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For the prompt Doctor from @calluna I decided to craft using Dr Pepper cans.

I learned a lot, including not to watch TV while crafting with sharp aluminum. :roll_eyes: No bleeding, so no worries. :grin:
Also, don’t sit your project where you tend to plop down. Part of it got a little squished.


That’s very pretty. And I’m glad no bleeding occurred.

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Lack of bleeding usually counts as successful crafting in my book.


I bound off my ”string” craft yesterday. Ends need to be woven in and then a photo shoot. It turned out a bit weird for many reasons, but will hopefully be functional.

Finally wove the ends in for the string challenge!

String (thin cotton yarn) into a mesh bag.

Oh, and posted it in its own post too: Wonky produce bag


I picked up calluna’s the '90s challenge. For my art journal page in the Paper Zoom, I used a sentiment from the iconic (IMO) Gin Blossoms song “Hey Jealousy”:
Project post: The Past Is Gone art journal page


Simultaneously, I was making pages for Edel’s challenge of transformation, birds, feathers, that kind of thing. I didn’t get too far while we were on Zoom but I finished this morning!


This week I went with @AuFish’s theme of REFLECTION:


That is so cool!

Great job! So many neat techniques used!

Great page, @calluna! Did you use up some of those photos you had plenty of on this? And, I really like your lettering! I need to work on my hand lettering skills…

Thanks! Full disclosure, the letters are stenciled, with the stencil gaps filled in. :wink: The stencil was at Dollar Tree! If I use it enough, I tell myself, I’ll develop muscle memory and learn to do the lettering that way!

Yes, a tiny bit of progress on the photo stash: there are 8 full photos in this layout, not including the images within the landslide. I was almost always trying to fit everything to ATC dimensions, so this larger format really is helping the photos look less dominant, when they do show through.

What a good idea! I don’t know why I never thought of using stencils for my lettering. Next time I’m brave enough to venture into Dollar Tree, I’ll have to see what they have for alphabet stencils.

And, I’m glad you’re able to work through the photo stash! How large is that page?

It’s about 9x12". It started with two book pages as the base, but then things kept getting tacked on to the edges and it grew.
Dollar Tree also had rub-on letters, so I treated myself to a couple packs in fonts I liked. My only craft supply purchase since early March! :astonished: But even though I still have plenty of stuff to work with, the itch for fancy little extras is setting in.

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I finished the challenge @calluna set, make something outdoors.

First I gathered my supplies in the shade, because it’s hot outside and also I didn’t want to burn to a crisp in the sun.

There’s a bowl, a bucket of rocks and sand, a bigger rock from the garden, a net of glass beads and some glass sealife. Oh, and water :slight_smile:

I think it turned out all right. The big rock sticks up from the surface to make sure thirsty critters can climb up and won’t drown.

Not the prettiest part of the garden, but a bit more :honeybee: friendly now.


That’s so smart! Thank you for looking out for the thirsty little guys!

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I didn’t forget, but I did get sidetracked with many things. Very overdue, this is something I made for @craftADDchick’s paper bag prompt. Here is the bag -

Which, with some glue and staples, became a little journal!

Ready to fill with drawings and paint -

And, I also finished @megwell’s challenge drama -


For obvious reasons, I’m partial to the llama, but that journal is so clever. Love the buckle (clasp? the intricate bit on the front.)


Thanks! I thought it was a fun way to recycle one of the handles.

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Wow, both great projects!

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