Craft Stars Garage Sale Fundraiser Information

Info from @MistressJennie, hijacking kittykill’s post…

Craft Stars Garage Sale Fundraiser

In the lead up to Craftster closing, and Lettuce Craft being created, @sheepBlue, @PerfectlyBohemian and I asked if we could help @sweets4ever by organizing a private fundraiser, to help defer some of the costs of building and maintaining the new site. While we started back there in December, due to its continued popularity, we have continued it here. I will plan to keep it running until the end of January.
My cutoff date for accepting donations is January 25th. On February 1, I will de-list all remaining items.

We are accepting hand made items, and high quality craft supplies, in usable quantities*, for the sale.
If you are want to donate, that’s wonderful. Here’s what information is needed:

-A brief description of the item, including dimensions and materials, and some good digital photos of the piece. The kind of listing you would write for eBay if you were selling it yourself.

-Suggested price for your item. This is a fundraiser so we are looking for a range in prices, so folks with differing means can still hopefully buy something, but please don’t sell your work short by underpricing it.

-You would need to be willing and able to ship the item to the recipient within 3 days of the sale, at your own cost, and buying your own postage. This is a fundraiser after all. We have sold over 115 items so far. I simply cannot reimburse everyone for postage via PayPal for each sale.

-Your Craftster/Lettuce Craft username, so I can note it within the sale listing. That way someone could say, ‘Oh look, I totally want to by one of kittykill’s awesome embroidered hoops!’

-Where you are shipping from, city & state or country. AND if you are willing to ship your items internationally. This is not required. Some folks just can’t afford to do so right now, and we respect that.

I know some of you might have 1 or 2 items around, while others might have 30! The current limit is a max of 3 donations at one time. If your items are selling well, I can easily add more listings if you have more you want to donate.

Here’s an example listing:

Please send your donation information and photos to me, via email. To get my email address, just send me a Private Message on LC, asking for it. (Sorry, I don’t want to post it publicly on the page!) If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask me.

-How do I find the Garage Sale? The title at the top of this post is a link. Here’s another one:

-‘In usable quantities’ - I mean that a supply should be enough to make something with. For example, if donating yarn, you would want to make sure the buyer had enough to actually make something from it, like as a hat. Meanwhile some materials might be usable in small quantities, such as a bundle of fabric scraps all cut to the size of a Charm Pack.

-I will keep this sale going until the end of January, at which point we will reassess. There is also the possibility I might host one of these again in future. Please do not ask to keep this running indefinitely. It is simply not possible.

-There are other fundraising/maintaining plans that are currently in the planning stages. When there is more concrete information, we will pass it on. (Yes, we do already know about Kickstarter, Patreon, etc. :blush:)

-Yes, you can show off pictures of the items you purchased here in this thread.

-If you wish to contribute funds directly without making an eBay purchase, please send me a PM, asking for information on direct donations. Be sure to include your email address.

-Donating an item to, buying an item from, or donating funds directly, all earn Founding Member Status. sweets4ever is working to add status to members as she can.

-If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.


And now back to kittykill…
I want to thank @MistressJennie, @PerfectlyBohemian and @sheepBlue for putting together the garage sale. I also want to give a huge shout out to all the awesome people who contributed the beautiful items. You have no idea how helpful it has been. I am truly humbled by your generosity. :heart::heart::heart:


Here is one of the items I received from the garage sale…I love her…made by Nodsu.


so jealous! She’s wonderful!

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Her little feet are wonderful.

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I love nodsu creatures! This one has a disturbing charm. :smile:


I cannot believe how many garage sale items were purchased before I ever saw the listing. This disturbingly darling creation is one of them. Love it!


…hee hee much like her new owner…


Lovely! I was also lucky enough to snag one of the nodsu’s creations :slight_smile: I love my little nodsu creature!


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I LOVE THE GARAGE SALE!!


This crafting family came into my life when I most needed it so I never hesistated when @MistressJennie asked for help with reining in the ebay sale. :heart::heart::heart: I love y’all!

Also I LOVE how this is a real life STS (hehe).


The sale gave me the courage to offer up my cross stitch. Yeah… I was nervous. It felt so good seeing the pieces going to a good home. Someone who you knew would love it as much as you did.


Here’s the nodsu beaut I snagged.
He really ups the game on my sad indoor holiday wreath.


I thought the same :laughing:

Big love and thanks to you three for all the work you’ve put into the garage sale, you kids rock!!:kissing_heart:


Your cross stitch pieces are fabulous! I keep missing out on my favs.


I had so much fun shopping the Garage Sale! I am loving all of my items (I’ll post pictures this weekend). Thanks so much @MistressJennie for spearheading it (I continue to be amazed and impressed by your excellent and enviable organizational skills)!


oh I am so glad you showed him!!! I wanted both, but I can see he is in a very special home!!

I think one of my goals is to have at least one item from everyone!!


I was thrilled to be able to help. I was also thrilled to acquire pieces that were donated :grin: I’d also like to state that @MistressJennie and @sheepBlue are instigators. I need to take and share pictures too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


This is a most excellent goal. :smile:


Yes! Thankfully, shopping for a good cause does not affect my crafty resolution of destashing. So yes! My goal is to acquire more crafty goodness from the uber talented folks in this community :slight_smile:


But, we are helping others destash, so close enough, right?