Art Journaling Craftalong - 2021

This craftalong is for anyone who wants to art journal. All skill levels can participate.

We will host art journaling zoom meetups where we will play a video and journal along with it. It’s a lot of fun and you don’t usually need to have to have all the supplies listed in the video. Also, anyone can feel free to host a video session! find a video, post a time, and send the meeting link out!

We will also share tips and techniques and share our work.

If you want to see the videos we’ve done without scrolling through the whole thread, check out the list of links at the bottom of this post.

Common supply list
Click to see post

All about gel medium
All about gesso
Homemade texture paste
DIY Texture Medium
Mixed Media Dos and Don’ts

Drawing faces
Drawing simple whimsical face by Toni Burt
Learn to draw artistic faces by Dina Wakeley
Learn to paint artistic faces by Dina Wakeley
Pencil sketch on mixed media background by Toni Burt

Free printable images
The Graphics Fairy
Vintage Botanicals
National Library of Australia
Smithsonian Open Access

Art-along videos we’ve done
White Space is Fun by Pitje4life
Art Journal #26 Feathers 2 by Wilna F
Easy mixed media art journaling tutorial for beginners by Susanne Rose Art
Alisa Burke Chasing Freedom - 30 Days of Abstract Expression - paid class
mixed media art journal page tutorial by Megan K Suarez (alien girl)
Inmagination by Gerda van Dijk (trash to treasure art!)
Pod Forest by by DeeDee Cantron
Never Give Up by Gerda van Dijk
Mixed Media page by Rae Missigman
Quick art journal page with white space by Niamh Bailey
Find Courage - art journaling with paper scraps and layers of paint by Jesson Art
Make and Take Art by Gerda van Dijk
Space Storm by SilasArt


Lets start the new year off with an art journaling session!

When: Sunday, January 10, 2pm Eastern Time
Where: zoom link that will be shared in private message to the people who vote “I am there” in the poll below.

Supplies Needed:
She promotes this as low budget art journaling (which is awesome)
background paper
paper scraps in black and white (she adds color with paint but feel free to use any color scraps)
adhesive (gel medium, modpodge, glue, etc)
acrylic paints and brushes
stamps and ink pad
markers, gel pens, paint pens

Requirements: you must art!

Art Journaling - January 10
  • I am there!
  • Maybe next time.
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Tagging all the usually suspects but all are welcome!
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Oh no…white space…lol

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I know, right? I am determined to get the hang of white space!!!

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I love her eyes peeping through.

I think they’re staring at the white space!

staring judgmentally

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Because there’s not enough

Ooh, white space is hard! My art teacher friend teaches her kiddos to never leave any white, but I think most of that is for them to work longer and not claim “I’m done!” whilst leaving most of the background white.

Maybe when the kiddos aren’t taking up our data with remote learning meetings, I’ll be able to join in a few of these. They always look fun and your projects turn out so great!

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Here is a page I did over Christmas filling this video


Yes! I was just thinking we needed to do one soon!

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Yeah I never remember talking about white space in art class. even the high school art class I took. it’s really hard to go against what you learned early on.


Very beautiful!

I can add white easy enough…it is leaving white I have trouble with! Even in my house, I want to cover every wall with stuff…and every flat surface…tried to be a minimalist but it is just not my nature…drives my younger sister insane, but she does not have to live here! lol


Oops. I made an edit to the poll (typo) and it wiped out all the votes. So I think @aimr @JoyfulClover @photojenn @Kwality570 are the ones who RSVP’d yes - so can you please go vote again and I will quit messing around.

I took a lot of design and art classes in college since I was a Graphic Design major and learned all about white space and negative space, but let me tell you, it seems so difficult to think about when art journaling. I think just adding a simple space for your eye to rest is good. For example, your page you posted above is busy and there’s no “white space” per se, but the words and the darker areas seem to be the focus. The multicolored background, although highly detailed, is more of a passive space for your eyes to rest between the focus items. I think it’s well balanced and counts. :slight_smile: I don’t think white space has to be “white.”


Here is my page I named Accidental Planet:

I need to work on doodling. Maybe I’ll make a little sheet to reference until I get more comfortable.


I don’t see a poll to be able to vote…

It’s at the bottom of the Zoom post

Gorgeous colors…

I have found that even when I really don’t like the backgrounds, I can find a way to use them…I learn something new each time we do these…

I like the art journaling because it is for me, which is different, because I tend to make a lot of things for other people…


Those colors are gorgeous together! I love your doodling!

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It must have already counted my vote…I can only see “show results”…