It's Tea O'Clock Somewhere Round-up

Many of us crafters can’t create our next masterpiece without a good strong cup of tea at our side. Preferably in our favorite mug! But have you noticed just how often we craft beautiful things, inspired by the humble cuppa itself? Here’s a taste of some of the amazing tea themed projects made by our members.

Inspirational Tea Hangings by @Whistlefish

Glazed Tea Bowls by @Mountains_and_Clouds

Traveling Tea Wallets by @marionberries

Little Teapot Box Card by @TheMistressT

Alice In Wonderland Teapot Tea Party by @MissingWillow

Teacup Zipper Pouch by @Rlynn

Rose Garden Tea House by @seeuudee

Tea and Cake Journal by @kittykill

Tea Time Cards by @Magpie

Afternoon Tea by @Edel


Awsome & scrumptious round up! I’m sipping on a cuppa as I type this.

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What a fun and diverse collection!

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Brilliant collection and thanks for including me. X

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Wow, way to go Lettuce Artists.

signed, Tee is me

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Such a great round up! Thanks for featuring my little journal.

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Delightful round up!! Love revisiting these projects.

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Wow! This is a great collection. So many amazingly well-crafted projects.

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Love these round ups! Thanks for all your hard work gathering these lovely items!

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What a fun round-up!!

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That is a fantastic round up, of a very worthwhile subject :smiley:

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