Winter Book Swap 2020 Gallery

Post your goodies here!

Swap info:


Woohoo! Excited to see this gallery!

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So excited!

Squeeeee can’t wait!

I received & need to open & snap some pics!
It’s pretty heavy, so I’m very curious about it! (I mean, I know a book is heavy, but this seems REALLY heavy :slight_smile:

I’ve already thanked @irid3sc3nt
in advance, but here’s another advance thank you!
and some virtual hugs :heart_decoration:


I just have to squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! about my wonderful, wonderful swap pkg!
@irid3sc3nt has made me SO very happy, and has even brightened up the glum mood I’ve been in lately!

The pkg was wrapped in plain paper for mailing, and when I cut it open, I realized why:
it’s a FANTASTIC storage box & I love love love it

Then inside there was a pile of little gifts to open!! (I can’t wait to reuse the plaid ribbon in another craft venture)

yikes, have to go fix supper – back later to finish this post!
Ok, I’m back –

So, I felt all of the pkgs & opened the books first –
3 of them?? I am so spoiled!
Super excited bec 2 were on my specific wish list, and the 3rd is a bonus for me to
try a new author!
(and I should mention that I still have my placemats out from last Christmas – please don’t judge me! LOL )

and lastly, the chocolate (a tasty pair that I cannot wait to try, and I’m sure the hubby will be digging in also) and the cutest bookmarks (THREE of them!)

I am absolutely thrilled with the pkg & the note my sweet partner sent!
Thanks a million, irid3sc3nt!!


I am SO glad and relieved that you like it. I knew my crafts weren’t very big, but they did take time to do. The lettering on that pickle bookmark took me ages to figure out and it’s not even that great. But I’m glad you like the box, I was hoping the paper would stay on it and keep it from getting marred. I had to throw in the third “wild card” book. Your questionnaire was great, that’s why it turned out so well.


I hear you on the time it takes for some of these crafts!
I’m planning on trying my hand at something new for one of your items,
and heaven only knows how long it will take, even though it won’t be very big, LOL.
Nice that we crafters understand all about that part of it~


Ooh I love the pickle bookmark! So cute. And that box is adorable.

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I received today from @geekgirl! She sent me an awesome package! We agreed to a couple extras.

First up, she sent some yummy looking chocolate. I can’t wait to dig in (I’ve hidden it from the children so they can’t beat me to it, but I swear that I will share).

Then, I opened something spectacular, but you’ll have to wait til the end of the post to see it.

There was an adorable, pretty pink, vintage floral mug rug. I love the fabrics/color! I always have a beverage next to me as I craft/read/compute, so this will be used and appreciated.

There were two (one blank) beautiful cards (are these gelli prints?).

She also made me this amazing bookmark of the Eye of Sauron gazing out over Mordor. The Middle Earth tales are some of my favorites, and I’m trying to get my boys into them now, too.

She sent two books! I have to admit, her praise of the Discworld series was so effusive that I decided that I would love to check them out, too. So, she sent me Guards! Guards! Thank you! I just watched the miniseries they made for The Color of Magic, and I loved it. I can’t wait to read this book. She also sent me The History of Science Fiction because I love history and sci-fi (the sci-fi community is a really intriguing lot of people, so this should be really interesting).

I saved this for last because I think it’s just epic

It’s DUNE!!! Geekgirl embroidered the sand dunes of Arrakis for me! It already has a spot on my wall. Thank you! Thank you! I love it so much!

The whole, fabulous package together:

Thank you so much, geekgirl!


So much wonderful stuff!


Well, Terry Pratchett IS pretty fun to read. Nice package! I’d like to know as well if those are gelli prints. They look like canvas.


So glad you liked everything! I had wanted to do the Dune worm but it was all just shades of brown (the cover art i found) and wasn’t quite sure I could pull it off so I used this cover art instead as inspiration.

It’s only a 4" hoop so not able to get too much detail in it. Even still it still took a few nights to complete.

The note cards were made by @SonjaBoo and I believe they are gelli prints. they are on textured paper. I didn’t realize I sent 2 or I would have sent another envelope with it! :laughing: I think they stuck together in my card box.


I recognized it immediately! And the texture, like brush strokes, is gorgeous. I’ve been eyeing the new, minimalist cover art for that series (it’s beautiful), trying to think of ways I might justify replacing my copies of the first six books. I already did it with the LOTR. :joy:

Even if it was a mistake, I appreciate the extra card. I have a huge stash of thank you cards and funny postcards, but not blank cards.


Waauw so many beautiful crafts and books


it’s all terrific!


I am lusting so hard after that hoopla!


I received my package from @kittykill today and it is absolutely amazing! I love it so much.
First, She gave me two books. They look fantastic and I can’t wait to read them. I am going to skip the Thanksgiving book and go right into these. She included the cutest little cat bookmarks.

Then she gave me some scrumptious chocolates! The Godiva chocolates look so yummy and the bag is full of Ghiradelli chocolate squares! They are great.

Next Kittykill completely spoiled me with these absolutely amazing hoops of animals reading! I love animals reading!!! I am redoing my spare room and I am going to use this as the focal point. I love them so much!

Here is a close up of the little kitty reading a book while on top of the world! Look at the little crown.

Next, is the fox taking a stack of books off to read. Another little crown and happy expression on her face.

The bear is really into his book. Those cute little cheeks!

Argh! This makes me want to learn to embroider! They are so stinkin’ cute!!! Thank you so much Killykill!!!


Yeah! I am so glad that you like everything! When I saw those patterns, I couldn’t resist!


Gah! I totally missed the gallery somehow!

Love the blue felt bird bookmark!

The Dune hoop! :star_struck:

AH! The bookish animal trio is the cutest!!!