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LOL! I know, I know, I should be tagging people when I comment but I am stuck in my old ways and I hate the thought of people going to their comment and skipping all the other responses. I will start tagging though. I know it makes it easier.

Prompt: Big Time #1!
Team: RwS :running_woman:t2::scissors:
Project Name: Goldfinch Clutch
Project Link: Goldfinch Clutch BotMC
Brief Description: The first pattern from the BotMC and I am keeping it for myself! I am going to use this bag for when I go to nicer events, like plays with my mom. I am excited to be sewing again! Yay 2020!! And if you click the link, you get a cute bonus pic of my kitty Yeti Pegleg. :heart_eyes_cat:
Project Photo(s):


Hi!!! Im Melody and I am joining team Knotty by Nature :slight_smile: curtsies and hugs all around

Prompt: January prompt about goals
Team: Knotty by Nature
Project Name: Crochet Cast Iron Skillet handles
Project Link: (Paste the link to your community post for the bonus points)
Brief Description: I have heard that cast iron is a way healthier way to cook so I transitioned. But dang! Those handles HOT…so I followed the tradition and crocheted two handle covers and a tiny pot holder to help when its too heavy to lift with just the handle. They are cotton. They will be greasy little messes very soon so here are some pictures to remember them when they were clean LOL
Project Photo(s):


@gozer I love the bag. And I also love that you used :running_woman: :scissors: emojis.

Team Running with Scissors: :running_woman: :scissors:
Team Knotty by Nature: :yarn:
Team Paletteable Art: :art: :paintbrush:
Team Bits and Bobs: :thread:

If anyone wants to use emojis to let me know what team you’re on, I’m okay with that :slight_smile:

@smileyyogini welcome to the games, and welcome to team Knotty by Nature! Your pan holders are great, and I hope they work well :slight_smile:

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@Bunny1kenobi – you know I love that little kitty cat. Black cats are awesome and I adore it’s huge eyes and cute charm on the collar. To heck with Grammar! I am just happy to see you here! Here’s to a year of inspiring and encouraging each other, or should I say, another year. :hugs:

@smileyyogini – Hooray! I am so glad you joined the Games! Awe. This is so awesome :heavy_heart_exclamation: I love that your first prompt was for a useful item. I love the color you chose too.


What a perfect fussy cut! The fabric is a lovely compliment to the clasp.

A great idea to use the fabric rope! The scrappy look is very cute. And your bear card turned out wonderfully.

Hooray for putting things to use, and cutting waste! I happen to think they are pretty, but don’t let that stop you! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

This one is my favorite of the series, they’re all funny! :joy:

This kitty is delightful, I can picture them stepping right out of an anime (and in the anime I have literal heart eyes for them). :heart_eyes_cat: Also - don’t forget to link your main LC post for bonus points! go team :running_woman:t3::scissors:

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Prompt: Big Time #1
Team: :running_woman:t3::scissors:
Project Name: Applesauce 2 ways, Apple Butter, and Apple Cider Vinegar
Project Link: Use All The Bits - Apple Edition!
Brief Description: Determined to get the most of my bushel of apples, I made everything I could!
Project Photo(s):

Photo is just of the apple sauces - there are more in the main post.


omg!!! Look at his little collar. And those eyes. He is beautiful. (she?) It!!


This is my first time joining so hopefully I do this right

Prompt: January - Save Money/Eliminate Debt
Team: Palettable Art
Project Name: Rice Heating Pads and Ice Packs
Project Link: Rice heating pads and ice packs
Brief Description: I made two microwaveblr rice neck wraps to replace the old ones we had that were getting funky. The new ones are also a bit longer. I also made two smaller ones to freeze as ice packs. All the fabric was stash and the rice was from the big bag in our pantry (though thinking about rice as stash is a bit odd I guess)
Project Photo(s):

There are photos of the second and the ice packs in the community post as well.


This is my first time posting to the nerd games, so if I do anything wrong please let me know!
Prompt: De-stress
Team: knotty by nature
Project Name: Banyan Socks
Project Link: Banyan Socks
Brief Description: I find knitting relaxing and socks are my go to item
Project Photo:


I love those socks! You posted just fine. Welcome!

Prompt: Zap!
Team: Running with scissors
Project Name: Scrappy Notepad
Project Link: Scrappy Notepad
Brief Description: notepad made from scrapbook papers


@FrizzyTyger @Raury Welcome to the games! You posted perfectly! The only thing I ask that you add in future posts is the month of the prompt you’re submitting for. It makes tracking easier for me as the season goes on. It’s so great seeing so many new faces. I hope you love our crafty group! :heart:

I will update tracking and add all of the lovely new faces to the team roster tonight.

Can you believe the month is already about 2/3 over?! Wasn’t NYE just last week? Where did the time go? Just a reminder that the only time sensitive prompts are the monthly battles, so if you want to try to craft all the things, don’t forget to submit a project for the battle! Craft on, Nerds!

When you update, will you share a link again? I know I saw it at one point, and cannot remember where I saw that. I think I need to just go and bookmark it.

It’s the third comment in this post. But yes, I will link again. And the tracking update I post in the discussion thread. I’ll also link to it here :smile:

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I haven’t had a chance to craft, yet… I thought I’d get a ton done this weekend, but I needed some down time. I spent a lot of time doing laundry and dishes, too. I need to go and review the monthly Battle to see what I can get finished for it. My schedule is pretty packed for the next 2 weeks, but I might be able to sneak something in :slight_smile:

I updated the team rosters and tracking checklists. Click here to bring yourself directly to the tracking post (the third post in this thread).

If you look at your checklist and see anything missing, please let me know so I can fix it!. Thanks!


Quick tip: if you ever wanna get back to the top of a thread without scrolling through loads of comments, click or tap on the post title! :wink:


@acadianDriftwood – First up, had to laugh at “it’s not aRcadian”. I don’t know how long you have had that, but I just noticed it and it made me laugh. Way to go on using all those apples! You used every last morsel of them. And you have more! Mmmmm, may I suggest cinnamon apples sauce? LOL! My personal favorite. The raspberry looks really good though. Impressive.

@FrizzyTyger – Like the new name! Love the Rice pack. A long time ago my aunt made me a rice pack and I thought it was so useful and neat that I started learning how to sew, all based on a rice pack! So these guys have a special place in my heart. Love that you made it entirely out of stash, even the rice. Ha!

@Raury – Wow! I have always heard that socks were hard and to hear you say they are your go to relax item… impressive! I also love the lacey texture you gave to these socks. They look amazing!

@geekgirl – Love scrappy paper notebooks! I have some of those disc holders too. They are so neat and make great notebooks. A lot sturdier than one would think.


Hah… I managed to START a huge cross stitch project (a year-long SAL - one of my “Research Projects” for 2020), and think I have done some diddy things. But not much. Definitely not as much as I wanted to!