Complete - GALentine's Day Swap - Sign ups thru Jan 16th s/o Jan 31


What better way to celebrate our Gal Pals than GALENTINE’S DAY! And this year, let’s make a swap out of it!
Galentine’s Day is February 13th and was started in Parks and Recreation by the character Leslie Knope. This holiday is to celebrate the beautiful friendships amongst ladies. You don’t have to be single, it’s not about that, it’s all about friendship!
This year we are going to celebrate by exchanging Galentines Cards! Each card will include an EXTRA SMALL item. You can try for something you can fit into an envelope and send along with the card.

Sign up through Jan 16.
Send out Jan 31.


:heart: Make handmade greeting cards with any medium or style you choose and pick the number of cards you would like to send. You can go ahead and make them ahead of time too!
:orange_heart: Include 1 EXTRA SMALL item with your card.
:yellow_heart: Write a note in the cards to your partner.
:green_heart: This is for swappers of all abilities, but your cards should be made using your best effort
:blue_heart: You must be willing to ship internationally because tracking will not be required since this is a paper swap
:purple_heart: If your card is lost in transit or is missing (2 weeks within the same country or 4 weeks for international), your card must be resent.


  • Must post in the swap thread before signing up
  • Must be a member for at least 1 month
  • Must have posted at least 15 times
  • Must have completed one swap successfully before signing up for multiple swaps at the same time
  • Is not currently signed up for more than 5 swaps
  • Does not have negative feedback
  • Is at least 16 years old

To join send a private message to organizer @gozer with the following questionnaire:

Galentine’s Day Swap Questionnaire
Name of Swap: Galentine’s Day Card Swap
Lettuce Craft Username:
Email Address:
Your Real Name:
Mailing Address Including Country:
Confirm that are at least 16 years old:
How many cards did you make? 3 or 6 or ALL?
Do you understand that if your card is lost in transit, you will need to resend?
Do you understand that this swap is open to international swappers?
Have you posted in the swap thread?

PS - I used most of @geekgirls questionnaire for this one, but since we are such good friends, I think she will forgive me. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Sent :love_letter:
Received :two_hearts:
Contact @gozer :nauseated_face:

@gozer - 6 :two_hearts:: :two_hearts::two_hearts: :two_hearts: :two_hearts::two_hearts:
@geekgirl - 6 :love_letter: :two_hearts::two_hearts: :two_hearts: :two_hearts::two_hearts:
@Tapestry - 6 :love_letter: :love_letter: :love_letter: :two_hearts: :two_hearts::two_hearts:
@Kwality570 - 6 :love_letter: :love_letter: :love_letter: :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:
@jeanneleigh - 6 :love_letter: :love_letter::two_hearts::two_hearts: :two_hearts::two_hearts:
@endymion - 6 :love_letter: :love_letter: :two_hearts::two_hearts: :two_hearts::two_hearts:
@irid3sc3nt - 6 :love_letter: :love_letter: :love_letter: :love_letter: :love_letter: :two_hearts:
@AIMR - 6 :love_letter::love_letter::love_letter::love_letter::love_letter::love_letter:
@jemimah - 6 :love_letter: :love_letter: :love_letter: :love_letter: :love_letter: :love_letter:
@wittychild - 6 :love_letter: :love_letter: :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :two_hearts::two_hearts:
@Myruka - 6 :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :two_hearts:
@Bunny1kenobi - 6 :love_letter: :love_letter: :love_letter: :two_hearts: :two_hearts::two_hearts:
@bluebird - 6 :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :two_hearts:: :two_hearts: :two_hearts::two_hearts:
@Myrthena - 3 :love_letter: :love_letter: :two_hearts:
@Lynx - 3 :two_hearts: :two_hearts::two_hearts:
@Megwell - 3 :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :two_hearts:
@curiousfae - 3 :love_letter: :love_letter: :two_hearts:
@Abbeeroad - 3 :love_letter: :love_letter: :two_hearts:
@HeroicHatchling - 3 :love_letter::two_hearts: :two_hearts:
@Annchen - 3 :love_letter::love_letter::love_letter:

To keep things fair. I created it so that each person has one international partner. Geekgirl & Kwality570 were gracious enough to take two each. Since we ended on an odd number (99 cards!!!), there is one round-robin.
@gozer → wittychild, Myruka, bluebird, Jeanneleigh, Tapestry, Megwell.
@geekgirl → Jemimah, Myruka, endymion, WittyChild, Irid3sc3nt, Abbeeroad.
@Tapestry → Jemimah, Jeanneleigh, Bunny1kenobi, gozer, AIMR, endymion.
@Kwality570 → Jemimah, AnnChen, Myruka, endymion, AIMR, Leanneleigh.
@Jeanneleigh → Mytherna, Tapestry, Irid3sc3nt, gozer, Kwality570, Bluebird.
@endymion → Jemimah, Kwality570, geekgirl, Abbeeroad, Bluebird, Tapestry.
@irid3sc3nt → AnnChen, AIMR, HeroicHatchling, Curiousfae, Jeanneleigh, geekgirl.
@jeanneleigh → Myrthena, Tapestry, irid3sc3nt, gozer, Kwality570, bluebird.
@endymion → Jemimah, Kwality570, geekgirl, Abbeeroad, Bluebird, Tapestry.
@irid3sc3nt → AnnChen, AIMR, HeroicHatchling, Curiousfae, Jeanneleigh, geekgirl.
@AIMR → Myrthena, Bunny1kenobi, Irid3sc3nt, Heroic Hathcling, Kwality570, Tapestry.
@jemimah → geekgirl, Kwality570, Abbeeroad, Curiousfae, Tapestry, endymion.
@wittychild → gozer, Megwell, Myruka, bluebird, Heroic Hatchling, geekgirl.
@Myruka → Wittychild, gozer, geekgirl, Kwality570, Curiousfae, Bunny1kenobi.
@Bunny1kenobi → AnnChen, Myruka, AIMR, Tapestry, gozer, Bluebird.
@bluebird → Wittychild, gozer, Lynx, endymion, Bunny1kenobi, Jeanneleigh.
@Myrthena → Lynx, AIMR, Jeanneleigh.
@Lynx → Myrthena, Megwell, Bluebird.
@Megwell → Wittychild, Lynx, Bunny1kenobi.
@Curiousfae → Jemimah, Myruka, irid3sc3nt.
@abbeeroad → Jemimah, endymoin, geekgirl.
@HeroicHatchling → Wittychild, AIMR, irid3sc3nt.
@Annchen → irid3sc3nt, Bunny1kenobi, Kwality570.


@Kwality570 was good enough to throw some ideas out for Extra Smalls on the idea thread.
She wrote,
I want to do it and make some extra smalls! We could all start the extra smalls early too, right? I’d assume they’d be somewhat generic, but correct me if I’m wrong. I’m thinking happy things about friendship and crafting would work.

My mind is swimming with ideas. I’m thinking things like this:
Small cross stitch pieces
Thin magnets
Little artwork

I’m excited about this one!

Feel free to chime in with other extra small ideas!
Extra Small – 1+ hours – ATC, bookmark, vinyl decal, fridge magnet, stickers, masterboards, earrings.


I love these make ahead swaps! Thanks for hosting…


This sounds interesting! I’ll think about it… I’ve missed swapping. I’m not the best papercrafter, but I do enjoy trying.

Hmmm… a small carved stamp might work as an extra small if I use my thin carving medium and don’t go bananas with how complex it is. Or a crocheted bookmark,if I chose the right pattern.


I will work on my q soon! Can’t wait.

Op! Should have said I’ll be working on my items soon! :sweat_smile:


This is such a sweet theme! And affordable for international postage too. I’ll start working on something :smile:


oops…my bad! I sent in my questionnaire because I didn’t want to be late…I swear it said Jan 4th…ignore…I have not yet made my cards! :rofl:


Haha. I almost did the same. :sweat_smile:


I love it! Get creative!


You dont have to make your cards first. It would be a good idea, but not required. I didn’t make it a requirement because if you said you wanted to swap with “All” then you couldn’t know how many to make. I also thought there was ample time to get them made before send outs. Each crafter should know there limitations and if they would need to make in advance.


Thanks…I have so many ideas so maybe I will do some in advance just to have something to do!


I do like those envelop swaps no customs declarations and more chance that they will arrive.
Count me in.


Love this theme! I need to finish a private swap and then I’m in assuming no life complications.


I’m still thinking I can do this swap. I know I will be organizing my craft room in early January, but I do have most of my Valentine stuff in an iris case I could take out and work on elsewhere in the house…
I’ll work on my Q when I have a plan.


Hey everyone, I set this up on my home computer in a hurry and realized I put that you had to have your cards done before joining. Not true! Go ahead and join. The send out date is Jan 31st. You will have time to make after sign ups!
Sorry for the confusion. It was a crazy holiday. :innocent:


I browsed some ideas on Pinterest and hope to start this weekend


Yay, this looks like fun!


I started making my cards but between a busy work schedule and the holidays, I got a bit waylaid. I’m definitely going to sign up for all partners, however. Hope you all want some valentine monsters in your mailbox!!!


I might have the beginnings of an idea :thinking: