Unfortunate book animals

Yes, hello.

There appears to have been an accident. Rabbit down! Rabbit down!

Just kidding, I’ve been playing around with bookmark animals lately. I have the best local library! It’s not large, but they have a nice variety of books. Among them this gem:

I have crocheted bookmarks by this pattern creator before. The gecko is a free pattern (with ads) on the designers webpage and is also included in the book.

The possibly rabid rabbit was one of the bookmarks I made and sent for the recent bookmark swap.

I’m sorry for spamming pictures, but the face just cracks me up.

It looked pretty funny from the start, really. I had a bit of trouble with the mouth due to the black yarn and very tight gauge, but if there are any mistakes I can’t see them.

I don’t know if it’s the twist of the yarn or the way I crochet, but they want to corkscrew a bit. Nothing a hot iron couldn’t cure…

While I was at it I made a gecko that will be offered up in the garage sale

The rose bud was from another pattern book with flowers, leaves and other similar embellishments.

Yarn: Catona Scheepjes, and Catania Schachenmayr. Both are 100% cotton. I’m not sure what colour is what brand since they’re very similar yarns.
Hook: 2,5 mm


Aaand isn’t one of those up for sale in the Craft Stars Garage Sale Round 2 - Info & Discussion Thread ?? I love these guys so much, their faces crack me up.


Oh my goodness, these are hilarious!

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These are so funny!

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So funny amd cute! I was lucky enough to grab the one in the garage sale. It’s for my daughter and she’s calling it a Becko because it’s a book gecko.


The rabbit face cracks me up! It’s almost like you can hear him squeal as the book closes on him. The rosebud is a fun addition to the gecko!


So much fun!

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These are hilarious!!

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I love these so much! We all need the smiles!

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These are so much fun and absolutely adorable!

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So cute! What a fun creation!

:bell: :bellhop_bell: :bell: :bell: :bellhop_bell: :bell: :bell: :bellhop_bell: :bell: :bell: Ring-a-ding-ding! Your wonderful craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects! CONGRATS! :bell: :bellhop_bell: :bell: :bell: :bellhop_bell: :bell: :bell: :bellhop_bell: :bell: :bell:


All of these are fantastic!

Is there a pattern for a dead skunk? When I was a kid, those were the worst on our many road trips…the smell never leaves you!

No, nit in the book or in the designers ravelry shop. I’m sure one could be modified from one of the patterns. Maybe crochet it in black and embroider the white parts after the fact.

I was curious and looked through the ones on sale on ravelry, and no skunks:


Several of those are in the book.


These are too funny, lol!!! I love them. I think the gecko is my favourite.

seriously considers adding unfortunate book animals bookmarks to Wish Swap lsit

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So deserved!!

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What a great idea, love these!

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