It's a Miniature Pocket Letter!--- ART 2020 Q1 Challenge Entry

I was intrigued by the miniature challenge, but I knew this would be super hard for me to do. Last night, I thought, “Ooooh, I’ll make a miniature fabric rope wreath,” as I’ve been wanting to make them smaller, but I couldn’t figure out how to make a good wreath form at 10pm at night. Ha!

Then, I thought, “Oooh, I could make a miniature dollhouse quilt to match the quilt I’m currently making,” but that would require way too much math for me. So, scratch that.

Ok, so now what? Well, I could make teeny tiny atcs. Sure. But, what’s exciting about that? Not much.


If I made them into a pocket letter…then that would be super cool!

Ok. How to go about doing this? Cutting up some of my masterboards for the teensy atcs is the easy part. Decorating them is pretty easy. But, how to make the 9 pocket? That’s the tricky part. I’ve made a full size 9 pocket with clear vinyl before, but I didn’t want to go that route. It’s too small for me. I thought about laminating and then sewing. That would work. But, wait…mind-blown!

Laura, you’re a genius!!

Use an atc sleeve and sew it into a 9 pocket! If I’m doing my math right, this would make the project a 1:9 scale, right? 9 pockets down to 1 pocket? Awesome.

Well, I actually used a bag that is slightly bigger than a sleeve, but it gave me the room to sew the side for holes. I just had to cut a smidge off the top.

Ok…so, I’ve had you waiting for far too long. Pictures!

Here it is sitting on the palm of my hand. Tiny little fella.

The front

The back (because, it’s a pocket letter, so it has to be filled with goodies!) The only thing that is different is that the only spot that is open are the top 3 slots. The others are sewn shut. I thought about trying to cut a slit, but was afraid of tearing.

All the goodies:

Me sewing everything together:

I found the word “small” in my compact thesaurus and picked out 9 synonyms to glue onto my teensy atcs:

Since this is a teeny pocket letter, I thought that was the perfect idea.

Close up of the tiny atcs.

This was surprisingly inspiring and invigorating. Thanks for the tiny challenge!


This is amazing.

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I think I might have just seen my new obsession…oh geez…tiny ATC’s and tiny things to fill the pockets…Laura, you are a genius!

Are those hole reinforcements?

You shrank your master boards…good job! Clever using the appropriate words as well…

You did a ‘great’ job!

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@kittykill Many thanks!

@AIMR, no, it’s actually a strip of another masterboard that I used double sided tape to adhere to the sleeve then I punched holes.

@madebyBeaG Thank you!

I meant the back of the pocket…the little goodies…I have never seen printed hole reinforcements!

OOH, yes! I just bought this reinforcer punch (with coupon!) when out shopping the other day.

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I have to block you now…my Amazon shopping list grows and grows…lol…I use those little rings in my mixed media stuff, but color them by hand…the possibilities…STOP!!! lol


These ones I actually just cut from masterboard so they can be added to atcs or glued to things.

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That is so cool!! Inspiring work!!

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I didn’t know this was a thing! I have a bunch of hole reinforcers I got super cheap at the reuse center and I just gelli print them to make them colorful but punch would be super awesome.

great mini pocket letter!


OH my gosh, I love this! “Small is the new big!” :laughing:

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That is adorable!

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Ho-leeeeeeeee guacamoleeeeeeee. This is the coolest thing ever.
You are a madwoman, but oh, so talented.

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teeny tiny bitty bits!!!

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DAMN LADY, that is cute! :rofl:

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I basically did the SAME thing! Yours look sooo great! I hope it’s OK if I still post mine!

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Oh, that’s so funny! Great minds! Yes, post yours.

This is delightful! Fabulous work!

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