Tree Skirt for Our "Irreverent Tree" - UPDATED Fasteners!

Last year I finally got a black tree, 30" or so. On it hang Krampus ornaments along with other “irreverent” themes and it sits on TheMisterT’s dresser in our bedroom.

I picked up this fun “studded” fabric to make a skirt for it either late last year or early this. Since I worked towards having all our gifts ready and shipped off early this year, I had the time and the spirit left to actually get it made before the holiday! The buttons are vintage from the multi-generational button box (they were still on their card) and I think the cord trim was also vintage - either from my grandmother’s sewing things that I inherited or from a thrifted lot of trims. I had hoped I’d have something a little flashier in my trims stash, but even this small circle required almost 2 yards to do all the edges!

I need to figure out a better way to fasten the frog-like buttons than these hacked together gold elastics that were from bits saved off of packaging. But that can wait for another season. :upside_down_face:


It’s dark in this room, so the photos are not the best. Meh. Here is the whole “irreverent” set up including the Krampus Nutcracker I made early this year which inspired me to make this Indomitable Snowman Nutcracker last month.

I suppose there are a couple of things there that aren’t exactly “safe for work” and certainly they aren’t exactly classy, but nothing horribly egregious either - just dumb teen-boy-style humor. That said, I’ll avoid any kerfuffle and blur the photo.

ADDENDUM: I forgot to included this pic of the only time I remember using this super cool foot on my sewing machine that I have had for. like, at least a decade and a half.


UPDATE: The cobbled together fasteners on this failed almost immediately. I didn’t have anything better in my stash AND never remembered to shop for something. THEN this week (Dec 2022) I got a surprise box of notions from my dad’s cousin’s stash! In it were these fancy brass hook and eyes. PERFECT



Love your themed tree! The tree skirt is a nice touch…love that there is history in the supplies you used…perhaps you could do a corset type closing…more buttons and then some ribbon or leather strips to tie it up?

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I love the frogged stash busting button closure. Maybe more elaborate frogs?

I think it’s perfect!

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Agreed! The only thing I want is closer-up pictures so I can really see all the funny goodies. I didn’t notice a FSM anywhere, I feel like he’d be quite comfortable with all the rest of that hilarity!

Thanks everyone!

I actually considered a lace up option using some red pleather with grommets trim I had in my stash, but then I didn’t quite like the contrast and I realized that I did not want to deal with the lacing to get it on and off or with some secret fastening solution. I DO love a corset lacing, though!

I don’t know what FSM means, but here are the ornaments, etc.!

A blown glass Krampus and Cthulhu snowman.

Another Krampus, glass sugar skull, and a felt penis - based on a paper drawing TheMisterT thought would be funny to put on our main tree! :smile:

A brass “reindeer” couple in a committed rutlationship. Ahem.


This just made my day. Well done lady.


Awwww, thank you! Nothing like a little 14-year old humor/dad jokes in the week before Christmas, right? :rofl:

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It’s perfect!


Those photos are too effing much grrl, lol. What? The sparkly felt dong? Bah ha ha ha ha! Love the deer too, that’s awesome.

I tried posting a topic to show off the 5 FSM I’ve completed in the past week but for some reason I am no longer allowed to make a topic. Oh well. Here is our tree topper this year. I do hope you’ll look up the Flying Spaghetti Monster, I’m pretty sure you’d find it humorous :joy:.


OH! I totally know the Flying Spaghetti Monster! D’oh! You did an amazing job!


those are some fantastic trees!! (and tree skirt - almost makes me wish i could cut straight enough for sewing…lolz)

best. decorations. ever. my favourite is definitely the Hail Santa.

looking at this is definitely improving my lack of christmas spirit.


… committed relationship… snort

Hilarious! And I think the tree skirt is quite awesome as is! Perfect fabric, too!


Ha! Love the tree! The hooks for the skirt is such a smart idea.


I like those vintage buttons a bunch too, and it’s cool you remembered to use the special foot! Did you find it made any difference? I have a drawer full of specialty feet I should remember to try out sometime.

One thing I’ve noticed with frog closures is that often they are paired with those small wire hook and eye sets to keep things aligned. I think yours look great as is but if you’re finding them wiggly, the hook and eyes can keep things in place without being obviously visible.

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THANKS everyone!

…committed rutlationship. hardy har har.

That’s a good idea! I did use a small (also vintage and from stash) hook and eye at the top to actually keep the thing on the tree trunk.


Yes it did! There was no fighting to keep the piping right at the edge and no pinning. Because this is just a little tree skirt that won’t have packages on it or anything, I did not hem the skirt fabric, so the lack of bulk probably helped, too. The circular shape minimized fraying, but would probably have maximized bulkiness.

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I love how classic and polished it is. Well done!

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The tree skirt looks so sophisticated and it compliments the fun side of the tree perfectly.

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Well, thanks so much!