Use What You Have Swap - Round 3 Gallery

Post your goodies here!

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Excited to see what everyone creates!


I have received!

@Bunny1kenobi sent me a great swap package!

A group shot without the bookmark, as it’s already in a book. :wink:

She sent these lovely pussywillow/cat notecards & envelopes that she made off a piece of cat art I had pinned. I LOVE them. Already planning which of my friends gets one!

Here’s the teabag bookmark already at work!

Oops, and the magnetic KIT-TEA notepad is already on the fridge. :wink:

Then she made me jewelry based on my favorite game - so sweet to do that! The game is Sky: Children of the Light (iOS, Android, Switch, and soon other platforms!). It’s all about friendship & helping others, art & music, all lovely things. And in the game, you can ride on giant mantas in the sky! Day versions & night versions. She sent me night version earrings & keychain! No one has ever crafted Sky fan art for me before!

And she added in a pair of sweet silver earrings which are so me.


Here is an in-game shot, she got them spot on!

Thank you so much, @Bunny1kenobi, it’s all wonderful. :heart:


Yay! I’m glad you like everything!


What a cool swap package! I love that she did an homage to your favorite game. And the cat and tea things are adorable!



Great start to the gallery! Kit-tea is so clever!


Lol! Thanks! I totally stole it from something I saw online.


So creative! Just love those!


So nice. Those lovely cats

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Thanks! :blush:

My package from Myrthena arrived this week! Sadly I had a couple days of migraines so I couldn’t get on the computer. But all better now, so on with the goods!

It was quite a big box! The first item I opened was this big hat. It’s a combination of my love for a steampunk aesthetic and reused materials. Look at all the details!!
I’m quite interested to know what the main material for the hat is, is that the inner tube of a bicycle wheel?

There were all little presents and box thingies, loved to unpack it!
Next up, she made me two pairs of earrings!
The steampunk one broke but I fixed it with jumprings.
Inside the wheels there’s also flowers and resin!

Then a very cool pair with violets (am I right? or is this another flower?) and glittery resin.

Then I found a little scrap of fabric with the reason why the package was smelling so good! A little soap! Did you make it yourself Myrtena? It smells really good!

And I’m not finished yet! She made me a steampunk organizer with a lovely closing device!

It’s filled with little paper goodies

And also a bookmark with my name!
Thank you very much Myrthena, it was a lovely package!!


You are right: it’s the inner tube of a bicycle wheel, You can see it on the right side where i used the bicycle valves as ornaments with a wheel and a flower on top.
And the soap is homemade with rosewater.
I’m happy your like it.


Rosewater soap! No wonder it smelled nice. I can’t wrap my head around how you made the hat, @Myrthena. If it is made out of a bicycle tube, how did you get it to hold its shape? Those earrings are very cool! Love the little flowers.

Wow! That package is amazing!

I looove the flowers in resin in the earrings. I used to have a set of gauges like that but they broke. I wore them all the time! How cool!

The base is is a big circle of polystyreen of 2 cm thickness. Then i had 3 layers with a smaller diameter: 2 of 5 high (bottom and purple) one of 3 cm (one on top with all the squares of bicycle tube). Those are fixed with little black needles i use for flower arrangements.
The big circle is done with long stroke of bicycle tube and also fixed with little and somelong black needles. That part has been polished with a little bit of sunflower oil (very little)

@Abbeeroad : flowers are dried at home in silica gel
This is not a real gauges: it’s made of the lid of a spray bottle (it was gold) with some bicycle tube on top and bottom and the glass is make of a piece of holographic paper



Oh my goodness!! I received a beautiful empemera/sticker scrappy book from @Reinikka for my larger item and some beautiful ATC’s for my small item. . Thank you so much! I absolutely love them! And all the goodies you stuck inside the pockets! I am over the moon,… And by brain is “squeee” ing right now! Lol Stickers are one of my favorite things and cute ones especially! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! :yellow_heart:


These are just a few pages. There are more!


@Reinikka does do some beautiful paperwork! What a wonderful package, stuffed with so many little surprises.


Still amazes me what people can make with what they have…this is such a creative swap.

I am blown away by the bike tube fascinator!

Also, the sticker book is really neat…love the sewn binding…will there be a separate post on it?

can’t wait to see what other goodies appear here!