Food & Drink Featured Member - bethntim

One of our most prolific recipe-sharers here at Lettuce Craft has been @bethntim. Check out her Monthly birthday parties at work! post…

And her Breakfast for a Crowd

Her Snickers Apple (of my) Pie

Her Bourbon balls

Her Potato pancakes-made from leftover naked taters

Or maybe her Bacon Onion Upside Down Cornbread

Thank you for sharing all of your recipes with us! How did you learn to cook?
I learned a lot on my own. My mom is a fantastic cook but not a great baker so having her make the savories while I made the sweets always worked out well in our family. The first thing I remember baking is oatmeal raisin cookies when I was 12. I had no idea I had to let the cookies cool when they came out of the oven so I just piled them onto the plate. I ended up with a heap of the most wonderful oatmeal raisin cookies that had to be cut into like a cake! My family laughed at me when they had to cut a slice of cookies! We still laugh about it to this day.

Tell us about the incredible cooking you do for your co-workers
I love the monthly birthday parties but we had to suspend it for March, April, and May BUT for those that celebrated birthdays I asked them what would have requested for snacks and have made a list of what I’m going to bring on our first day back in the office. I plan on having a marathon baking day the day before and surprise everyone with a HUGE welcome back celebration! Before I started there they had a thing called The Breakfast Club where they were assign certain Fridays and one person would bring in breakfast for the team. When I started I asked if I could bring in home cooked meals and they were more than happy to let me “experiment” on them.

Do you have a favorite cookbook you always seem to return to?
I do! When I got married (in 1998) my brother made me a Family Cookbook. He called every member of our family and tons of family friends to get their favorite recipes. Some of them he transcribed via phone, others he took via email, and some people mailed him recipe cards. He compiled them into a binder for me and it is my favorite cookbook ever. I love seeing the recipe cards of those that are no longer with us. I also love the old school red gingham Betty Crocker cookbook.

Which do you enjoy more, cooking or baking?
Baking for sure. I love the precision of recipes. My hubby does the cooking and I do the baking.

Of all the recipes you’ve shared here, which one is your favorite?
The tater tot quiches because they are so customizable. Easy to please everyone. (You can find the recipe in Breakfast for a Crowd).

Loved your Beignets! (with recipe link) post! Is there anything else you are planning to try to make for the first time?
I want to make an Eton Mess cake

What is your favorite creation ever? (doesn’t need to be food related)
I’m very proud of everything I make but my fave is my kids :slight_smile:

Do you have a crafty crush?
Too many to name!

What are your favorite things about Lettuce Craft?
I love that we persevered even after CSter went kaput. I feel like it brought us together more, made us stronger. With CSter I was very much just focused on the crafts, I didn’t go off topic or really know very much about anyone, Heck, I didn’t even know some of the member’s real names! Now I feel like I know several people on a much more personal level. I’ve never met any lettuces face to face but would love to!


What a wonderful interview! Thank you MW, for letting me get to know @bethntim better. :smiley:


Wonderful to see such a generous and prolific cook sharing recipes and stories…and of course, crocheting lovely things in between as well!

mmmm The breakfast dishes are my favorite…especially the tater tots!


Such a wonderful way to get to know bethntim better! Congratulations on the Featured Member, and many thanks for sharing the delicious recipes and crafts!


Congratulations on the feature, @bethntim! I’m so happy to see your interview!

What a treasure this must be!

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Fantastic interview! And now I’m hungry :drooling_face:

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Great interview! I appreciate how connected your food is to your family and friends.

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I loved reading about Beth! And holy s’mokin s’mores look at all those great dishes she’s already contributed here. YAHOO!

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OMG everything looks sooooo goooood in those posts, yum!! And lovely to get to know you better @bethntim!

You have a much more fun ‘first time baking’ story than me, I remember making flapjacks (UK flapjacks that is, which is like an oat traybake) but forgot to put the sugar in so it came out pretty much like crumbs, and I also remember making a pizza for the family that they binned because they were worried about getting food poisoning from it, rofl!!! :rofl:

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Wow these look awesome. I want to works with you @bethntim