Fabric Rope Woven Wreath

I decided to jump in on @AIMR’s “Use Those Fabric Scraps” craftalong.

I had recently become excited about making fabric rope and made a couple other projects (I’ll post those later) and then tried to decide what else I could make. Then I came across this twine wreath and I knew that’s what I wanted to use my rope for!

My wreath seemed blank without embellishments. I still have fabric rope left over, so I decided to make fabric scrap flowers to add.

What I learned when making this wreath is: keep the fabric rope length small and add to it as you weave. I ended up having to cut my rope several times because trying to weave approximately 5 feet of rope did not sound like a good idea. Also, the more rope you have, the easier it will become loose and you lose scraps. No good.

I really enjoyed this project. The only cost to me was a 40% off wreath form from JoAnn’s.
Thanks for looking.


So pretty and colorful. I love the scrappy flowers with button centers. :smiley:

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That looks amazing! I love how you’ve made the flowers stand out by separating them from the similar background with green fabric leaves. Great idea and beautifully executed, this is a winner!


Oohh very pretty. Great use of your stash

Thank you @Magpie and @Edel!

LOVE IT!!! The flowers came out awesome and are the PERFECT touch!

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Thank you! I may be addicted to making those flowers now. Flowers on everything!


That is so pretty!! And yay for using scraps and stash!!

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Love your embellishments! :sunflower:

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I love the additions! They are perfect! Where are you going to hang it?

Ooh, I like how the flowers turned out!

I’m not sure yet.I would like it in the dining room, but I will ask Mr. Lynx what he thinks first.

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How wonderful that you managed to use the scraps :smiley: and this wreath is so cute, wonderfully made.

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Thank you so much. It sure does make me happy.

Very pretty and fun! Love it!

Love it! Pinning it! It Rocks!

I have a hair clip that is similar to the flowers you made for your wreath :smile: I love them, and I’ll bet you could find a lot of uses if you made more. Great job!!!

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Aww, shucks. /blushing/ Thank you!

The flowers and leaves are the perfect addition!

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Thank you! My dd keeps saying “it still doesn’t look done,” and I keep saying “yes, it’s perfect!”


I adore this! It came out so beautifully. I love that you were inspired by another member, that you stash busted, and that you had tips to share with us. :purple_heart: