I do not regret my decision. I would not have had sufficient time and I would have felt the pressure.


Everyone should know their limits. I host a lot of swaps that i cant participate in but i love the themes. I just dont have time, but i love seeing the galleries.


I have done this! I organized the OTT Halloween and the Inchie House Halloween swaps a couple times, but didn’t participate. I had taken screenshots of my swapping history before the Old Site vanished.
Ha! I just noticed you’re using your profile pic from it and so am I! I look so much different now, but I can’t change it.


Mine is of my first cat on my own, Gozer. He was 21 when he passed in 2017. I dont think i could ever change mine. I still miss this perfect little guy.


:art: :rainbow: :sun_with_face: Congratulations! Lettuce Craft is featuring your Sunshine & Rainbows GAllery is Featured this week. Can’t wait to see all your amazing projects! :sun_with_face: :rainbow: :art:


Lets get this gallery going!
I recieved my package from the ever talented @pioneer9 . I love her artwork, and she did not disappoint!
First up is this gorgeous flaming hot sun! I love the lines and texture of the field.

Then she sent me some absolutely beautiful cards. So many amazing cards!
The inchie ones are my favorites, and that girl! They are all fabulous! And the suns both radiate heat!

She didn’t stop there, she included some super cute, and catnip infused, cat toys for my babies.
She also included the rest of the bag. I am sure my glaring will go nuts this weekend.

And, since we are both doll collectors (dufferent kinds) she made me this amazing shirt and dress, plus an extra shirt, for my Monster High dolls! I absolutely love it, and everything fits perfectly!

Thank you so much @pioneer9 . I hope you like your pavkage even a quarter as much as i love mine!


Super cool! Those sun rays are divine


That sunshiney cat toy is the best!


So relieved the outfit fits! It was very fiddly to work on, and I had to make a few guesses because I didn’t have a proper sized model.

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What a great package! Everything is wonderful and that card with the girl is just stunning!

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What a great package - I especially love the textures and shading on the sun card and the little cat faces!

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It fits great. Sorry for the pic. It was so humid out that my glasses and camera lense fog up when I go outside.

Awesome package! Great start to the gallery. Is the first pic an ATC? I’m feeling warm just looking at it.

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What a great start of the gallery! Love the sunshine and how fun it all is. :orange_heart:

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I received a lovely box of awesomeness from @gozer this morning! She totally spoiled me!

Firstly, a lovely zipper pouch for my markers which I really needed (they’re spilling over my current pouch).

An adorable piece of art (framed)!

And then a whole doll-sized rainbow-y party! Margeaux can’t believe her luck!

(Apologies in advance for the picture spam, and that some of the pictures are blurry-- when I used the flash, it was causing too much glare.)

What’s in the first gift bag? A rainbow of books!

The second gift bag had these adorable notebook sets!


I pressed “reply” too soon, but I’ll keep going in a second post…

There was also a record album with a very fitting cover :slight_smile: And an actual record inside!

Now the boxes… art supplies!!!

Even some actual doll-sized art, too!

I thought I took some pictures of everything, but I forgot the books.

So much tiny awesomeness! Also would be my ideal birthday gifts (books, stationery, art supplies=heaven)! I can’t thank you enough, gozer.


Im so glad you, and Margeaux, like the presents. I made the boxes and couldn’t send them empty.

The artwork i received is 4x6 i believe, bigger than an ATC. :grin:


Those minis are soooooo cute! Lovely package, @gozer! That art is so precious and so colorful!