CLOSED: Nerd Games - Winter 2021

Prompt: Dendrite (January)
Team: Bits & Bobs
Project Name: Lettuce stamp
Project Link: Lettuce stamp
Brief Description: a lettuce stamp I carved. To be used in another project. The veins on the leaves branch out!
Project Photo(s):


Prompt: January Battle: Snow
Team: Running with Scissors
Project: A Wise Crafter made Christmas Tags from Cards....and so did I!
Brief Description: Many of these gift tags have snowy scenes.
Project Photo:
(one of three)


That stamp turned out great! I can’t wait to see what the project is you will use it for!

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@Lynx2Lancer I love your ottoman reupholstered project. It’s always nice having extra storage hidden away. I’d love something like this to hide away my current crochet project! Your puffin square is so bright and cheerful. What are your plans for this piece? I also love your project reusing old cards as tags. I saw the post @TheMistressT shared too, and I want to make some as well!

@megwell Your scrappy jobbers pair perfectly with your team change! They certainly scream bits and bobs! I love all of the color.

@Bunny1kenobi That seahorse card is amazing! I have no idea how to use paints. Maybe one of these days I’ll be able to find a community class that isn’t too expensive and I can learn some fun new skills to make something amazing like this! I will have to remember your vinyl idea from your salt and pepper shakers for the future. I think I have a few shakers that would benefit from something like this!

@gozer I love the details on both of your brooches. I also love the jewelry you put the pieces on. They add so much more to your already elegant pieces.

@roler I really love that toucan! I know he isn’t your favorite of all of your projects, but it’s still so cute! Your cuttlefish turned out so amazing! I look forward to the next one you make!

@geekgirl I am so amazed by people that can carve stamps. There is so much detail in such a small space! Your heads of lettuce look fabulous!


Just wanted to share a photo really quick. Little Laurali got her unicorn today. She named her Sally, and this pic is just too cute!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Sally is such a cute name for her. Looks like she will be well loved and have lots of friends. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’m not sure yet! I’m hoping to get an idea for that as this year’s stitchalong themes are announced. I want to make some type of project that works together. Thank you for your kind words.

Laurali is super cute and Sally sure is loved!


@Lynx2/lancer - great on on the reupholstery!

@megwell - great use of scrappy bits!

@Bunny1kenobi - great seahorse card@

@gozer - the necklaces are great. I love the flower one. so pretty.

@storerboughtcreation - that dress is adorable

@roler - great amigurumi!


Prompt: Sastrugi - (January)
Team: Bits & Bobs
Project Name: White Space is Fun journal page
Project Link:
Brief Description: art journal page made during a zoom meetup in the art journal craftalong. it has some stripes(ish) and lines
Project Photo(s):

Prompt: Lake-Effect Snow - (January)
Team: Bits & Bobs
Project Name: Trash Art
Project Link:
Brief Description: art page made using random items from the recycle bin, used packing, tags, dry wall tape. etc. covered in gesso, paint, water color crayons and gelatos (all blended with water) ink, gel pens, paint pens.
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Prompt: January - Snow Squall
Team: :yarn:
Project Name: hummingbird for raffle
Project Link: 3D Hummingbird Mandala
Brief Description: My second Cricut project! I will offer this as a raffle prize. It was surprisingly easy to make and went pretty fast. I did have to cut the light pink layer a second time because Cricut DS hiccuped and didn’t cut the right piece. And then crashed on me. But I got it running again and finished!
Project Photo(s):

Here it is a little truer to color


I really have to get my Silhouette going again - haven’d done any of the stencilling yet - how difficult is it for a hat?


Prompt: January - Snow Squall
Team: Team Bits & Bobs
Project Name: My First ever Crewmate
Project Link: not yet done
Brief Description: My girls got into playing “Among us” since October break with friends. I’ve also joined in at one point, but while Hubby loves it, I find it a bit too fast for my liking. However, I decided to make something small and fast (ish… I watched 2 Episodes of Supernatural while making it) for one of the girls. 2nd Crewmate will be done tonight I think. :wink:
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Prompt: December - Firn
Team: Palettable Art
Project Name: Lettuce Craft Snail Mail Stamp
Project Link: Carved Stamps
Brief Description: This was my second stamp ever. I wanted to make something I could use over and over. I plan to put it on all the boxes or cards I send out for LC (if I don’t lose it. It’s so small).
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Prompt: Big Time Project (1) - (January)
Team: Bits & Bobs
Project Name: Northern Lights hoop
Project Link: Northern Lights hoop
Brief Description: 8" free embroidered hoop of northern lights
Project Photo(s):


Cutting the stencil is pretty easy but painting has to be done extra carefully because of the curve. I put my hat on a mannequin head while I painted it and that helped. Also take frequent pauses to make sure your vinyl is stuck down tight before you paint.


That northern lights hoop is stunning!

And the snail mail stamp is too cute! You seem to have this stamp carving thing figured out @gozer !

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This is so beautiful. It reminds me of home.


Excellent functional solution to your over-zealous seasoning problem! XD I like that it helps with the holes, and makes stylish labels all at once!

Awww, isn’t it sweet how this site is giving all of us a whole new appreciation for that vegetable! XD Great stamp carving!
The art journal page is really cool. I’m impressed that such seemingly random lines and patterns can look so fresh and intentional. :slight_smile:
Wow, look at all that dense stitching on your Northern Lights Hoop! It must have taken a long time. I like the water especially; the different colors really give it a sense of reflection.

That’s a really good idea! We just ran out of tags again and I ended up just using little scraps of leftover wrapping paper, but this looks so much nicer!

This hummingbird is so great! The colors are so cheerful, and all that detail is amazing!

Hahaha, I’ve been playing Among Us on and off lately with various different friend groups, so this really made me smile! It’s such a fun little character! Great job! How big is it btw?

Ooh, another lettuce stamp! This one definitely looks perfect for swaps and cards with crafters! :slight_smile:


Prompt: January Battle - Blizzard
Team: Knotty by Nature
Project Name: January Block of the Month
Project Link: Quilt-along 2021
Brief Description: After years of wanting to quilt but feeling too intimidated, I finally got inspired by our very own site’s Quilt-along! This is my first block of the month over there, and I think it looks a bit like a snowflake, so I’m entering it for the Blizzard prompt here.
Project Photo(s):


So proud of you!