COMPLETE: Lettuce All Raffle SU 2/4 to 3/18; SO 4/1

Lettuce All Raffle Swap
Lettuce Craft member who is organizing this swap: AuFish
Sign-up date range: 04 February to 18 March 2021
Send out Date: 01 April 2021
Limited to a certain number of people? (optional) No
Restricted to people who all live in the same country? No
If so, which country? N/A
Additional Age requirement? No

Swap Organizer himself/herself meets these conditions:

Has fully read the Swap Info Guide
Has successfully completed two swaps as a participant
Is not organizing more than three swaps right now
Will recruit a co-organizer or give all details to a Swap Moderator if this swap has more than 25 participants
Is at least 18 years old

Name of swap: Use What You Have Swap

Details of swap:

Here comes another round of stress free swap fun. The theme is Bright so pull out any craft that says “bright” to you. It could be bright colors, bright idea, bright star, something that brightens a day… the options are endless! Craft 1 medium prize for the Raffle by the end of the sign up period and post a picture of it on this thread. You could also opt to create a set of 2-3 small items in lieu of one medium.

Items MUST be crafted and ready to go by the end of signups, as you only have 1 WEEK to send them out! So once you know you are approved, start craftin’!

If you have a ‘pre-made’ item, GREAT! This means you’re ready to go and we’ve barely begun, so post a picture and sit back and chat us up ‘til signups close!

Photos of all ‘prizes’ are DUE NO LATER than March 18th, so everyone has an opportunity to see what will be offered before the drawing and sendouts. If you do not post a picture by this date or at all, it will be noted in your feedback, as this IS a requirement for this swap to be a success.

Drawing will be done on March 19th, PMs will be sent to the ‘prize’ creators letting them know who ‘won’ their item and where it should be sent to.

Swap is for: one (1) medium item (Medium = 2 or more crafting hours OR $10-$30 dollars) Can also be a pair/set of 2-3 small items to equal 1 medium. Please PM me if you have questions about your item offered.

This will be a ‘raffle’ style swap. There will be 2 hats: one full of swapper’s names and one full of the items made by these swappers (with the name of who made that item below it to avoid the creator ‘winning’ back their own creation!). A name will be picked, then an item picked, and that person gets that item drawn! An almost complete surprise…as photos would be posted of all items for all to see, so you can look and dream and wish for all the ones you like…then see what shows up at your door! Serious concerns will be addressed in the swap questionnaire (i.e.-Vegans receiving things made from wool and other animal-derivatives, wool/food/smoke/etc. allergies, etc.) so people don’t end up with something they ABSOLUTELY cannot have around them or their family for health/lifestyle/etc. issues, and if it happens, then the name and item both go back in the hat and are drawn again until a favorable match comes up.

When a ‘winner’ is chosen, the creator of their ‘prize’ will get their address from the organizer in a PM. PLEASE try to keep this a SECRET if you DO figure out who you are sending to! This way the ‘winner’ will be surprised with their ‘prize’ when it arrives

Please communicate in the thread OR by PM to the organizer ONCE a week at a minimum so we know you are still out there and crafting for the swap. I will check in with you when there is about 1 week left to make sure you are still in on a ‘prize’ for the drawing.

Delivery Confirmation is required for this swap. For international mailings, please PM AuFish a copy of the receipt.

Please PM the DC# to the organizer,@AuFish, once you have sent so I can update your name on the front page and maintain my records. For any items that are lost in the mail, adequate time for the package to arrive or be returned to the sender will be allowed. If it never arrives after a reasonable amount of time, a swap angel will be arranged to craft a comparable ‘prize’ for the ‘winner.’

Feedback will be given when your partner has received. Please PM me when you send AND when you receive so I can keep my lists updated!

Negative feedback will be given if you have not sent out by 2 weeks past the sendout date, and an angel will be found for your ‘winner.’ Seeing as this is a ‘premade craft’ raffle, and you have to have a completed item posted before the drawing…I don’t see this happening for anyone…but you never know what life has in store for you from one day to the next!

I will post a gallery for ‘prizes’ so when the ‘winner’ receives their item and may have it displayed in their home/wearing it/put it to use in some way, they may post a picture or two for us showing off their great ‘prize.’ It is always fun to see where prizes end up!

Any Questions, let me know!


If you want to participate, information to send to organizer:

Name of swap: Lettuce All Raffle Swap
Lettuce Craft username:
Email address:
Your real name:
Mailing address:
Are at least 16 years old (yes/no)?
Read the Swap Info Guide and rules/guidelines for this swap (yes/no)?
Are you able to send to countries outside of your own (yes/no)?
Do you have any pets?
Do you or any members in your home smoke?
Any other allergens in your home?
Do you have any allergies? If YES, please list them.
Are you vegan or vegetarian (to make sure your name is not drawn to ‘win’ something made from animal derivatives)?
Anything you ABSOLUTELY would not want to receive for any religious/lifestyle/phobia reasons (clowns, violence/nudity themes, spiders, pagan themes….you get the idea…etc.)?
Anything else you would like me to know for the raffle, or that your ‘winner’ should know?

**Please put “Raffle” and your Username in the Subject of your PM so I can get to them quickly when communicating on this swap!


List of Participants and Prizes

@AuFish - Sprout of Sunshine
@Cindy - Tote Bag
@marionberries - Spring Dancer
@PrincessP-Bright Bunting
@Whistlefish- Quilted Tub
@LadybugsAndBees - Slow Cloth Art


Oh yeah, I haven’t swapped for over a year … looking forward to this as it’s been a favourite for a long time.


I’m in the middle of a cleaning frenzy. Let me see how this goes and how quickly I can get it done (or just give up) before I start on this. I love the theme though!


@Cindy Great having you! I’m excited/nervous too.

@gozer Hopefully your cleaning frenzy is successful!

I’m leaning towards some amigurumi at the moment if I can find where I put my hook case after seeing family.


I don’t think I’ve ever participated in one of these raffles…the idea sounds grand.
Will poke around my craft room to see if I can get inspired :slight_smile:


I have an idea percolating. I just checked and I already have some supplies, but I’d need to get more if I go this route. I’m considering working mostly from stash, so I’ll continue thinking on it…

Although, I do enjoy long walks along the Joanns fabric aisles, so we’ll see :blush:.


weeps but I’ve already signed up for two swaps. Must. Be. Strong. Yeah, we’ll see how long that lasts.


Ooh… I kind of want to give this one a whirl. I’ve never done a raffle swap before.


@AudiobookLover All those fabrics to explore, meander through, and occasionally pet.

@loves2experiment I’m sure you will stumble upon something fun.

@Tapestry You can always just see if you have something Bright crafted by mid-March, then sign up if you do. Until then, chat away.

@artsycandice It is always good to try new things.


I’ve never participated in one of these swaps either, but I think I have an idea. I just need to make sure I have time.


I just sent my Q and I have an idea. I think I have all the ingredients…whoops items to stir into the pot…errr create something. I must be hungry.


Welcome @marionberries!

I have think I know what I’m making. I just need to go on a quest through my yarn for coordinating colors.

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I remember a raffle style swap like this. I was on the fence with maybe 2,5 hours left until signups ended. I posted in the thread about not knowing if I’d be able to join and everyone cheered me on to start crafting. I crafted for two hours straight and posted a picture in time to make the deadline :laughing:

It was fun, but I reccomend starting a bit earlier than that.


I’m pretty sure I remember that round! Good times.

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This sounds like lots of fun :slight_smile: I’ve never been in one before. Kind of reminds me of the 4x6 art swap, where you craft beforehand - I like that :wink:


Is the 4x6 just papercraft?

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Perhaps? You might need to check it out to be sure. I think some people may have used fibre arts too :slight_smile:

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Maybe in the future. There is also woodburning and embroidered canvas, so options.

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I’ve settled on two options for the raffle item, haven’t picked one yet, which means I will probably make something else. :thinking: