CLOSED: Harry Potter Craftalong - Yule 2021/22

~ Harry Potter Craftalong ~
~ October 1st, 2021 - January 31, 2022 ~

Welcome to Hogwarts!

The Harry Potter Craftalong (HPC) is a way to share your crafts, cheer on friends, celebrate your love of Harry Potter, and most of all to be inspired . Each term we have class prompts inspired by Hogwarts courses, Detention challenges to motivate you on mundane tasks, & Headmistress Musings inspired by the season. Complete crafts inspired by these prompts, and you earn House Points. While the prompts themselves are HP themed, your crafts do not have to be. You may craft anything you wish. You may join anytime during a term, and participate as much, or as little as you wish. At the end of each term we take an average of each House’s Points, and declare a winner!

To participate, simply read through the prompts in the post below, find one that inspires you, create a craft to fit the challenge, then post it here. That’s all there is to it!

To submit a project, cut & paste the following header into your post, and fill in the required info. You can add more than one project to your post.

Class or Challenge Title:
SPEW or LC Contest: If your item is for charity, or was created as an entry to a contest here on LC, enter that here; if not please delete this line.
Project Name & Page Link: Add a link to your project posted here on Lettuce Craft, or to a recipe, pattern, etc.
Brief Description: How it fits the requirements, pattern/techniques used, any fun tips, etc.
Project Picture: REQUIRED! No picture = No House Points

-Projects should take a minimum of 30 minutes to make.
-For a project to be counted, it must have a picture or a link to a picture included at the time of posting . If your item is a private piece, or is being kept secret for a Swap, you are more than welcome to send a Private Message directly to the the Headmistress.
-For any cooking/food project, in addition to a photo, you must post a complete recipe , or a link to the recipe you used. No recipe = no points.

~ HPC FAQs ~
-Do you sort me? No, you decide which house you belong to.
-I have a problem or question; who can I ask? You can send a Personal Message (PM) to Headmistress @MistressJennie . You can also ask questions in the thread.
-Do I have to craft all the classes & challenges? Nope! Just do what you want to craft.
-Does my craft project have to be Harry Potter themed? No, craft anything you like.
-This is a lot of info. How do I keep myself organized? Feel free to use Hermione’s Homework Planner , a Google Doc created & updated by MistressJennie. Claim a sheet of the Homework Planner at the bottom of the page, and rename it with your userame. Please DO NOT alter the Master Sheet at the far left.


~ Craft Prompts Crescent ~
:steam_locomotive::sparkles::scroll: ~Class Prompts~ :scroll::sparkles::steam_locomotive:
:alembic: Alchemy: We have come to the last of the seven planets known to the ancients – Saturn, which was linked to the metal Lead. Saturn is known for its rings, so the first option is to create something with rings, for example crochet, knitting and chain mail all use interlinked rings. Lead may not be as exciting as some of the other metals, but it is known for being malleable. The second option is to create with a malleable material, for example, bake something with pastry or sculpt in modelling clay.

:mage: Apparition: There are 3 main things to remember when learning to Apparate. These 3 steps are called the 3 D’s: destination, determination, and deliberation. This term we will focus on the first D, destination. Begin with the end in mind. Craft something that needs a pattern or recipe to begin and arrive successfully at completion. Or, craft something based on a destination that you would like to visit.

:infinity: Arithmancy: Using complex numerical charts and scientific maths this was Hermione’s favorite subject, but others, Harry included, thought it looked terrible. Please craft something in a skillset or medium which you love but about which others feel quite the opposite, or something created by consulting a complex chart.

:ringer_planet: Astronomy: This term we will look at the “Phoenix” constellation, which was originally depicted in 1603 in a celestrial atlas and its brightest star is Ankaa, an Arabic word meaning ‘the Phoenix’. Also called ‘Alpha Phoenicis’, is the radiant of two annual meteor showers: the Phoenicids in December, and the July Phoenicids. Rise from the ashes like the phoenix. Craft a new version of a project that went awry previously, or try something new to improve your crafting.

:unicorn: : Care of Magical Creatures: This term we will be studying a grey, fuzzy, flying magical insect native to Northern Europe called the Grumbumble. This magical creature produces a treacle that induces melancholy in those who consume it. The treacle has been used to treat hysteria caused by eating Alihotsy leaves. For your homework create something that battles melancholy or craft something that soothes hysteria. This can be anything from a warm scarf, a cheerful card, to a tasty treat.

:sparkles: Charms: This term we are going to work on Supersensory charms; part of the challenging class of charms that the caster casts upon themselves. So for this class please make something for yourself. Try and pick a challenging or time consuming project, but something that you have long wanted. You can choose any medium and any colour, but it must be for you.

:blue_heart: Defense Against the Dark Arts (DADA): One of the spells that you must learn to defend yourself against is the REDUCTOR curse. This makes things small, to experience what this curse does, so that you can eventually learn to defend yourself, make something in miniature. This could be a scaled down version of a craft that you already do, or make a miniature replica of an everyday object. Alternatively consider the reverse of the spell and magnify an object for example, or part of the object that you are working on, for example, exaggerated pockets in a garment, giant tassles on a shawl.

:crystal_ball: Divination: This term we will be branching into the art of dendromancy; the the practice of divining by studying the leaves and branches of plants, usually oak or mistletoe. To demonstrate your mastery of dendromancy please create something featuring leaf or plant motifs. Alternatively you may choose to create something green or brown.

:broom: Flying: A safe, well maintained broom is essential to keeping us safe and our statute of secrecy intact. Fall through some poor muggle’s skylight with a malfunctioning Nimbus and you’ll have more than a little trouble. Please dig into your tools and supplies to do some cleaning, organizing, maintenance, or upgrades as needed to keep you crafting safely.

:herb: Herbology: This term we will be studying the fly agaric mushroom. This fungus often appears under trees in the days before the winter solstice. Fly agaric is poisonous and hallucinogenic. For this class, please craft something red and/or white, or something wild and crazy. Alternately, create an antidote—this could be an antidote to sadness, sickness, anxiety, etc.

:blue_book: History of Magic (HoM): This term we shall study the horrors of Muggle witch trials. As you know, it was infrequent that a real witch was caught by the Muggles, most often the victims were simply women who were different in some way - today we might recognize a learning or cognitive difference, an unusual outlook or interest, or simply an uncommonly brave and defiant streak! To show understanding that appearances may be deceiving, craft something which is not what it initially seems. Crochet which looks like weaving, a tea cosy that looks like a hat, a book that is really a storage box or anything else which defies initial perceptions!

:walking_man: Muggle Studies: Blenders, blenders, BLENDERS!!! What are they? Muggles use these fantastical creations to pulverize various foodstuffs in order to cook them. Or something. If you can gain access to one of these things, use it in your project. Alternately, create something in Blender, blend two or more things together (pigments, marker tones, etc.) or create a project that blends two or more craft techniques in its creation.

:test_tube: Potions: The Felix Felicis potion is very special. Once taken, it will make the drinker lucky in all of their endeavors that day. If too much is taken, it can make the recipient feel reckless and overconfident. For our study of the Felix Felicis potion, we would like you to be inspired by your lucky charm or craft something that takes dangerous overconfidence.

:scroll: Study of Ancient Runes The rune Fehu indicates money or wealth. You may study the depths of this meaning in either of 2 ways; apply your wealth by crafting with the best materials your budget allows, or conserve your wealth by crafting with recycled and reused materials.

:mouse2: Transfiguration: This term we will be transfiguring teapots to tortoises. It is a difficult spell to master. Many students find that their tortoises blow steam, whistle, or keep their China patterns in the shells. For homework please craft something that takes time and patience to complete. This should be a project that takes over two hours to complete. Alternatively, create something that reminds you of your favorite China pattern.

:shield: House Pride Challenge: Please craft something by your chosen Hogwarts House.
:european_castle: House Unity Challenge: Please craft something inspired by another Hogwarts House, or by all of the Houses/School combined.

:alembic::test_tube: ~ Detention Challenges ~ :test_tube::alembic:
:open_book: Advanced Studies Challenge: Put in 2 hours on an ongoing Advanced Studies project, and be prepared to show before & after progress shots.
:thread: Reparo Challenge: Repair something, alter something to suit you, or complete a large organization project.
:basket: Stash Challenge: Craft something solely from your stash.
:yarn: WIP Challenge: Complete a Work In Progress.

:sparkles::woman_mage: ~ Headmistress Prompts ~ :woman_mage::sparkles:
January: New Year - New Anything Challenge
It’s no secret that we’ve all had a rough few year, and we’re all ready for a new start. For this challenge, please craft something New. This could be something in a new craft you’ve never tried before, a new medium or supply you haven’t worked with previously, a new pattern you’ve been dreaming about making. Or, it could just be a new hat for you, out of your favorite yarn, in a pattern you’ve made 100 times before. Your choice.

December - Hagrid’s 12 Trees Christmas Challenges
December 1-January 31
This year Mistress Jennie is giving you a gift. Each one of these prompts can also act as a ‘Free Space’ or ‘Crafters Choice’. That means if you have a project you crafted, that doesn’t fit any current prompt (Class, Book Club, Headmistress, etc.), you can use any of the 12 Trees prompts to submit it under. No questions asked. (Provided it fits LC’s concept of a craft or cooking project.) 30 minute minimum work still applies.
Angel - Craft something for an Angel in your own life.
Baubles - Craft something that reflects your style, even if you aren’t keeping it.
Bells - Craft something that appeals to two senses at once; a meal that looks & taste great, beautifully colored and scented bath products, etc.
Candles - Craft somethign that will give the recipient a warm & happy glow.
Fake Snow - Craft something simple with a purchased supply to give as gifts, like Oreo Truffles or hand stamped envelopes to hold gift cards.
Garland - Craft something inspired by the wintery world.
Icicles - Craft something that needs to be kept at just the right temperature for some portion of time.|
Lights - Craft something to light up the holiday or heart of the recipient.
Ribbon - Create something that ties other items together; decorate a basket to fill with gifts, or draw your family together with a special meal.
Star - Craft something that lets one of your talents shine.
Tinsel - Craft with glitter or another sparkling medium like beads, sequins, glass, prisms, or even sparkling wine!
Tree Skirt - Craft something that is both functional and decorative, or that welcomes friends and family into your home.

:earth_americas: Iron Chef Around the World Challenge! :earth_africa:
This term we’ll take our taste buds on a trip! A random country will be selected each month to serve as inspiration for new recipes, dishes, and ideas. Whether you fun inspiration in a whole dish or a single ingredient, I hope you’ll join me on this tour of flavor. Complete all 4 challenges for a sticker surprise!

:it: Italy: Try out anellini al forno, osso buco, or panna cotta.

:zap::heart::books: ~ Hermione’s Book Club ~ :books::heart::zap:
Chapter 14: Snape’s Grudge December 31-January 31

The castle is searched again, but Black still is not found. Sir Cadogan is fired and the Fat Lady resumes her post. Neville is in disgrace, and Ron becomes a celebrity around school. Hargrid invites Harry & Ron to tea, where he informs them of Buckbeak’s coming trial, and urges them to make up with Hermione, who he says is suffering greatly, for the sole crime of trying to protect Harry. Despite this, Ron’s anger intensifies when Hermione threatens to tell McGonagall about the Marauder’s Map.

Harry uses the Map to secretly visit Hogsmeade, using his Invisibility Cloak. Outside the Shrieking Shack, Malfoy, Crabbe & Goyle try to provoke Ron. Harry, still under the cloak, attacks them, but Malfoy catches a glimpse of Harry’s head. He runs back to school to tell Snape. Snape interrogates Harry, and finds the Map, but is not able to discover how it works, even as it insults him. Prof. Lupin is summoned, but claims ignorance, suggesting it is a joke product. After, Lupin confiscates the map and scolds Harry for not handing in something that could help in capturing Sirius Black, and for risking his life, which his parents sacrificed themselves for. As they arrive back at Gryffindor Tower, Hermione informs them that the Ministry is going to execute Buckbeak.

For this challenge, and as a good way to start the New Year, please craft something fun, or funny.

:mortar_board:~ Advanced Studies ~:mortar_board:

What are Advanced Studies?

  • Advanced Studies are more complex and challenging than typical crafting projects. They can be in any category or genre that you wish
  • You are to choose the course of study you wish to take in a particular subject. Research your desired subject, find a facet of that subject that you wish focus your advanced studies. Form a plan of action, and make your proposal. The possibilities are endless!

:hourglass_flowing_sand:How long should Advanced Studies take?:hourglass_flowing_sand:

  • Advanced Studies are more time-consuming than regular HPC classes and challenges. There is no hard and fast rule on how many hours a project should take, because speed and difficulty levels are too subjective. What we are really looking for is a project that will be a personal challenge to you. That being said…
  • Advanced Studies should generally take 3-4 weeks to complete

:memo:Proposing Advanced Studies:memo:

  • You must propose your Advanced Studies before starting so that we may be your cheerleaders and help encourage you during this more challenging craft adventure
  • When you have settled on a challenging project that will take the required amount of time that you would like to propose, post in the HPC thread using the following header:

Project Name:
Brief Description: (how it fits the requirements, pattern/techniques used, materials using, plan of action, expected timeline, etc.)

  • Your proposed project will be added to the ongoing list of proposed Advanced Studies projects by the Advanced Studies Examiner, @Abbeeroad
  • Please note, you may only work on up to 2 Advanced Studies project at a time. Please do not propose new Advanced Studies until your current ones are complete
  • You may propose an Advanced Studies project at any time during the semester
  • Advanced Studies can carry over to the next semester
  • If you decide to abandon and Advanced Studies project, notify your Advanced Studies Examiner, @Abbeeroad, and the log will be erased from the record. Once you have submitted to have an old Advanced Studies project erased, you can propose a new one
  • Please note , after 3 years, old Advanced Studies project will be removed from the log automatically unless an extension is requested by an active HPC member

:mortar_board:Completing Advanced Studies:mortar_board:

  • Once you propose, you may start your Advanced Studies project right away! You do not need to wait for approval to begin crafting
  • Feel free to add progress pics in the HPC thread. Advanced Studies Fridays is a great time to share!
  • Once your project is complete, post a picture of your project in the HPC using the header provided below

Project Name:
Project Page Link: (if available)
Brief Description: (how it fits the requirements, pattern/techniques used, any fun tips, etc.)
Project Picture:

Each completed Advanced Studies project you post will earn your House 100 points!



:lion: Gryffindor :lion:
jenleahlynn: Charms, Revelio, September 24, 2019
PrincessP: Crochet Sampler Wall Hanging, September 18, 2020
RubeusUmbrella: Blanket of Calm, June 9, 2020

:badger: Hufflepuff :badger:
beholder_folklore: Cross Stitch Portrait, October 1, 2020
fishstix43: Successful work pants, August 26, 2019
GMPNQ: Dragon skin bag, February 24, 2020
GMPNQ: Victorian shawl, March 31, 2020
jillybeans: Castle Cross Stitch, April 2, 2020
katiebread: Potions - Polyjuice Potion, July 16, 2018
madcrafter: Charms, February 22, 2019
Moonflame: Muggle Studies, Feb 10, 2018 (reinstated January 14, 2022)
Moonflame: Hufflepuff Mittens, July 5, 2021
Noodle: Brioche Shawl/blanket, October 23, 2021
patty_o_furniture: Divination 2, Dec 10, 2018
plaidpineapple: Collared Button up Gauze Blouse, September 7, 2021
seeuudee: Memory Teddies, June 21, 2021
skrutt: Wall-hanging with melpasöm, September 11, 2021
Teachergirl: Project of Doom Quilt sections, August 26, 2021
Trillian: Monster Quilt, June 10, 2020
Trillian: Yellow Gradient Socks, June 25, 2020

:eagle: Ravenclaw :eagle:
Audania1: Transfiguration, May 21, 2018
Audania1: Annie’s Afghan Sampler, June 19, 2020
Edel: Illuminated Manuscript, January 9, 2022
jellybean: Arithmancy, February 7, 2019
jellybean: Sophie’s Universe Blanket, August 19, 2020
tiamatfire: SoAR, March 16, 2018
tiamatfire: Charms, April 30, 2018
Whistlefish: Every Season Stitch-A-Long by Tiny Modernist, February 22, 2020

:snake: Slytherin :snake:
AntBee: Flag Bunting for Party or Bedroom, July 1, 2021
AntBee: Christmas Countdown Garland, July 2, 2021
Ashes7727, Charms, March 5, 2018
cheyenneatheart: Transfiguration Option 1, May 4, 2018
CraftsUntold: Quilted Autumn Coffee Table Topper, October 11, 2020
ErinAquaheart: Potions Option 1, February 28, 2019
ErinAquaheart: Happy Birthday from Teddy Book, Jan 17, 2020
imera: Pom pom chair, August 11, 2020
imera: Monogramed Christmas Stockings, November 7, 2021
Inselaeffchen: Nerdy Cross Stitch SAL, January 31, 2021
Inselaeffchen: Letters from Hogwarts SYOA, February 2, 2020
tendstowardschaos: Star Spangled Quilt of Valor, July 7, 2021
tendstowardschaos: Stash Busting Quilt, January 17, 2022


:lion: Abbeeroad: Close To You Shawl, October 25, 2021
:badger: plaidpineapple: Clyde Pants, November 25, 2021
:lion: Abbeeroad: Wave Shawl, December 21, 2021
:lion: Abbeeroad: 2021 Art Journal, December 21, 2021
:eagle: Edel: Medieval Russian Outfit, January 7, 2022
:snake: imera: Monogram Stockings, January 31, 2022

~ House Points ~

:lion: :heart: Gryffindor :heart: :lion:
Abbeeroad Alchemy, Apparition, Arithmancy, Astronomy, Book Club Ch 9, CoMC, Charms, DET-Advanced Studies, DET-Stash, DET-WIP, HEAD-Oct+LC Challenge, Herbology, Iron Chef Thailand, MS, Potions,
Mistress Jennie Alchemy, Apparition, Arithmancy, Book Club Ch 8, Book Club Ch 9, Book Club Ch 11, Book Club Ch 12, Book Club Ch 13, Book Club Ch 14, Charms, CoMC, DET-Reparo, DET-Stash, Divination, Flying, Headmistress-November, HEAD-Angel, HEAD-Baubles, HEAD-Bells, HEAD-Candles, HEAD-Garland, HEAD-Fake Snow, HEAD-Icicles, HEAD-Star, HEAD-Tinsel, HEAD-Tree Skirt, HEAD-January+SPEW, Herbology, House Pride, House Unity+SPEW, MS, SoAR, Transfiguration,

:badger: :yellow_heart: Hufflepuff :yellow_heart: :badger:
Noodle Alchemy, Astronomy, CoMC, Charms, Divination, DET-Ad Studies, DET-Reparo, DET-Stash, Flying, HoM, HEAD-Trees-Baubles, HEAD-Trees-Bells, HEAD-Angel, HEAD-Candles, HEAD-Fake Snow, HEAD-Garland, HEAD-Icicles, HEAD-Lights, HEAD-Ribbon, HEAD-Star, HEAD-Tinsel, HEAD-Tree Skirt, Herbology, SoAR,
plaidpineapple Alchemy, Astronomy, Book Club Ch 8, Book Club Ch 9, CoMC, DET-Stash, DET-WIP, Divination, HEAD-Angel, HEAD-Baubles, HEAD-Candles, HEAD-Garland, HEAD-Icicles, HEAD-Tinsel, Herbology, House Pride, Iron Chef Thailand, MS, SoAR, Transfiguration,
seeuudee Alchemy, Apparition, Arithmancy, Astronomy, CoMC, Charms, DADA, DET-Ad Studies, DET-Reparo, DET-Stash, Divination, HEAD-Angel, HEAD-Baubles, HEAD-Bells, HEAD-Candles, HEAD-Fake Snow, HEAD-Garland, HEAD-Icicles, HEAD-lights, HEAD-RIbbon, HEAD-Star, HEAD-Tinsel, HEAD-Tree Skirt, HEAD-January, Herbology, HoM, House Pride, House Unity, MS, Potions, SoAR, Transfiguration
skrutt Alchemy, Apparition, Book Club Ch 8, Divination, HEAD-Angel, HEAD-Lights, HEAD-Star, HEAD-Tinsel (Written as Crafters Choice, with no subject chosen)
Trillian Apparition, Astronomy, Book Club Ch 9, Book Club Ch 10, CoMC, Charms, DADA, DET-Stash, DET-WIP, Divination, HEAD-October, HEAD-Angel, HEAD-Bells, HEAD-Fake Snow, Herbology, SoAR, Transfiguration

:eagle: :blue_heart: Ravenclaw :blue_heart: :eagle:
Edel Apparition, Book Club Ch 11, Book Club Ch 12, CoMC, DET-Stash, DET-Advanced Studies, DET-Reparo, Divination, HEAD-November, HEAD-Trees-Angel, HEAD-Trees-Baubles, HEAD-Candles, HEAD-Lights, HEAD-Star, HEAD-Tinsel, Herbology, MS, Potions, SoAR, Transfiguration,
ellephabetsoup Astronomy, Charms, HEAD-October, MS,
FiberAlchemist Alchemy, Apparition, Charms, DADA, HEAD-October, HEAD-Tinsel, HoM, Iron Chef Thailand, SoAR, Transfiguration,
jellybean Alchemy, Apparition, Book Club Ch 8, CoMC, DET-Stash, Divination, House Pride

:snake: :green_heart: Slytherin :green_heart: :snake:
AntBee Alchemy, DET-Stash, DET-WIP, Herbology,
CraftsUntold Charms, HEAD-November, Transfiguration,
imeraApparition, Book Club Ch 9, Book Club Ch 11, Book Club Ch 13, DET-Repairo, HEAD-October, Herbology, Iron Chef Thailand, Iron Chef - November, Transfiguration,
inselaeffchen Apparition, CoMC, HEAD-Candles,
tendstowardschaos Alchemy, Apparition+LC Challenge, Arithmancy, Astronomy, Book Club Ch 9, Book Club Ch 12, CoMC, Charms, DET-Ad Studies, DET-Stash, DET-WIP, Divination, HEAD-Angel, HEAD-Baubles, HEAD-Garland, HEAD-Star, Herbology, PotionsSoAR, Transfiguration,

~ Point Totals ~
:lion: Gryffindor: 2 students, 1070 points, for an average of 535 points per student.
:badger: Hufflepuff: 5 students, 1615 points, for an average of 323 points per student.
:eagle: Ravenclaw: 4 students, 715 points, for an average of 178.75 points per student.
:snake: Slytherin: 5 students, 695 points, for an average of 139 points per student.

For reference…
:sparkles: :scroll: :european_castle: Alphabetical Prompts List :european_castle: :scroll: :sparkles:

Book Club - changes every 2 weeks
Care of Magical Creatures
Defense Against the Dark Arts

  • Advance Studies
  • Repair/Alter
  • Stash
  • WIP

Expecto Patronum - Masks
Headmistress - changes monthly
History of Magic
Holiday - changes monthly
House Pride
House Unity
Iron Chef - changes monthly
Muggle Studies
SPEW - that don’t fit into other categories

House Ravenclaw
Class Herbology
Project charcoal drawing. This is a wild and crazy drawing that I did in my first art class today. I covered the page with charcoal then rubbed some of it off, then I started to draw, using only an eraser to make highlights. It’s a daft technique, but it was quite freeing, rather than it being precise and controlled. It’s a picture of a bunch of paper bags standing up.


Wow! That is incredible Edel.

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Class or Challenge Title: Herbology
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name & Page Link: Flannel Dog jacket
Brief Description: With the cooling weather it is getting chilly enough that my dog was shivering when we went outside this morning. Luckily, I was able to craft an anitidote in the form of a flannel dog vest.


Nice paper bags! I remember doing drawing like that in my art classes. I hated it! :joy:

I didn’t enjoy it much either, tbh

House Ravenclaw
Challenge: stash challenge.
Project: a cushion and a pouch for a friend. Everything is stash, even down to the cushion pad. He has quite gothy sensibilities, so the skull theme should be right up his alley.

And the pouch.

Skulls on the inside too

He really loved them both. :grin:


@plaidpineapple please can we have a picture of the dog wearing his jacket?

@Edel love the paperbags! There is an art store near me which does class, I’ve been meaning to get up the nerve to go in, you’ve inspired me!

Project Name: Diffindo! A steeked cardigan
House: Hufflepuff
Brief Description: another cardigan for myself, this time with a fair Isle yoke, and my first attempt at steeking. This bit terrifies me, so. I’m not going to think about it until the rest of the cardi is knit.
I have a few smaller projects that I’ll also be doing alongside, plus the unmitigated madness that is autumn term at school. Therefore aiming to be done by Easter… and that feels ambitious!


I completely forgot to do an Iron Chef post in all the excitement of the new term opening! I know @MistressJennie had it as part of her classes/prompts post, but just in case you missed it…

:earth_americas: Iron Chef Around the World Challenge! :earth_africa:
This term we’ll take our taste buds on a trip! A random country will be selected each month to serve as inspiration for new recipes, dishes, and ideas. Whether you fun inspiration in a whole dish or a single ingredient, I hope you’ll join me on this tour of flavor. Complete all 4 challenges for a sticker surprise!

:thailand: October: Thailand: Try a green papaya salad, massaman curry, or mango sticky rice.

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Your new AS proposal has been added to the project log! I had to Google steeking. Cutting into your finished knitting is terrifying indeed! Good luck!

Yummm. Thai food.

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Class or Challenge Title: Book Club Ch 8
House: Gryffindor!
Project Name & Page Link: All Hallows Quilt Block
Brief Description: Since I already made a version of this block for my eventual black & rainbow scrappy quilt, I decided to make another for the Quiltalongs BOM challenge, out of Halloween fabrics. I love how it came out!
Project Picture:


That is fabulously creepy-crawly with all the spiders! Nice piecing!

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I am loving these Halloween blocks you’re doing. The fabrics are great, but the execution is divine!

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I love how subtle the Halloween-ness is!

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I’m back! It was a truly rough summer but I’m hoping to hop back into posting here. I missed everyone and their awesome projects!

Class or Challenge Title: Astronomy
House: Hufflepuff
Project Name & Page Link: Made using this pattern from Requiem Art Designs
Brief Description: I made an outfit for my doll using this pattern a few years ago, and while it turned out fine, in the end it wasn’t really something my doll would wear - a bit clownish. I really struggled to get all the gathers into the bloomers’ cuffs, and the straps never really stayed on. Fast forward a few years and I wanted to make a set of babydoll pajamas and this seemed like the best starting point. While there are a few tweaks I want to make on the top if I try it again I couldn’t be happier with the bloomers. I reduced thier width, finally figured out the cuffs, and shortened them a bit by making a casing for an elastic waist band instead of a gathered one with a snap closure. The attempt at using my machine’s decorative stitching on the bodice may not be the best, but I am still really pleased with the overall effect.


Advanced Study Project Update:
My gauze shirt is coming along nicely. I have never sewn a collar that I felt turned out well. So for a long time I have avoided them I used this Youtube video, and -success! My collar fits well. I am using a pattern from McCalls- 7904.

I finished the second draft of my Clyde pants. I made it in cheap polyester and it fits well. So onto the linen pair-the final pants.