Use the good stuff craftalong

I’m picturing an Incredible Hulk shirt-rip from expanding biceps and shoulders. :rofl: Not having seen it, my first thought is to line a small suitcase or nice wooden box with it.


Lolololol not quite

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But almost. :muscle:

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I’m about to cut into this precious fabric

sent to me by the wonderful @AIMR I’m making this DIY Crossbody Sling Bag | 메신저백 슬링백 | Messenger bag tutorial and sewing pattern [sewingtimes] - YouTube which I found because of the lovely purse that @Magpie sent me. This is for my upcoming trip to Rome. I’ll have both of you lovely ladies with me in this post xx


That’s going to be such a cute bag, can’t wait to see it!

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:tada::tada: Announcement :tada::tada:

There is a new sitewide craft challenge contest. If you have made something inspired by this(or any other) craftalong, then this challenge is for you.
Inspired-along 2022 lettuce craft challenge


Yay!! I love your Use the Good Stuff motto. It has inspired me to stop hoarding the treasures. I am using the good stuff for some TM patches now and can hardly wait to show you all!

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This bag for me just needs handles. I love that hand dyed fabric, I’ve been hoarding it for ages. I’m going to love seeing it every day, so happy I used the good stuff for myself!


I love, love, love the rainbow! Well done.

I love it, you’ve done a fabulous job

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Wow! Gorgeous!!

I love that fabric…it is so bright and cheery!

Also, what a lovely way to use that brocade! I was gifted several yards from a friend who visited China…I never knew what to make with it…it is such a pain to sew due to the fraying…a throw would be a small luxury, especially with that fringe trim!

@Magpie --you deserve a rainbow project, especially when you have gifted so many of them to others…share the rainbow, but keep a bit for yourself!


I made a tall tote from some fabric I’ve been saving for laundry!

Will make a proper post separately


Those bears are adorable!


I’m using some of the good spoonflower fabric today. Making myself a purse for a wedding.

To go with this 50s style tea-dress

I made the fascinator from four thrifted feather hair clips and some of the good buttons.


I love the cocktail fabric and the fascinator!

We’re going to a wedding in August (in Scotland!) and I have been thinking about what to wear and what I might be able too make!

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Fascinators are really easy, and you can add all sorts of things and they kinda make an outfit really dressy. You could also make a wrap, August is Scotland could be lovely and warm, or it could be freezing. A wrap wouldn’t be too heavy to pack. And then make jewelry and a purse, for a totally OOAK look.


I think ‘lovely and warm’ is a subjective term. :smile:


Most definitely, we’re at the beach in county Sligo right now . My husband thinks we might swim. Lunatic


We have gone swimming twice already…trying to get in some beach time before school lets out May 27 and the tourists start heading in. It is unbelievable hot now so I imagine we will be seeing a very hot summer…I like it, but it is not for everyone!