My itty bitty journey continues: Miniature Chain, Scissors & Sewing Box

Still working on this whole miniatures learning thang. :grimacing: Who knew something little could be so hugely stressful? I officially bow to all of you miniaturists!! :raised_hands:t2: I had no idea. I’m not worthy.

Apparently I needed a place to store my itty bitty yarn & sewing tin, so from necessity, this “sewing case” was born! :smiley:

I didn’t want to buy any supplies for this project, either, so back to upcycling & stash busting I went. :muscle:t2:

I created the base of the suitcase from cereal box cardboard. :laughing: Then I rummaged through our to-be-donated bin and found a shirt to use for the fabric covering.

I embellished with little gold discs (from hubby’s supplies mentioned below), metallic copper paint, and silver metallic markers. The corners are snipped circles from a velvet fabric jewelry pouch I had hoarded. The straps are layers of metallic copper washi tape adhered together, aged with black paint, and paired with jewelry rings to create the buckles.

And it does even open & close, which is pretty neat!

I have a little drawer of bits & baubles I got from the very early days of Cster swaps. This was actually a keychain or necklace charm from @jMi. I snipped the little loop off of it and now it can live amongst the itty bitty sewing supplies. I thought it would pair perfectly the the yarn I made earlier!

Hubby has all sorts of little metal supplies & samples from a previous job. One day, he walked in and handed me the entire box, and told me to have a field day crafting with them! :raised_hands:t2: So I used some of these teeny metal ring samples to make a necklace chain.

So far, so good! The journey continues. :mag:

LETTUCE CRAFT NOTE: This project was crafted and donated to the Craft Stars Fundraiser! It is available via online auction until Saturday, February 8. For more information, please visit the auction listing. :two_hearts:


I’m loving all the miniatures. I will live vicariously through you, as I have no patience.


That tiny chain! :eyes:

I would love to have a suitcase like that, only bigger. Seriously, your miniature game is on point!


This is absolutely unbelievable. Just beautiful!


Incredible work! Let your mini heart shine!


The embellishments on the case are just so detailed…

I nearly fainted seeing those tiny stork scissors…my own pair looks like a giant in comparison…

You have indeed fallen down the rabbit hole with some pretty awesome comrads…


That is just wonderful!!


You’re totally rocking it in miniature crafts!
That necklace chain is tiny!!


Hard to believe this little beauty started it’s life as a cereal box! You are rocking the miniatures!


Gorgeous, and so creative!

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So cute! I love minis but haven’t dove down the rabbit hole to craft them. Great work!

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How have I never seen that scissor charm before? So adorable! I love how you cobbled the suitcase together. You could never tell it came from many humble parts! I love it :smiley:

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OMG - so jealous of those teeny weeny scissors and that case looks fab - love all the tiny strap details too!

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I LOVE THIS!! Seriously, everything about this is sooooo cool!

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Oh yes you are worthy! This is so adorable.

This is seriously unbelievable. I love it!

That man o’ yours is a total enabler! Lucky us, lol. Were the teeny weeny brass dots on the case part of his stash? So small. So cool.

They were! I thought they were brass or some other random metal, so I was attaching them all la di da. :dancer:t2: Then he told me they are gold. :joy: A gold-embellished sewing suitcase. How ridiculously extra. :laughing: I’ll have to take some photos of some of the other vials. Some are so small they look like glitter.

OMG shut the front door, gold?! That’s the wildest, wow.
Ya, I totally want to see all the vials of bits. Bet that was a lot of fun to look through. What a great hubby you gots there :slight_smile:

Awesome teenie tiny goodies! They are amazing and such a lovely gift from hubby.