Toddler Lamp Makover - D&F 2020 Q1 Contest Entry

When my son was a preschooler my mom bought him a lamp that looked like an airplane.
Here’s a link of how it looked like.

We moved several times since and the lamp moved into a box and disappeared in my work shop…

When we were furnishing his room in our current house I asked him what to do with the empty socket that was hanging from the ceiling. He said “you know, I really liked my old airplane lamp. If only it looked more like a real plane”

Well this is how I transformed it for his 11th Birthday:


Completely disassembled:


It’s an Antonov AN-2 that we saw in an air show.

And the final result:

I still need to add all the hardware but I’d like to wait for the glue to dry a day or two.


How fantastic! Way to bring a loved childhood treasure into your young man’s present. :smile:

I bet he will love it all over again!

That turned out great!

What a great makeover!

It’s like a whole new fixture!

Nice!!! I’m sure he will love it!

Thanks everyone! I try to finish it tonight. Then I will see how he reacts to his late birthday present.

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WOW! Way to transform that from little kid to bigger kid. Nicely done.

Super slick redesign!!