Halloween Costume Challenge 2021

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:vampire:t2: :elf:t2: :woman_zombie: :man_superhero: :woman_supervillain: :mage: Halloween Costume Challenge! :woman_mage: :man_supervillain: :woman_superhero: :zombie: :elf: :vampire:t2:

The most wonderful time of the year is nearly here… Halloween! The perfect time to be anything your heart desires. Or to dress your kiddos up as anything their hearts desire! So pull your fabric sheers out of your secret hiding place, grab your faithful glue gun, and get crafting on a totally epic Halloween costume!


The Rules:

  • Your costume may be for yourself, or for a family member or friend.
  • You may have help or collaborate on the costume with an immediate family member like your spouse.
  • Your costume may contain some purchased elements, but must be predominantly handmade by you. (Examples of purchased items could be a crown, to go with the princess dress you sewed.)
  • Each LC member may only submit one entry, which cannot already be posted on its own thread. If you wish to submit a group or family set of costumes, it will count as 1 entry.
  • Additionally, your entry may not be submitted for any other contest in this community.
  • All entries must be posted by midnight on November 4th.

The winner of the Halloween Costume Challenge will receive a $20 Amazon gift card!

Additional Details:

  • You should submit your entry by creating a project post on the Fashin & Wearables Completed Projects sub-board.
  • You are REQUIRED to have a descriptive title and then include β€œ- Halloween Costume Entry 2021” (example: Jennie’s Witch Costume - Halloween Costume Entry 2021). Once you have posted your submission, you need to reply to this thread with a link to your post. If you do not do this, your entry will not be considered.
  • Voting will happen on November 5th - 11th.
  • The winner will be announced on November 12th.
  • If cheating of any sort is discovered, the applicable entry and votes will be disqualified.

If you have any questions, or want to chat about your crafting progress for this challenge, post it here! Let’s have fun!

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I love this challenge! It is so fun to see all the awesome costumes.

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I’m excited to see all costumes!

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Halloween! Halloween! Halloween! What a fantastic challenge…can’t wit to see all the entries :slight_smile:

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So exciting!!

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Asking for a (skeleton) friend: Does a costume for a skeleton that lives in the yard count?

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Is it ALWAYS in the yard!?! I think i just threw up a little. That clown outfit was horrifying on its own in October but to stumble upon it in like, March!?! :fearful:

:rofl: Naw. But we do live in the woods, so wouldn’t be shocking to run into some kind of bones out there if you’re paying attention. Rarely human. :ghost:

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I’m almost disappointed lol :joy:

:rofl: :rofl: There are skulls and sometimes bones around inside most of the time!

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I’ll say yes, provided as much work goes into the skeleton’s costume as you would put into a costume for a human.


Well, that brings up something: what about a costume made for a human years ago and then modified, added to, re accessorized into a different thing for a skeleton? {waggles eyebrows]

That one is harder to answer. The spirit of the challenge is to craft a Halloween costume this year, hence being the 2021 Halloween Costume Challenge. We definitely don’t allow people to enter a costume they made in the past, for this year. But of course, I’ve definitely pulled old costumes from storage and heavily reworked them for new shows while working in theatre. I feel like it would have to be a significant redesign, and the kind of thing you should show your work (before & after pics) when presenting it for this challenge.

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This is a very helpful answer! Now I know which category to post my project in when it’s done. THANK YOU!