Library corner miniature

This was a kit that I bought on AliExpress. And it turned out to be the perfect thing for lockdown. It was very detailed so it was absorbing. But there was no real thought, it was just following instructions. And there were many many instructions. Down to making the chandelier from LEDs and wire. The instructions were in Chinese and I just learned today that Google lens translates. But it wasn’t necessary, there were enough pictures.

It took maybe 15-20 hours all up. The miniature is supposed to be a book shop, but I prefer it as a library corner, so I left out some of the signs and the yellow shelving that you see on side (pint glass for scale)

I enjoyed this so much that I’ve ordered 4 more.

Edir-added a few in progress images


All those tiny books! Wow, amazing!

Some of the sets are folded paper boxes printed like books. But there are many that have tiny folded pages, and separate printed covers.


Wow, wow, wow! This is so cool! I love it as a home library. You can almost smell that book smell.

Four more? You are hooked! This turned out amazing!

Ridiculously awesome! I’ve seen these kits and wanted to buy some. Now that I see yours, and you want FOUR more, I think I might be even more interested!

They are great, very fiddly, everything has to be cut out and assembled, including fabric for the chair.

Seems like a really good thing to do while needing to stay in the house. These days getting lost in a project is especially nice, even necessary at times.

That is gooooorgeous! I’ve seen ads for those bit didn’t know how well they’d work irl. Thanks for showing us!!!

It looks impressive! And you finished it so quickly! I know I could never find the patience to complete something like this.

Wonderful! Do you remember name of the Aliexpress shop where you bought it? Thanks.

Whoa! This is fantastic. It looked like a photo from the thumbnail. So realistic and detailed. Very cool.

I love this so much.I have wanted one of these for a long time. Thanks for sharing the info.

You did a super job!!!

I have got to get one of these for my creatures!! Where do you get them??

Looks amazing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Was the little greenhouse one of them? I have been so tempted by it, but have not given in yet :smiley:

Yes it was.

Ok to answer questions. Or things you should know, if you’re thinking of getting one @Harlan @kittykill @Bunny1kenobi for the kits, if you search wooden dolls house kit, you should find it. Make sure you pay attention to the price+ shipping when you buy, there is a range for exactly the same thing. This kit cost me about $35 (I think) they take ages to arrive, but far cheaper than anywhere else.

The kit is really comprehensive, it came with paint for the walls, and a paintbrush. All I needed was glue, (I used PVA, gorilla glue and super glue) and some needle nose pliers for the chandelier, plus scissors to cut out all the paper shapes. I honestly think the kit is great value, for the accessories alone

This is definitely an adult project. I picked a really detailed one, there might be others that are less detailed.

It’s likely very customisable, I was going to turn this into a kind of witchy library, and I still might. But for the first go I just followed the instructions. All of the furniture is free standing, as are all the accessories, so you could paint and alter a kit like this, anyway you like.

This whole kit came in a box about 14"X10"x4" all the furniture was in sections, which was glued together-it came precoloured.

The chair was actually one of the most fiddly bits. It was a set of thin wooden sections, that were pressed out, and each was covered with supplied fabric.

Actually no, the chandelier was the most fiddly, that consisted of wire, 4 LEDs, shrink tubing, battery pack+ batteries and little metal pieces that needed to be twisted into shape. But TBH you could skip the lighting. I did it because I learned a lot doing it.

There were pages and pages of really cool detailed minature book covers, and book pages. And a load of tiny wooden rectangles, I had to cut out the covers and glue them around the wooden blanks, but also accordian fold a load of (very beautiful) printed pages, and glue them into covers.

The paper flowers had to be cut and glued from supplied tissue paper and stamens. @seeuudee I think one of my new kits is the greenhouse one. Although I definitely did order one that looks like a hand built greenhouse of all different Windows. But I’m thinking now if all the flowers are cut from tissue, it’ll take while to make

But I totally recommend them, it was great to make. They are not really a toy for small people when done, to many tiny, delicate parts.

I’ll add some links to the ones I’ve bought. @BelleBeryl Heaven alone knows when they’ll arrive.

#Aliexpress € 22,98 45%OFF | Robotime DIY Wooden Miniature Dollhouse 1:24 Handmade Doll House Model Building Kits Toys For Children Adult Drop Shipping

Some different ones, I bought the Japanese one from this set

#Aliexpress € 17,72 50%OFF | DIY Doll House kids toys Miniature Dollhouse Model Building Kits Wooden Furnitures Toy Pretend Play Birthday Valentine Gift

I also got this, this would have been the perfect starter one as it’s cheap and a lot less complex

#Aliexpress € 8,99 56%OFF | Doll House Wooden Diy doll Houses Miniature Furniture Dollhouse Kit Casa Music Toys f or Children Birthday Christmas Gifts QT30

@seeuudee ok it’s wasn’t a glasshouse that I bought, it was this quirky hut.

#Aliexpress € 7,33 30%OFF | DIY Wooden Hut with Furniture Children Adult Miniature Doll House Model Building Kits Dollhouse Toys For Christmas Gift DGM03


I love this!

That’s really awesome. I wish I could do one but I have pd and I shake to much. I love to watch the YouTube channel though, it’s very relaxing.

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I got mine off amazon (US) & it has instructions in only slightly confusing English, so there are translated versions out there.

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