50 Projects, Let's Do This! 2022

  1. Are you making more or less than last year? More, I think. I never kept track before. 100 projects so far!
  2. Are your projects larger or smaller? Some bigger (drape all parts of a dress pattern and even make piping), some smaller (change the buttons on a coat).
  3. Are you doing more new projects or finishing up WIPS? All new, though I have torn up and repurposed some abandoned pieces.
  4. Are your projects for others, excluding swaps, or yourself? Me me me, a few for others
  5. Have you made things for swaps, community or personal? Personal
  6. Have you made something just random, not on your list, just because you love it or found it while browsing? What did you make? Bonus for a pic! (extra entry). I didn’t have a list…I usually make something because there is a need, or a challenge, or a new material inspires me, or because I need something to occupy my hands.
  7. What was the most favorite thing you made this year? Bonus for a pic! (extra entry).

    This dress got me reviving rusty old skills and learning new ones. I was wearing it as we passed a dispensary the other day, and hubby said I looked like a giant bud. Thanks, sweetie!
  8. What was the least favorite thing you made this year? The pink blouse that took lots of work and looks awful on me. But I learned from doing it.
  9. Did anyone on this site inspire you to make something similar? Shout out with a tag to them and show your project with a pic! Bonus! Several. @MistressJennie 's sun catcher class inspired some pieces. @calluna 's bead strings. I even appropriated @AIMR 's dandelion fluff in this month’s stitchalong.

I loved your peacock dress and have been pining for peacock fabric…the piping really set off the shape.


I got that fabric at walmart. Robot or human?
But this one is even nicer; I just got a yard the other day
Robot or human?

The " robot or human" is weird, but the links work.

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I updated my list again, it’s been a while. I hope I didn’t forget anything.

I’m surprised how many items of clothing I’ve finished so far (3) and I’ve nearly finished another 3. That’s one item of clothing a month, I’m not usually that productive.


This year has been even harder for me to get any projects done than last. I finally finished my first one. He’s a ceramic moose painted with acrylic paint, details done with pastel chalks, and sealed with a matte spray.


OMG! What a cutie moose!

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NSFW content ahead

Update: 27/12/2022 WOOT I did it- smashed my goal with 58 crafts completed

Only a newbie to LC but I had been tracking my crafting this year through an excel spreadsheet here are the list and pictures of my craft so far:

  1. Galentines day Card

  2. Sunflower baby mobile

  3. Baby card

  4. Wire drawing Selfie

  1. Wire drawing Vulva+ Penis

  2. Safari Mobile

  3. Baby Card

  4. Motivational Mirror

  5. Period Pantone Art

  6. Comma Sutra Print

  7. Craftathon Project - Cake topper

  8. Craftathon Project - Card

  9. Craftathon Project - Lollipop Holder

  10. Craftathon Project - Tote bag- Advanced

  11. Craftathon Project - Wine Bag Infusiable ink

  12. Poka Dots in bookcase

  13. 3D Paper bunny
    easter 3

  14. Lia Griffth Bunny

  15. Recovering the lamp

  16. artichock artwork

  17. Card

  18. Under the sea baby mobile

  19. Baby Quilt - First ever quilt completed- Feeling acomplished

  20. Calm Down pillow- Calm Down Pillow

  21. Bee Quilt- 5 Fat Quarters Quilt

Projects 26 to 33 have been posted here CFA Craftyboot Camp July 2022 - #10 by TheMistressT
26. You have been poisoned 2 skulls (Craftyboot camp activity)
27. You have been poisoned 1 skull (Craftyboot camp activity)
28. Spinny Christmas Card (Craftyboot camp activity)
29. Spinny Birthday Card (Craftyboot camp activity)
30. Etched bee glass (Craftyboot camp activity)
31. Peak a boo Glitter glass ( purple + gold- cait did gold I did purple) (Craftyboot camp activity)
32. Water Jug- Colour Changing Vinyl (Craftyboot camp activity)
33. Plant watering can (Craftyboot camp activity)


  1. Papercut 3D Layered Sea Horse (posted about here- Giddy up (Sea) Horsey - Take a BITE out of your stash- Weekend Challenge Entry)

  2. Papercut 3D Layered underwater scene (posted about here- Giddy up (Sea) Horsey - Take a BITE out of your stash- Weekend Challenge Entry)

  3. Strawberry Baby Quilt


  1. Birthday Card for a friend- Made with cricut

38- 40. What I created for the stationery swap on LC

41- Casserole Holder - Sadly I didnt get a photo of this

42 and 43. May Gibbs Projects- Quilt and Advent Calendar (see LC post here- The giving season has started)

  1. Birthday party swag (including a wet bag, beach bag and snackle box)

  1. Christmas Card for LC Christmas Card Swap

  1. Christmas Card- Reindeer

  1. Engagement Card

48 and 49- Quilts for twin boys

  1. Oh my Stars quilts

  1. Birthday Card

52 and 53 . Earrings and Broach

  1. Earring Cards and Broach cards (I also made the cards to present them on my cricut)

  2. 2 Charm Packs plus quilt

  1. Janes ladder quilt

  1. Terrarium

  1. Quilt


Love this collection!

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Awesome projects!! I love the mirror…what a lovely way to empower yourself and others with an encouraging message!


WOOHOO! I hit 50 projects today! I think this is a little behind my rate of the last couple of years, but I don’t know that for certain. I’m not aiming for any number or anything like that, but it is fun to keep the list of projects for a year and see what I’ve accomplished. I think I’ll even get a couple more in before the end of July. YEY ME! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I made an 8x10 acrylic painting for my brother from a doodle he saw that I posted on FB. This will be project #90 for me!



That’s very cool! And you are cruisin’ along in 2022!

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I’m only on, like, number 14 but most of my crafting choices take forrrrrreverrrrrr. lol


I’ve finished my second project. It is the Moe of Change blanket (pattern found on Ravelry). I used Lion Brand Mandala yarn and a size J hook. I had a hard time getting a nice picture, but I love how it turned out.


This is beautiful! Always a good thing when you are happy with how something comes out when you have spent so much time on a project.

I love the colourway too!

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This is gorgeous

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Very pretty! Something about that color combination that is both soothing and invigoration to me. I hope you give this its own topic thread!

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wow I have been away for such a long time! I took progression pics of one of my projects with every intention on posting, but I never did :sweat_smile:
so here’s some projects that I am still working on:

I’ve been working on this for a while now, and I’m so excited that I’m almost so close to finishing it! It’s my first giant cross stitch project that wasn’t a kit. It was suppose to be a Christmas gift, that turned into a birthday gift, that turned into a Christmas gift again :sweat_smile: because I didn’t think it would take me THIS long to finish.

To take a break from my cross stitch project, I recently got back into knitting. I picked up a yarn cake (which I’ve never bought before cuz I was a bit intimated by all the colors) and started this baby blanket

To change up my knitting a baby blanket, I started a new knitting project :sweat_smile: I’m giving myself til hopefully be done before my mother’s bday in May

and some finished projects that I hope still counts :sweat_smile:

my first time baking with fruit in it :sweat_smile: never made a pineapple upside down cake before! I made this for my boyfriend’s bday, with some cupcakes as well. (made it from a box mix)

first time I made healthy cookies from scratch! Plus I’ve never made shaped cookies without a cutter, they were so fun to make and decorate!


Wow–the cross stitch is amazing! I bet you are excited to have it done!

Love that you are back into knitting…it is such a pretty colorway.

And, yum…those goodies look great! The bears are so cute!

I don’t frequent this along but I HAVE to comment on that Vader stitch. WOW!! :star_struck: