50 or more Projects Craftalong -2023

For some reason I didn’t post as many things as I made last year. :grimacing:
I went over my goal but gave most of the items away or sold them and forgot to take pictures beforehand. (if I counted correctly then my total was 78 items)
This year I’ll try to post more.
My goal is to buy only thread if I need it.
My stash is getting overwhelmingly big :sweat:

No list this year I’ll just add when I finish something


1.-4. barbie dress
image image image
5. barbie coat
6. doll shoes
7.-8. barbie shorts and trousers
9. doll hat
10. play handbag
11. play wallet
12. baby hat

13. baby headband
14.-15. Rabbit window
image image
16. Plastic bread bags upcycle
17.Crochet triangle shawl

18.Adult merit badge
19.-21. Stamps
22. Easter decoration


Some items I have finished for the little ones. :smile:
Currently trying to use up all of my scraps.

![IMG_20230116_090849|370x500, 50%]



oh, I love seeing doll clothes! I still have two Barbie’s and one Skipper that I love to make clothes for…might have to take a break from my big projects to make them a new outfit! Welcome back! have fun and keep on crafting!

That hoodie sweater is just TOO CUTE!!!


Cute doll clothes, @Sleepless-Ghost!

I spun up the second wool (of eight) from my breed study. This is 4 oz. of Gotland Grey.


Hello from another Australian @Tea! (I’m actually a kiwi, but I moved to small town NSW last year)

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I’m so excited about my creative projects for 2023! The move last year meant a lot of upheaval (and a damaged sewing machine), but this year I’m planning lots of focus on creativity :smile: :art: :art: :art:

Goals for the year
Use the good stuff
Work from stash where possible
Use or rehome a good chunk of the stash
Rework/repair tired wardrobe items instead of buying new
Be nicer to myself

Planned projects
art journalling
large painting for my sister
polka dot black and white blouse
black and white print skirt
fitted jacket
painting for local art show

IYP swap (photojenn and MightyMitochondria), and organised - done
Sew Scrappy Swap (mellybelly81) - done
Mug Rug Swap (Cindy) - done
May the Fourth Swap (Dfabbric) - done
Quote me on that Swap (Magpie)
Ongoing Wish Swap
Paper Swap (geekgirl)
Felt Badge Swap (Magpie and goatgoddess)
4 x 6 Swap, organiser
Affirmation Flag Swap
Mini pocket letter swap
LC swap
Prairie Schooler Swap

WIPs to finish
Mr Jemimah’s grey cabled Timberline cardigan
Malabrigo cardigan
green cardigan - frog and rethink
black cable scarf
mauve socks

Completed projects

  1. year of the rabbit bookmark (craft in your own style)
  2. embroidered pencil case
  3. art quilt/hanging (IYP)
  4. set of fungi greeting cards (IYP)
  5. lorikeet art journal page
  6. birdie waterclours
  7. black and white bookmarks
  8. platypus watercolour (IYP)
  9. cat watercolour illustration (IYP)
  10. heart collage greeting cards (set of 7) (IYP)
  11. sewing bird mug rug (x 2)
  12. natural linen and red cross-back apron (peppermint pattern)
  13. scrappy pouch (scrappy swap)
  14. scrappy gift tags (scrappy swap)
  15. scrappy mug rugs (x 3)
  16. Grogu watercolour (May 4th)
  17. Mandalorian notebook (May 4th)
  18. black and white wrist pincushion
  19. batik wrist pincusions (x 2)
  20. raincloud embroidery (stitchalong challenge)
  21. blue and gold bird painting (sent to BM)
  22. interactive card (Feb prompt art journaling craftalong)
  23. scrappy notebook covers (x 3)
  24. gigantic draft stopper set
  25. set of 6 notecards (OWS)
  26. batch of fabric flower brooches (x 6)
  27. small retro flower embroidery
  28. Yoko Saito applique and quilted needlework case (long term WIP completed)
  29. flamingo apron (OWS)
  30. teacup bird watercolour (OWS)
  31. felt heart pin (OWS)
  32. Paris embroidery
  33. teacup cross stitch
  34. 4x6 bright watercolour (OWS)
  35. moon quote watercolour (Quote Swap)
  36. red and tan set of patchwork mug rugs (x4)
  37. coiled fabric bowl (OWS)
  38. felt badge for Magpie (felt badge swap)
  39. hexie quilted fabric folder (for Magpie)
  40. felt badge for goatgoddess (felt badge swap)
  41. batch of small paper extras for geekgirl (paper swap)
  42. batch of coiled fabric bowls (scrappy challenge)
  43. red book themed mug rug (stitchalong June theme)
  44. painted affirmation flags (x 2 for swap)
  45. paper hearts
  46. blue watercolour stationery
  47. 4 x 6 bird art (x 2 for 4 x 6 swap R7)
  48. cactus embroidery
  49. bird zipper pouch (Japanese book)
  50. leaf zipper pouch (Japanese book)
  51. caravan embroidery
  52. pear painting (for art group)
  53. LC swap mug rugs (x 2)
  54. LC swap grey and green leafy cards (x 5)
  55. LC swap autumnal leafy cards
  56. Prairie Schooler embroidery red partridge cross stitch
  57. PS snowy blue house
  58. PS house and bunnies at night
  59. PS red cardinal
  60. PS Christmas horse
  61. PS Christmas cat
  62. pottery mug
  63. pottery bowl
  64. pottery bird
  65. watercolour houses
  66. mushroom houses embroidered pouch (for AIMR)
  67. colourful cherry paintings (x 2)
  68. colourful abstract painting
  69. pink teapot painting
  70. leafy watercolours (lesson with JA)
  71. ATC trios for mini pocket letter swap (x 2)
  72. Matisse-style picture (with B)
  73. O’Keefe-style picture (with B)
  74. bright zipper pouch (for megwell)
  75. still life pencil drawing (with B)
  76. charcoal frog drawing

So… could you make that hooded sweater with multi-colored buttons in an adult size? :joy: Because that is SO CUTE! :heart_eyes:


:smiley: My niece asked me the same thing LoL
She was like ‘my birthday is coming soon so maybe you could make me one!’
Her birthday is in september… :grin:


I am really sick with a head cold plus I got some bad medical news, so I spent the day crocheting and watching Vera. I finished a hat…


Love the waffle stitch, that looks fantastic!

Sirin Crochets is the website. She calls this one a basketweave. She has another that is a waffle that has tiny squares…I will do that one as well!


Oh, I like her slippers!

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I do, too! They are like little boots!

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That looks so lovely and cosy! I hope you’re feeling better :heart:

Anyone like to win prizes? Join the sockalong!

Prize Offering

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I made a scarf.


How pretty! It will certainly brighten any wintery day!


It looks so squishy and cheerful!


Finished a headband and a hat for a little cutie :grinning:


What nice projects! Love the sparkly yarn!

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