Harry Potter Craftalong - Ostara 2020

~ Harry Potter Craftalong ~ Ostara 2020 ~
~ February 1st, 2019 - May 31st, 2020~

Welcome to Hogwarts!

The Harry Potter Craftalong (HPC) is a way to share your crafts, cheer on friends, celebrate your love of Harry Potter, and most of all to be inspired . Each term we have class prompts inspired by Hogwarts courses, Detention challenges to motivate you on mundane tasks, & Headmistress Musings inspired by the season. Complete crafts inspired by these prompts, and you earn House Points. While the prompts themselves are HP themed, your crafts do not have to be. You may craft anything you wish. You may join anytime during a term, and participate as much or as little as you wish. At the end of each term we take an average of each House’s Points, and declare a winner!

To participate, simply read through the prompts in the post below, find one that inspires you, create a craft to fit the challenge, then post it here. That’s all there is to it!

To submit a project, cut & paste the following header into your post, and fill in the required info. You can add more than one project to your post.

Class or Challenge Title:
SPEW or LC Contest: If your item is for charity, or was created as an entry to a contest here on LC, enter that here; if not please delete this line.
Project Name & Page Link: Add a link to your project posted here on Lettuce Craft, or to a recipe, pattern, etc.
Brief Description: How it fits the requirements, pattern/techniques used, any fun tips, etc.
Project Picture: REQUIRED! No picture = No House Points

-Projects should take a minimum of 30 minutes to make.
-For a project to be counted, it must have a picture or a link to a picture included at the time of posting. If your item is a private piece, or is being kept secret for a Swap, you are more than welcome to send a Private Message directly to the the Headmistress.
-For any cooking/food project, in addition to a photo, you must post a complete recipe, or a link to the recipe you used. No recipe = no points.

~ HPC FAQs ~
-Do you sort me? No, you decide which house you belong to.
-I have a problem or question; who can I ask? You can send a Personal Message (PM) to Headmistress @MistressJennie . You can also ask questions in the thread.
-Do I have to craft all the classes & challenges? Nope! Just do what you want to craft.
-Does my craft project have to be Harry Potter themed? No, craft anything you like.
-This is a lot of info. How do I keep myself organized? Feel free to use Hermione’s Homework Planner, a Google Doc created & updated by MistressJennie. Claim a sheet of the Homework Planner at the bottom of the page, and rename it with your userame. Please DO NOT alter the Master Sheet at the far left.


~Craft Prompts Crescent~
:steam_locomotive::sparkles::scroll: ~Class Prompts~ :scroll::sparkles::steam_locomotive:
:alembic: Alchemy: In alchemy, each classical planet was associated with one of the seven metals known to the classical world. This term we are going to study the Moon, which is linked to the metal Silver. Please create something linked with the Moon (ex, something that has a face), or something linked to Silver (ex, a piece of jewelry).

:mage: Apparition: Not everyone who takes the apparation exam pass flawlessly the first time they try, even the most minor splinching results in the student having to retake the exam. For this term find something that you failed at before and give it another shot. Maybe it’s something you made ages ago which you claimed was done, but you know deep down wasn’t, or maybe it’s something you failed so badly at that you ended up throwing the whole thing out.

:infinity: Arithmancy: Arthmancy might not be the most exciting of all Hogwarts classes, but it is a required class for many exciting jobs. For this term you must take something “boring” and make it exciting. Maybe the recipe is great by itself, but you have an idea of how to make it more exciting (or delicious), maybe the pattern you are using is nice as-is, but you have an idea of how to make it more awesome. Let us know just what you did to upgrade the craft into something more amazing.

:ringer_planet: Astronomy: This year we’ll be looking at some constellations, and for Ostara Term we will be looking at “Draco”. Please study the constellation and craft something that reminds you of a dragon. Think outside the box for this one.

:owl: Care of Magical Creatures (CoMC): The Diricawl, also know by muggles as a Dodo, can vanish at will when in danger. This has saved it from Muggles. Believed to be extinct by Muggles and used as an example to bring awareness to animal conservation, the Wizarding community feels no need to set the record straight. For homework please show your own conservation efforts to help the planet and other creatures. This can be anything from art of an endangered species to making reusable produce bags to reduce plastic waste.

:sparkles: Charms: One of the most interesting charms that we learn is Accio. This is a boon to the lazy. To explore this craft make something that allows you to be lazy or saves you time. Perhaps a mug cozy or person cozy for when you are relaxing, or create some labelled storage items (and fill them) to save you time looking for supplies in the future.

:blue_heart: Defense Against the Dark Arts (DADA): The basilisk is a fearsome monster, we need to learn to defend ourselves against it. To effectually defend, you need to know your enemy, so we will be studying the basilisk in detail. Craft something that is pointy or sharp, or use sharp and pointy objects in your craft. Alternatively work with smooth and slippery materials.

:crystal_ball: Divination: Everyone collect a crystal ball from the shelves at the back of the room and begin gazing into the unknown. To complete this term’s homework look at the images contained within the crystal and create something that contains hidden elements (ie - pockets, or a secret ingredient). Alternately you may focus on the properties of the crystal ball itself and complete something that is very smooth in texture or has a reflective surface.

:broom: Flying: As we take to the air, we must not allow ourselves to be distracted by creatures flying at the same altitude we are. This is especially important at this time of year as many birds are migrating to seasonal habitats. Please work your ornithological curiosity out by crafting something that is inspired by your favorite bird - be sure to include what the bird is and why you find it so fascinating when you submit your assignment.

:herb: Herbology: Moonwort or Lunaria is a plant with transparent seedpods and purple flowers. The root and young leaves are edible, and the plant is helpful in spells involving honesty, love, wealth, and the banishment of monsters. Please create something that is either 1) transparent or purple (or uses one of those as an element) 2) something edible, or 3) something to banish monsters. Examples include a bright lantern or snuggly blanket to keep away dementors/depression. You are welcome to find other aspects of the plant to use as inspiration as long as you share the info in your submission.

:blue_book: History of Magic (HoM): In Hogsmeade Village, Madam Puddifoot’s Tea Room has long been a popular spot for Hogwarts students to take their sweethearts. This term take your inspiration from the Tea Room. Your project may be inspired by the pink ruffles and bows decorating the shop itself or by the tea and coffee on their menu.

:walking_man: Muggle Studies: In Winter, Muggles enjoy snow sports. These include skiing, ice skating, and sledding. These are done without benefit of warming or fire-making spells. Please create a project inspired by one of these sports, by the color white, or by the cold itself.

:test_tube: Potions: Time to clear out some cobwebs, so during Ostara we are learning the Anti-Paralysis Potion! Craft something that gets you “out of a rut”, craft something for someone to feel better, or craft something in a ruby red color.

:scroll: Study of Ancient Runes (SoAR): The Fwooper is a magical creature, with 4 different colored feathers, and often represents the number ‘4’. For your assignment, create a project using the number 4. It may be made up of 4 different colors, 4 separate items, or have 4 main ingredients.

:mouse2: Transfiguration: The Ebublio Jinx is a transfiguration spell that traps your opponent in a large bubble. This term please show your best Ebublio Jinx by crafting something that uses or represents bubbles in its creation. This can be using bubbles to dye paper all the way to using popcorn stitches to make “bubbles” as you crochet.

:shield: House Pride Challenge: Please craft something by your chosen Hogwarts House.

:european_castle: House Unity Challenge: Please craft something inspired by another Hogwarts House, or by all of the Houses/School combined.

:alembic::test_tube: ~Detention Challenges~ :test_tube::alembic:
:yarn: WIP Challenge: For this challenge, please complete a Work In Progress. For this term only, you may complete this prompt 2 times!
:basket: Stash Challenge: For this challenge, please craft something solely from your stash. For this term only, you may complete this prompt 5 times!
:thread: Reparo Challenge: For this challenge, please repair something broken or alter something to work better for you. For this term only, you may complete this prompt 2 times!
:open_book: Advanced Studies Challenge: For this challenge please put in 2 hours on an ongoing OWL or NEWT assignment & be prepared to show before & after progress shots. Please note: no before & after pics = no points! For this term only, you may complete this prompt 2 times!

:sparkles::woman_mage: ~Headmistress Monthly Prompts~ :woman_mage::sparkles:
March - Vernal Equinox Challenge: During both the vernal and autumnal equinox, night and day are of equal length. This year in the Northern Hemisphere the vernal equinox falls on March 19, as the Sun crosses the celestial equator going north. According to the astronomical definition of the seasons, the vernal equinox also marks the beginning of spring, which lasts until the summer solstice, in June. For this challenge please craft something inspired by the idea of balance, or something inspired by spring.

:bouquet: :egg: :shamrock: ~Holiday Challenges~ :shamrock: :egg: :bouquet:
Make Your Own Holiday at Home We are facing an unprecidented moment in modern history and it’s important for all of us to do our part to help reduce spread of the Coronavirus by staying home. For many, that can seem like a depressing thing; not being able to go to the park or the library, not going out to a favorite restaurant, or to see a movie with a friend. So to battle the social distancing blues, create your very own holiday at home! Celebrate however you wish. Make a special dinner, or do a craft project with the kids. Create a fun spring wreath for your front door. Whatever you choose to do, have fun, and celebrate just for the fun of it. For this term only, you may complete this prompt 2 times!

:woman_cook::shallow_pan_of_food::hocho: ~Iron Chef Challenges~ :hocho::shallow_pan_of_food::woman_cook:
March Secret Ingredient: Harissa
Give this North African hot chili pepper paste a try with lemon harissa chicken, egg cheddar harissa pastry squares, or even tandoori butter sweet potato fries with harissa feta.

:zap::heart::books: ~Hermione’s Book Club~ :books::heart::zap: March 30 - April 12
Chapter 5: Diagon Alley
Harry awakens to find he really is a wizard, and will be going to a magic school. Hagrid takes him to London to purchase his school supplies, by way of the Leaky Cauldron. He is shocked to learn all of the pub’s patrons know him, and want to shake his hand. They stop at Gringott’s, where Harry finds the gold his parents have left him, and Hagrid picks up a mysterious package from vault 713. While being fitted for his school robes, Harry encounters another boy, and takes an instant dislike to his attitude towards Hagrid & non-magical people. Hagrid buys Harry an owl as a birthday present, and they pick up the remainder of his school supplies, before heading to Ollivander’s to find a wand. Mr. Ollivander has Harry try several wands before a holly & phoenix feather wand chooses him. Ollivander then explains that his new wand share’s a core with the wand used by Voldemort, and Harry thinks to himself, he’s not sure if he likes Mr. Ollivander very much. Finally, over dinner at the train station, Harry admits to Hagrid that he’s worried he won’t be able to live up to everyone’s expectations at Hogwarts, but Hagrid assures him that everyone starts out as a novice, and that he’ll do just fine at school.

For this challenge please craft something in a medium people expect from you. Alternately you may craft something with an awesome supply that’s been squirreled away in your stash for too long. In addition to the suggested prompt, you may always craft something inspired by a character, scene, or situation in that chapter, provided you note what specifically inspired you in your project submission.


:mortar_board:~ Advanced Studies ~:mortar_board:

What are Advanced Studies?

  • Advanced Studies are more complex and challenging than typical crafting projects. They can be in any category or genre that you wish
  • You are to choose the course of study you wish to take in a particular subject. Research your desired subject, find a facet of that subject that you wish focus your advanced studies. Form a plan of action, and make your proposal. The possibilities are endless!

:hourglass_flowing_sand:How long should Advanced Studies take?:hourglass_flowing_sand:

  • Advanced Studies are more time-consuming than regular HPC classes and challenges. There is no hard and fast rule on how many hours a project should take, because speed and difficulty levels are too subjective. What we are really looking for is a project that will be a personal challenge to you. That being said…
  • Advanced Studies should generally take 3-4 weeks to complete

:memo:Proposing Advanced Studies:memo:

  • You must propose your Advanced Studies before starting so that we may be your cheerleaders and help encourage you during this more challenging craft adventure
  • When you have settled on a challenging project that will take the required amount of time that you would like to propose, post in the HPC thread using the following header:

Project Name:
Brief Description: (how it fits the requirements, pattern/techniques used, materials using, plan of action, expected timeline, etc.)

  • Your proposed project will be added to the ongoing list of proposed Advanced Studies projects by the Advanced Studies Examiner, @Abbeeroad
  • Please note, you may only work on up to 2 Advanced Studies project at a time. Please do not propose new Advanced Studies until your current ones are complete
  • You may propose an Advanced Studies project at any time during the semester
  • Advanced Studies can carry over to the next semester
  • If you decide to abandon and Advanced Studies project, notify your Advanced Studies Examiner, @Abbeeroad, and the log will be erased from the record. Once you have submitted to have an old Advanced Studies project erased, you can propose a new one
  • Please note , after 3 years, old Advanced Studies project will be removed from the log automatically unless an extension is requested by an active HPC member

:mortar_board:Completing Advanced Studies:mortar_board:

  • Once you propose, you may start your Advanced Studies project right away! You do not need to wait for approval to begin crafting
  • Feel free to add progress pics in the HPC thread. Advanced Studies Fridays is a great time to share!
  • Once your project is complete, post a picture of your project in the HPC using the header provided below

Project Name:
Project Page Link: (if available)
Brief Description: (how it fits the requirements, pattern/techniques used, any fun tips, etc.)
Project Picture:

Each completed Advanced Studies project you post will earn your House 100 points!



:lion: Gryffindor :lion:
Abbeeroad: Cozy Coupe Makeover, October 19, 2019
jenleahlynn: Arithmancy, December 15, 2017
jenleahlynn: Charms, Revelio, September 24, 2019
Mistress Jennie: Astronomy, Feb 10, 2018
Mistress Jennie: Klaziena Shawl March 18, 2020
rockmygypsysoul: Muggle Studies, September 11, 2017
Whistlefish: Every Season Stitch-A-Long by Tiny Modernist, February 22, 2020

:badger: Hufflepuff :badger:
fishstix43: Successful work pants, August 26, 2019
GMPNQ: Dragon skin bag, February 24, 2020
J_Kieviet: Alchemy #1, June 3, 2017
J_Kieviet: CoMC, June 3, 2017
katiebread: Potions - Polyjuice Potion, July 16, 2018
madcrafter: Charms, February 22, 2019
Moonflame: Muggle Studies, Feb 10, 2018
Moonflame: Diagon Alley Book Nook, March 6, 2020
patty_o_furniture: Divination 2, Dec 10, 2018
plaidpineapple: Alchemy Option 1, October 7, 2017
Trillian: COMC april 8th 2016

:eagle: Ravenclaw :eagle:
Audania1: History of Magic, February 5, 2019
Audania1: Transfiguration, May 21, 2018
edelC: Steampunk Costume, September 7, 2019
jellybean89: Arithmancy, February 7, 2019
noodle-bug: DADA, Oct 15, 2018
primrosepetunia: Transfiguration, Option 1, February 21, 2017
TheArtsyRaven: Muggle Studies, June 6, 2018
tiamatfire: SoAR, March 16, 2018
tiamatfire: Charms, April 30, 2018

:snake: Slytherin :snake:
Ant Bee: SoAR, February 4, 2019
Ashes7727, Charms, March 5, 2018
cheyenneatheart: Transfiguration Option 1, May 4, 2018
ErinAquaheart: Potions Option 1, February 28, 2019
ErinAquaheart: Happy Birthday from Teddy Book, Jan 17, 2020
Inselaeffchen: “Drawlloween 2019” stitchalong, September 26, 2019
Inselaeffchen: Letters from Hogwarts SYOA, February 2, 2020
TechnicolorAquahearts: Arithmancy, August 14, 2017
TechnicolorAquahearts: Charms, August 14, 2017


:lion: Gryffindor: Mistress Jennie, Scrappy Virus Afghan, Completed 02/12/20
:lion: Gryffindor: Whistlefish, Grow Your Own Cross Stitch, March 16, 2020


~ House Points ~

:lion: Gryffindor :lion:
Abbeeroad Book Club 1, DET-Stash, HEAD-Feb, HEAD-March+LC Challenge, HoM, Potions + LC Challenge
jenleahlynn Arithmancy, Charms, DET-Advanced Studies
Mistress Jennie Alchemy, Arithmancy, Astronomy, Book Club 1, Book Club Ch 2, Book Club Ch 3, DADA, DET-Stash+LC Challenge, DET-Stash#2, DET-WIP, DET-Reparo, Divination, HEAD-Fan Mail, HEAD-March+LC Challenge, Herbology, HoM+LC Challenge, House Pride, Iron Chef-Harissa, MS, Potions, SoAR,
Whistlefish Astronomy, Cook Club Ch 4, DADA, Divination, HoM, Herbology, Potions, SOAR, Transfiguration,

:badger: Hufflepuff :badger:
Donna CoMC,
fishstix43 DET-Stash, HEAD-March, Herbology,
GMPNQ DET-Ad Studies, DET-Reparo, DADA, Divination, HoM
Jillybeans DADA, Herbology, HoM, SoAR,
plaidpineapple Apparition, Herbology+SPEW, SoAR+SPEW, Transfiguration+SPEW,
seeuudee Apparition, Arithmancy,
Teachergirl MS, SoAR,
Trillian DADA, Flying, HEAD-Feb, MS, Potions,
Wildblue Herbology,

:eagle: Ravenclaw :eagle:
Edel Arithmancy, Book Club Ch 3, Charms, DET-Reparo, Herbology,
Jeanne Apparition, HoM, MS+SPEW,
jellybean Book Club 1, Herbology+SPEW, HoM, House Unity+SPEW,

:snake: Slytherin :snake:
Ant Bee Charms, DET-Reparo, HEAD-Feb,
ErinAquaheart HEAD-Fan Mail, Book Club Ch 3,
imera Arithmancy, Book Club Ch 1, Book Club Ch 4, DET-Stash, HEAD-Fan Mail, HEAD-March, Iron Chef-Cereal, Iron Chef-Harissa,
Inselaeffchen Potions,

~ Point Totals ~
:lion: Gryffindor: 4 students, 835 points , for an average of 208.75 points per student.
:badger: Hufflepuff: 8 students, 435 points , for an average of 54.375 points per student.
:eagle: Ravenclaw: 3 students, 210 points , for an average of 70 points per student.
:snake: Slytherin: 4 students, 195 points , for an average of 48.75 points per student.

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:lion: Gryffindor Common Room :lion:

:heart: Valentine’s Day Card Exchange :heart:
This year Gryffindor House will once again be hosting a Valentine’s Day Card Exchange. To participate, please send your mailing address to MistressJennie between now and February 6th, 2020. I will compile the addresses and share them with those who signed up on February 8th. You are welcome to send to everyone on the list, or to send just to those in your own country, or even just to whichever special friends you feel closest too. This is not a swap, and sending a card to someone does not obligate them to send one back. You can send handmade cards, or store bought. No judgements, just love.

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Hufflepuff Common Room

Image from page 428 of "The encyclopaedia of sport" (1897) by Internet Archive Book Images, on Flickr

Hufflepoints Spreadsheet

In April, Hufflepuff House will be hosting a virtual Easter Egg Hunt. Any projects submitted between April 1st and 30th that are inspired by eggs or bunnies will be entered into a prize drawing. Stay tuned for more info as we get closer to the event!


Welcome to the Slytherin House Common Room. This term we will be hosting a Slytherin Scavenger Hunt. From March 1-31 you will have to opportunity to “find” object or prompts by completing crafting challenges. These as always won’t count for house points on their own but can be paired with a class or challenge. The prompt list for the scavenger hunt will be posted on February 29th as a head start.

And the Scavenger Hunt of 2020 has begun.
To complete/find a prompt in the Hunt all you have to do is include it in the prompt when turning in the challenge or class.


  1. something red
  2. a trio of something (three of a kind)
  3. including feathers
  4. something that hops
  5. inspired by Niffler a
  6. bubbles
  7. using metals
  8. something purple
  9. something healing
  10. including scales
  11. inspired by graffiti or street art
  12. using erasers
  13. inspired by trains
  14. using or inspired by art toys
  15. inspired by fairy tales

Completing 7 or more of the above prompts will get you an entry into a drawing for a cool art supply package and a drawing from ErinAquaheart. Completing all of the prompts will get you two entries. Completing all of the prompts will also guarantee you a handmade postcard featuring Teddy Cuddlestuff.

Good luck and happy hunting.


:eagle: Ravenclaw Common Room :eagle:

Since April Showers bring May flowers, this May Ravenclaw house will be sponsoring a flower themed challenge. More info to come.

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Introducing a new feature…

:zap::heart::books: Hermione’s Book Club :books::heart::zap:
In honor of our wonderful new home, I decided it was high time for some new inspiration as well. I have therefor retired the Floo Challenges, and in their place we will have a new feature, Hermione’s Book Club. I invite you all to reread the series with me. During each 2 week interval, we will have a prompt inspired by the current chapter. In addition to the suggested prompt, you may always craft something inspired by a character, scene, or situation in that chapter, provided you note what specifically inspired you in your project submission. You will find each new Book Club prompt at the bottom of Craft Prompts Crescent, above.


yay, new season, and changing things up is great! Can’t wait to get inspired by the different chapters.

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I’m glad to hear you like the idea imera!

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Agreed! I’m excited to re-read, too! It’s been a while…

Also…excellent emoji selections headmistress! :smile:


The Master Sheet in Hermione’s Homework Planner has been updated. Please cut & paste it into your own sheet to keep track of your projects throughout the term.


Project Name: Letters from Hogwarts SYOA
House: Slytherin
Brief Description:
Another Stitch-along for me … a wonderful project that will take all fo 2020. It started with a framework pattern in October (but I never started until January), and the designer will release new “chapters” every 2 months through out 2020.

It’s definitely an Advanced Studies Project I will finish!!


Oh! I :sparkling_heart: the emojis! And the Hermione’s Book Club idea is fantastic!

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Class or Challenge Title: Potions
SPEW: n/a
House: Slytherin
Project Name & Page Link: Cub Scout Core Badges x2
Brief Description: Both twins moved on from Beavers to Cubs in Summer, and were invested before Christmas. So far I have been pushing the task of sewing on the “core badges” (5 each - plus M got her 2 year joining in badge the one session K was ill), but using the Anti-Paralysis Potion session helped me overcome this and overcome the “rut” of procrastinating!

It took me 1.5 hours to sew these core badges on… whoever decided they have to go onto the arm of a jumper really must have had a good laugh! :wink: Now onto any Challenge/Activity/Staged badges that may come in soon, knowing my girls. I won’t wait to accumulate them, just sew in badge by badge as they come!!

Project Picture:


Your proposal has been added to the Advanced Studies Project Log! :slight_smile:


I’m working on this stitch a long as well! I started at the top instead of the center, but I really like what I have done so far.


Class or Challenge Title: Divination
House: Gryffindor!
Project Name & Page Link: Vegan ‘Havarti Cheese’
Brief Description: This recipe has a lot of hidden ingredients! Cashews, agar, coconut oil, etc. It’s the first recipe I’ve tried out of a new vegan cheese cookbook, called One Hour Dairy Free Cheese. There isn’t a link for this specific recipe, but there’s one for their Truffled Brie
Project Picture:

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Class or Challenge Title: Apparition
House: Ravenclaw
Project Name: Embroidery Retry
Brief Description:
Hand sewing has always been an issue for me. I tried a few different filler stitches (green thread) and made a mess. Then I switched tracks and tried to sew a very narrow piping/cording around the outline of two flowers. This took forever due to arthritis in my hands but it also encouraged me. The fabric is rather busy with a bold print, and the outlined flowers will be on the outside of a tote bag.

1fabric-embr2 1fabric-embrPurple

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