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I received a box full of wonders from @MightyMitochondria! It was packed full of goodness… I couldn’t believe how much she was able to fit into a small box!

The handmade items included some embroidered twinchies.

These are very cool! So many different colors and stitches. I’m working on figuring out a way to display them.

More handmade goodness: some fabric beads.

I’m assuming these came from @magpie’s class. I was so excited to receive them; can’t wait to make myself a necklace from them. I love all the different fabrics and threads, including some metallics.

She also made some Teesha patches.

The butterfly fabric is sparkly! This is good timing, because I’m working on a TM patch project right now.

There are also these fabric buttons/embellishments.
These will look great on either my TM patch project, or one of the wreaths I like to make.

The rest of the box was packed full of supplies: flowers, interesting papers, vintage snaps, chipboard shapes, decals, wooden flower clips, metal embossing blanks…etc etc etc.

She said she recently inherited a bunch of supplies; I appreciate the ones she shared with me!

Thanks so much, @MightyMitochondria! I love everything and can’t wait to use all the things!


@MightyMitochondria - That box is fantastic. I am in awe of those inches. Crazy! They are so textured and full! I can’t believe you did that on such a tiny scale! The fabric beads are so pretty. And so many cool supplies. Great way to start the gallery!


I was so lucky to inherit crafty treasures just at the right time. My favorite are the wooden flowers attached to clothespins.

The twinchies are left over from an embroidered inchies tutorial. I love making them, but i don’t do papercrafts, so i mostly make them for swaps. Here is the tutorial.


I love the flowers, too! I have already clipped some of them to a bunting in my craft room. And yellow’s my favorite color!


Wow! What a fun box of goodies…its like opening a treasure chest!


That is some yummy, fibery goodness right there!


Holy toledo that box had a tough job of it- so many fun things!


Wow! @MightyMitochondria magic again! Wonderful box!

My box from @Amfkinney arrived today stuffed full of goodies!

Many of you know I aspire to be the art teacher next year. It’s getting closer to me knowing what may happen (I have heard promising news, but will guve official deets when I can), so I asked for doodads for the art room along with other things I can’t really remember.

Boy did she deliver!

Lots of fun things to play with!

She also filled me box with all sorts of cards and card making things.

I’m already wearing my cool necklace made with crochet using pretty beads and she made me a gorgeous knitted ear warmer!

Thank you so much, Anne! I’m still adding to your box.


So glad you like your swap. I had so much fun putting it together!!!



So many useful things for your new role! The colors of the ear warmer look so vibrant and delicious… and the necklace is very pretty, too. Is the ear warmer kind of twisty on top? It also looks like it has one of those leathery tags. I feel like that always seems to elevate knit or crochet winter wear and makes it look kind of custom and classy.


I received my parcel today and boy did that box have a job to do! Look:


I’m pretty sure she’s a wizard or a timelord to get all that into one box!
Handmade things:

A (I refuse to call it “junk”) journal, a felt needle book, and a sign for my kitchen with the quote I’ve been wanting to put on the window sill above the sink, and some stitch markers (a gal can NEVER have too many stitch markers!)

Some other fun things:
Yarny tools (Light up crochet hooks!)

A Yarn winder- whaaaat?!? Amazing!!


And, and, and… some things for mending, a tea party, crafty bits to use with my daughter and chocolate which I immediately hid (If I ever spontaneously combust and my family comes on here lamenting the lack of snacks tell them to look in the knitting basket and the soup tureen in the china cabinet lol)

Thank you so much, Anne, it is amazing! I really hope you like what I’m working on for you!


Wow, it’s like crafty Christmas at your house! So many cool gadgets. I have a yarn-winder like that, and it’s so much fun to make all the yarn into fancy cakes. I’m thinking the light-up crochet hooks would be a real help if you were working with black yarn or thread.

The quote is wonderful! I love that the journal has bees on it, a nod your LC identity. And the needle book is so cute with its little red flower… I know you will get lots of good use out of it, too.


light up crochet hooks?! Those look like so much fun. She really packed a lot in that package. the junk journal and needlebook are adorable. The dishes sign is sweet.


I am so glad you enjoyed everything. I had to play tetris to get it in the box. I think I packed and repacked 4 or 5 times!




Oh my, this gallery is AWESOME!


What a great package! I can’t believe all of that fit into one box! Although the other items are really cool, that’s a stunning junk journal. I’d love to see a separate post showing the inside, @Amfkinney It totally deserves it! And who can’t use more stitch markers? Those are just darling.


Thank you @Kwality570!

I’m very new to junk journaling. This was actually my 2nd one! Now I am addicted.

Here are some pictures.


Very cool. Seems a travesty to call that junk. :wink: