Itty Bitty Sewing Kit!

Well, they ole cat is out of the bag, so now I can do my full reveal!

A few weeks ago, @MissingWillow came to the Mod Squad with a proposal to create a little group project – a teeny piece of all of us to represent all of our history and our new home here. :two_hearts:

I had never tried to make miniatures, but how could I resist such an idea!? At first, I was going to just try to make a few mini yarns. That wasn’t all too painful, so I kept going!

Grandma’s sewing tin. :two_hearts:

And going…

And… still going!

Until we realized, with the little suitcase OPEN, to get to all of the goodies, it wouldn’t even fit on the curio cabinet. :woman_facepalming:t2:

So we decided to make it a second project all by itself!

It is chock full of itty bitties.
1 fabric-covered and embellished sewing suitcase (opens and closes)
1 pair of stork scissors
3 balls of yarn
2 skeins of yarn
1 star-shaped thread holder
1 classic Royal Dansk butter cookie tin (does not open)
1 card of metal links (necklace)
1 card of (4) plastic buttons
1 card of (3) metal, square buttons
1 card of (4) gold disc buttons
Colorful gift tags

Affixed within the case:
1 set of knitting needles
3 spools of thread
2 measuring tapes
Seamstress inspiration and pattern cards

LETTUCE CRAFT NOTE: This project was crafted and donated to the Craft Stars Fundraiser! It is available via online auction until Saturday, February 8. For more information, please visit the auction listing. :two_hearts:


It’s gaspingly beautiful and perfect in every way.

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If you had never said anything, I would totally assume you’ve been making miniatures for a long time :scream_cat: Amazing job!


It is really an amazing piece of history and art! Love it, love it!!


You two are so sweet! I was absolutely intimidated by my fellow crafters, but your encouragement helped so much!!


Aw, thank you so much, wendiek! :two_hearts:

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I agree with @sheepBlue. With the influx of miniature crafts lately I thought the site was filled with people who’d been doing miniatures for years, with you at the helm of that tiny ship!


I love this so much! I can’t even fathom working that small!

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This is so pretty and so much love for it!

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Bah! You guys are going to make me all emo, haha!

Re: all of the miniatures, I thought someone was going to call us out on an early April Fools prank! :laughing:


Me, either!! :laughing::wine_glass:

Lol! I kept wondering at the huge amount of tiny crafts. I thought it was some sort of chain reaction.
A - ‘Look at my tiny craft!’
B - ‘Ooh, that’s cute, I should make something itty bitty!’
C - ‘That looks like fun, I wonder if I could make something so intricate…’
And the tiny craft train continued to chug forward.


Hubby said we were starting to look like a teeny tiny cult, so I should start making matching teeny tiny tshirts. :laughing: Maybe a miniature Koolaid man running around.


Listen to the hubs…he’s a wise one.


SHHH. What if he reads this!

ontday elltay imhay atthay


My bad.

So much better. :sunglasses:

:laughing: Perfect analogy!

It seemed like there was a group of expert mini makers leading a miniature craft movement. Every time I checked in, the movement had gained more followers!

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I can’t even speak…

You guys are so sneaky…


I thought so too!

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