Chunky Houses Halloween Edition 2023 GALLERY

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I recd from the @LovelyMiss.

How awesome is this cat? Love this retro style of graphic. Perfect piecing and stitching. It’s even stuffed a bit to give it a 3D feel. It’s really cool.

And the beautiful box it was sent in.

Thank you!


Love the vintage image! Nice start to the gallery!


So glad you like it, @curiousfae ! It was a fun one to make!

got mine from Steiconi - it’s fab - so much thought went into this one :slight_smile: Even the note card is fab!! something I don’t always do well if at all. So very cool - love it all! thank you!


Always fun to see what @steiconi comes up with…never disappointed…lots of creativity and oddities!

Love the addition of textiles!

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Ooh, that’s cool! I love the use of fiber and bright pops of color. That card is also beautiful!

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@LovelyMiss Your cat house is fab! The stitching looks perfect. How did you get the points in the eyes using felt? Is it stitched a certain way?

@steiconi Love the use of fiber and the beads! Are they bone beads? Is that a paper coffin?


The beads are a mix of bones and skulls (from Dollar Tree!)

The coffin was 3D printed in two colors, then the paper skull added inside.

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Very nice!!

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@goatgoddesss it’s 3D! how fun! I love the details and the yarn fringe is so fun.

I also received from @steiconi this weekend. It was waiting for me when we got home from a wet camping weekend. Just look at the spooktacular chunky house. Thank you steiconi, it’s a lovely creepy addition to my neighborhood.

The inside…

The back and the cool card.


Thank you! They’re cut in a kind of pacman-ish shape and then attached with a blanket stitch. I had only blanket stitched on edges before, so I got to learn how to do it to applique. Worked great!

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Aah, I love that house, too! Beautiful! And it opens! So many details! How cool!

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Love the use of the colorful fiber with the black and white graphics.

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It folds open?! Does it have hinges somewhere?

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@marionberries house has a cloth hinge on the lower left, so it opens like a book. @goatgoddesss coffin has two hinged doors, created as part of the 3D design process.


wow 3d printed cool - I was wondering how you did all that. Very cool!

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This is my house from @LovelyMiss. She chose my theme of ghosts housecleaning. It’s like a miniature diorama! My fav is the ghost painting the house. There’s so much to look at, so here’s the pics!


Wow, what fun!